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• Pinned the controls for VoiceOver users.
• Many other improvements.
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Audio Memos is a voice recorder for the iPhone and iPad. What you'll really like about Audio Memos, is that you can actually HEAR your recordings (try it and compare, you'll hear what we mean). It's also easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. Yet with many advanced features as volume boost, volume normalizing, editing of recordings and more. Most of these features are exclusive to this program, which makes it one of the most advanced recorder.

This is a great recorder, don't just take our word for it: Audio Memos Free has been featured by Apple in the "What's hot" section.

This is an ad supported version of "Audio Memos". So you get most of the full version's features, with NO LIMITS on recording length as on many other free products.

Your recordings are stored on your device but can be backed up to your computer using a simple web browser (or by email). The download procedure is no more complicated than going on our web site and clicking on download files (no registration required). See our website for more details.

Detailed features:

• Send recordings by email (up to 3MB in free version).

• Use bookmarks to navigate easily in a recording (in the pro version).

• Voice and timer activated recording (in the pro version).

• Send or delete multiple recordings at a time (in the pro version).

• High quality recordings up to 44100 Hz. Three levels of quality are available: 11025 Hz, 22050 Hz and 44100 Hz.

• Professionally engineered audio normalizing filter, which enables you to have a constant average volume on all your recordings. This feature does not modify your recordings, so you can turn it on even if you intend to post process your audio files on a computer.

• Wide range volume control using a volume boost. While listening to a recording, volume can be increased using your device's volume keys. If you find this insufficiently loud, you can adjust the volume boost in the application's settings.

• Normalizing and boosting filters use dynamic compression with a non linear function to prevent clipping and minimize distortions. Note however that eventual clipping and distortion created by the microphone are not suppressed. If you care about quality, use the headset's microphone instead of the built in one.

• Make stereo recordings (in the paid version).

• Records even when your device is in sleep mode; and pauses automatically in the event of an incoming phone call.

• Advanced listing of your recordings, which displays name, date, length and size information. A detailed view is also available for each recording. This view gives extra information such as quality and download status of a recording.

• Must have controls as pause record, pause play, slider, quality control.

• Uses widespread wav format to store recordings, so you can transfer and read them on any device.

• Works with the iPod Touch if you have an Apple headset with a microphone.

• Upload recordings to any FTP server you choose (in the pro version).

• Access your recordings as a remote drive using the Finder, Windows Explorer or any WebDAV client (in the pro version).

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Nelandia

    Really good app! Easy to use.

  • Love this app!

    by SheDrums

    Great app for vocal recording.

  • Cool app. Use it to record while I write songs.

    by DeathcoreXMistress

    Easy to use. Simple and doesn't use a lot of memory. Highly recommend it, although sometimes it freezes.

  • Business

    by Hispeed12345

    I use it to record my conference calls. Works good for my purposes.....

  • app doesnt run in background

    by Maslhhbn

    The app would be perfect, if it would work in background, but since it doesn't i can't use it the way I want it to.

  • Works great

    by Mary Conaln

    Easy to use, good sound quality, consistent performance.

  • Really like app.

    by Rosecile

    Easy to operate.

  • Love this app. Easy to use, goo sound quality!

    by Wulala135

    Easy to use, goo sound quality!

  • Audio memo

    by loves great lit

    Great app. Nice clear recording for even an hour.

  • Exelent aplication, work very good!

    by walter dejaco

    I am very happy wit this aplication.

  • Voice memo

    by Jrod375

    Simple and very useful. Would be awesome if you could upload videos onto iTunes!

  • Should be able to leave the app when recording.

    by Ilovedogs101!

    When I record something I usually record myself singing, and I usually have to go look up the lyrics, but since I can't leave the app, I have to know them all if I want to record a song. I don't want to buy the upgrade, so please make it where you can leave the app while recording.

  • Like it....but needs work.

    by Babymnm123

    It is a great app to record lectures. The only problem I have is that I have to keep making sure that the device does not go into sleep mode, because then it would stop recording. It was a great app before iOS 7 update. I hope the next update for this app includes that feature (work even in sleep mode or in the locked screen) and/or being able to look at other apps while this one is recording.

  • Musical memos

    by Hui Pascalloidia

    Mostly for me I need to mumble musical memos. Skipped notation entirely except for sequencing stage, by using this app simultaneously with a laptop to get ideal sequences.

  • No complaints

    by Gori_with_attitude

    No bells and whistles just a simple memo recording, which is what I needed. I don't need to look at the screen so the ads dont bother me. For what i need and what it does, it's very good.

  • Ms

    by Judyjbari

    How does delete a memo? Otherwise it works well and sounds fine.

