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Seller: iHandy Inc.

- Now save your deals in multiple ways - on your deal list and in the detail view.
- Performance improvement

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Quick Scan Pro - Find the lowest price for any product!

Ever want to shop wiser? Quick Scan will be your best shopping companion.
Just a fingertip away, low prices and product details from 1000+ online shops and local retailers en route to you anytime, anywhere.

You can save money with local deals from exclusive brands and merchants,  check reviews of the goods you desire, add to wish lists to keep track of what you want, email links to share the product with your friends or find the nearest location, direction, and phone number of local retailers.

Stop paying more than you have to! The app pays for itself right after your first purchase. What a perfect shopping companion! Don't miss it!

Quick Scan Pro support both barcodes and QR codes, which encode URLs, contact details, calendar events or emails, or any kind of data. You can also easily generate your own QR code from contact, website URL, email address, phone number, SMS, or any text given.


- Scan all types of commercial barcodes: UPC, EAN, ISBN etc.
- Scan Barcodes & QR codes from photos in your Photo Roll
- Search prices and product details from almost every major retailer like Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, BestBuy, Buy.com, etc.
- Local retailer search for price, locations, directions, phone numbers and inventory status
- Gain access to exclusive deals and coupons from thousands of stores such as: Apple, BestBuy, Sears, Walmart, Nordstrom, Forever  21, H&M, Gap, Sephora, Macys……
- Create multiple wish lists to keep track of items you wish to purchase
- Scan or create QR Codes for texts, URLs, contact details, calendar events, emails, messages and map locations.
- Perform all the actions related to the QR scanned data without quitting the app
- Read other buyers’ reviews of your desired product
- LED light option while scanning
- Vibrate and/or Beep to let you know scan succeed
- Sort the barcode search results by price, or by site
- Directly type in the barcode instead of scanning
- Buy online right in the app! Cool!
- Save your favorite products for future reference
- Share product links by email
- iOS 6 and iPhone 5 compatible

Customer Reviews

  • Scanner

    by juliecoleman76

    I love the Barcode Scanner. Thank you very much.

  • Fun and useful

    by TwelveYearHoneymooner

    First, it is just fun to be able to scan anything and find out what it says. But, it really is useful to be at a store and easily find out the online price of the exact item you are looking at.

  • Update: situation improved

    by 1THINK1AM

    I'm revising upward because tech support was prompt and successful. I still don't appreciate forced advertisement (they call them deals) and endless requests for rating in a paid/pro version, but it is the best app of its kind out there.

  • Very good

    by Minaung


  • Awesome

    by Sebastian Norwood

    Great app

  • Awesome

    by Thachtran

    Best app i 've ever seen

  • Quick Scan

    by Femlefty

    This app came in handy several times when in a store with no price on the shelf and no store personnel around. Great app!!

  • Get it Now

    by Shawwwwn

    Get this app. You won't regret.

  • Scanner

    by Alfredo Daniel


  • Square peg in square hole

    by Ababire

    Informative, portable, affordable and easy to use app. Best I ever had.

  • Awesome

    by N.Zaman

    Very good app

  • Handy app

    by MacLover25

    This is a neat app just to scan barcodes for fun.

  • Gapers

    by Gs811


  • Very nice app

    by Uameuc

    When needed it works fine. Like it.

  • Cool

    by Nick Polisi 1234

    It is cool

  • Perfect

    by CPsoccerguy10

    Usually when I buy a utility app like this it doesn't work, especially on my picky iPod touch. But it works perfectly! Trust me this is a great app.

  • Great apps

    by tastowe

    The app is helpful for my shopping

  • Search Doesn't Work

    by Gumbayyy

    Searching for products always crashes the app. iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4; otherwise works fine.

  • Easy

    by Handyman13

    It's very easy to scan sometimes it won't take it for some reason but most the time is good . Thanks.

  • The crow

    by Robert Crowton

    Great tool

  • Not that great!

    by jusbntame

    App crashes after every scan. Deleted and reinstalled including a hard reset of phone. Plus every 10 seconds it asks to be rated. So here is your rating for your app that crashes.

  • Never works

    by Bratty angel

    I can never get a good scan if any.

  • Doesn't always work

    by Fastastic2

    Tried to use it while shopping at the store and it just locked up.

  • Incredibly Useful

    by Kurewe

    I think this app is probably the most useful app I have grabbed from the App Store yet. I use it all the time. When I'm not using it, my girl is asking me to scan something she's looking at. I would like to see a couple features added in future releases though. I would love to be able to export or sync the History and/or Favorties to Dropbox or the computer. I would also love to be able to add details to scanned items that come up "No matching product".

  • Best

    by N7Oz

    Best code reader by far


    by Cheer1815

    It is the best app for shopping. It also has the QR reader. They are both accurate and it is worth your money.

  • Great App

    by CB Oz

    I've been scanning everything with a bar code !

  • Great app

    by K. Dogg 1

    Easy 5 stars

  • Thanks

    by Amin rohi

    Its perfect i like it

  • Great app!

    by Matt Alevy

    QR reader is good. Nice comparison shop feature.

  • Surprisingly awesome app

    by JeffUru

    Love this app

  • Nice app

    by Spiritual pain

    Nice apps

  • Sweet

    by Chaavi

    Nice and fast

  • Good!

    by Non-Seraphic

    Very good!

  • Ability to save in customized lists. Scans the size too.

    by 123456789pj

    Paid for the Pro version. Really looking forward to using. I like to purchase "Local" (where I live) first. So when I purchase something locally that fits my size, style, etc I enter the item into the apps customized list so when in a year or so, when I'd like to re-purchase an item I may be able to find it.

  • Not great some stuff scanned not openings

    by Wild4Rock

    Like and dislike can't view all scanned and need to upgrade to scan 2D codes do not want to install another app for that! Can you fix app not all codes are readable and not all UPC! Updates are good

  • Quick Scan pro

    by Doctor BOBSIN

    Scans reasonably well but has a really annoying "FLASH SCREEN" that asks for a new rating every time they upgrade the app. Would be so much more appropriate if it would perform first and ask for reviews later. Asking for a blind reviewing the blind is stupid. A much better strategy would be to count uses and ask "you have used us "five" or "10" times now if you have any suggestions or feel ready to review us now we would appreciate either and really appreciate both. "I CAN REVIEW YOU NOW" or "I HAVE SOME SUGGESTIONS NOW" or "ASK ME AGAIN AFTER (x) me again after (X) more uses. Bob Sindel

  • Works great!

    by tjalbert


  • Awesome

    by Wolfdude709

    It's really awesome but what would make it better if you could buy the product

  • Awesome

    by Irish4343

    This app has save me tons of $$ to have the ability to scan an item and compare prices is awesome!!!! Thank you.

  • Ok

    by Eugenio Maria Juan Jose Bautista Luzardo


  • Not Good

    by Miko_84

    Can't find most of the time :( (iPhone 5s)

  • Wow!

    by Sian Mung (Luke)

    Awesome scanner! Quick scan, quick info, and light memory App!!

  • Very Convenient and Exclusive app !

    by Jim Gemini35

    If you are looking for a convenient and fast app that reads both qr and barcodes this app will be great. Easy user interface and fast scannings.

  • Quick Scan Pro...

    by Stone Age Man


  • Min light

    by Agnes Donaldson

    It is one of the best apes.thats has been made thanks

  • Excellent App

    by Sean w w

    Very useful and east to use app! My must-have app!

  • It works

    by Popcorn0876

    Best .99 I have spent in a long time b

  • I like

    by G3oMj-z

    It does what it is supposed to do. What more can be asked? gmj

  • Great App!

    by Life is chocolate

    Perfect. Works Well. I use it for every purchase.

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