  • Very good

    by carlosir

    Easy to operate Good recording

  • Phone Conversations?

    by Phineas69

    Wish we had a good app that could record a call. This is the best recording app that I've seen.

  • Audio Memos

    by DScycls211

    I downloaded this app about a week ago. So far it is working perfect. It's simple and very easy to use. At least to this point, I'm having no issues with ads or any other kind of interruption. Good App.

  • Memo recorder

    by NNKRAI45

    Great !! It is fantastic, nice , clear voice and no background voices.

  • Terrible quality recording

    by Khlois

    Took lecture audio notes with it, and could not discern a single word being said due to the overwhelming amount of static noise... Would not recommend, and am promptly uninstalling this trash.

  • Poor service

    by Dontcarenickname

    No one from this company will talk to you on the phone. But they will take the time to email you that they won't talk to you. Very poor customer service. Grow up ladies and gentlemen.

  • Horrible!

    by Egyptian babe

    After I work so hard to record my homework, I can't email it to my teacher because it's too many MB?! This is horrible and infuriating! Fix it now, PLEASE!

  • Weak voice on tutorial

    by jolischats

    The voice on the tutorial is terrible. You need a much stronger, louder voice - that is, more of a teacher's voice. I haven't yet tried the app to be honest, but the tutorial voice is a put-off.

  • Don't use for critical interviews

    by Kegmeister1

    App will not record in background or when iPhone goes into auto-sleep. I thought I was recording as it did in earlier version, but wasn't and lost an important recording of an interview that cannot be redone.

  • No good

    by Jasonmiester

    Waste of time.

  • Will NOT record on iOS 7 iPad 3 anymore

    by geofan49

    Why won't it record anymore, no recording possible since iOS 7 update on iPad 3 here. It never asks for microphone permission. Need to go to privacy .. Microphone.. AudioMemos is enabled. Green slider ok. But WILL NOT RECORD any sound.

  • Disappointed

    by Bnipper1002

    I cannot send the recordings, very frustrating

  • Horrible

    by valsil

    This app is terrible! When you play your recording it does not sound good. And there are so many ads you can't see what you are doing. Don't get this app.

  • App Backgrounding removed

    by Dev1223

    It used to be nice app and i was abt to give it 5 stars. But looks like they have removed app backgrounding from recent update....

  • Good

    by VorCo


  • Complaint

    by Zpotas

    I added audio memo app to my iPad some time ago and after loading an update today I now have ads blocking me from using this feature. Can somebody got this unwanted crap off of my machine?

  • Great for so many uses!

    by SpokAnne

    The app works exactly as described. Easy to understand, use and share.

  • Good job

    by Boby_970

    Good job

  • by Crystal Love

    It picks up everything . I record for my math class and I can hear the teacher in the other room.


    by Jummy .

    Thank you for this precious voice recorder.

  • Great app

    by Zack86098

    I am unable to delete what was recorded and unable to transfer huge recorded files

  • Omg

    by froggiekk

    Omg this app is awesome I can record anything on it.!.!.!!.!.!!!!!!

  • Great

    by Donna0922

    Great for keeping track of voice memos

  • Producer

    by Chi-Chi-mo

    This is a great app. I recorded a lot of songs from my I-touch , added a little bass EQ and the sounds are studio quality.

  • Recording

    by BlindsidedbyJeff

    Awesome app, easy to use.

  • Great!

    by vralia

    Gets the job done.

  • Great App

    by McDoodle31

    This app has been a life saver for me! I record lectures at school to listen to them again. The recordings are great. I can hear what the instructor is saying even though many of them walk around a lot during the lectures.

  • I totally forgot I had this app, I clicked on it and now I'm righting a review.

    by Drinkie cro

    This app comes in handy rarely, but it is a good app. The problem is it sits there and doesn't get used, you'll see what I mean when u get it. I hope other people don't think of this app the way I do, and leave it on the back burner. Alright that's enough, hope your happy apple, I rote a review. Now quit bugging me.

  • Great !

    by Malazjha

    I use it everyday to record my music so that I can hear how I sound and improve. It works great to me, maybe a little echoey at some times, but that's not completely horrible.

  • Worst app ever!!!

    by Seattlesquirrelwhisperer

    When I recorded a memo it was in a completely quiet room but when I played the memo back it sounded like I was in a machine shop going full Blast. I don't believe it has anything to do with my phone it's an iPhone 4S because when I record AudioMemos using my original app they come out perfect.

  • Reseña

    by Alejandro Jimenez

    Es una buena aplicacion.

  • Everything I want in audio recording

    by garvath

    Great app. Easy to use. Nothing else to say. Thanks for making it.

  • Can't be beat

    by Fura-2

    Tried others and keep coming back to this great app

  • Fab!

    by catoncp

    So easy to use and edit. Love it!

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