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- Design updates & performance improvement for iOS 7.

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iHandy Level (one of the 5 tools of iHandy Carpenter toolkit) is now for free! Take this chance to download!

"Not only are these tools functional, they're also gorgeous, with woodgrain and lighting effects that makes them seem straight out of Leonardo da Vinci's workshop." - O'Reilly Media, "Best iPhone Apps"

"Father's Day App for Your #1 Dad" - CNN

This is definitely the most beautiful and accurate level you can get in hand.

iHandy Carpenter is on sale now, you are able to get all the 5 tools in one app today at discounted price!

Check it out!

You can use iHandy Level for:
- Home decoration
- Picture Alignment
- Angle measurement
- Measure angles of slope, escalator
- Measure the verticality of a wall, or furniture
- Measure the inclination of an aircraft, ship, car or mountain
- Roof pitch calculation
- And much more...


Because the sensor inside every individual iPhone/iPod touch could be built slightly differently, to make the level more accurate for your device, you need to calibrate before use.

To calibrate:
1. Find a flat surface.
2. Hold your device upright (in portrait mode and home button at the bottom), put the bottom edge of the device on the flat surface, then press Calibrate button (the one with a target image on it) to calibrate the portrait mode.
3. Turn your device 90 degree clockwise (now it should be in landscape mode and home button on the left hand side), again keep it upright, and put the current bottom edge (long edge) on the flat surface, then press Calibrate button to calibrate the landscape mode.
4. Put the back of the device against the surface, then press Calibration button to calibrate the face-up mode
5. You are ready to go!

Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by szopen1

    5 star

  • Useful

    by Queen of Viking

    Most useful app I have

  • Great tool. Very fast, handy to have

    by Gwin Filleman

    Great tool. Very fast. Handy to have with you.

  • Awesome

    by M1A1C65L

    Awesome app.

  • Great app

    by One big one

    This is a great and handy app

  • Awesome tool

    by gataUSA

    Extremely convenient to always have access to a level.

  • Jay

    by Cool treeman

    Very handy

  • Major Tom

    by Thomas Vestal

    This Is By Far, My Number 1 Level App/Tool On My Phone. And To Top It Off, It's Even Accurate. If Ur Looking For A Good Level App. This Is The 1 To Get. Hats Off To The Developers.

  • Fantastic App!

    by Jimw396

    This is a very well designed helpful app. I use it often.

  • Works

    by 1Nibbler2Go


  • Good level as a reference

    by Chucks stuff review

    Really comes in handy in a pinch. With only 4 1/4 inch surface area of reference for the level on an iPhone 4s in a Life-proof case it has saved the day and taken the by eye level out of the equation ---Thanks

  • Very handy

    by ellacylah

    At first, I didn't know how much I'd use this app, but it has been handy to have many times. Easy to use, too.

  • Works

    by M4MikeA3

    Yup, works

  • App

    by Salvador Mendoza

    Great app

  • Best leveler

    by Jimwhite66

    Excellent program, especially the cost!

  • Lsufan

    by Junior7979

    Awesome app and it's dead on ever time

  • Nice for laser transit tripod'

    by Bigtires

    I like the tool use it to set the tripod for the self leveling laser to get it close' Just lay the phones backside on the tripod' Wish the tap to change from degree to that other measurement was not there.

  • Fast Level

    by Coalminer202

    You have a level with you all the time in your pocket. It's fast and quick to use. Any time you want to check, or level something pull your phone out open the app boom there you go.

  • Simply the best tool ever.

    by Ben Kreischer

    Caveat. I always use another level. But this tool is perfect for a quick double check.

  • handy tool

    by Theboss989

    so easy to use

  • Great app!!!!

    by Becci Stephens

    Must have!! Really useful and easy to use

  • Level

    by Heavy53

    This is a very useful app and easy to use once set up

  • Useful

    by AmberMRD

    Good easy to use app.

  • Level

    by Formula89

    Very useful. I checked it against my regular levels and my angle gauge and it was in line. Useful when my reg tools aren't avail.

  • Excelente

    by Pipc243:

    Herramienta muy util en todo momento, en el hogar en la construccion. Es bien precisa.

  • Love it!

    by Mrscna

    Worked perfectly to hang pictures in family room.

  • ممتاز

    by Abomish3al

    ممتاز ومفيد جداً

  • Jgriffincfi

    by Jgriffincfi

    Very good app

  • Good app

    by Yahya Yahya

    Good app

  • Leo Walder

    by Leopold161

    This app does it right!

  • Great and straight

    by Rd-dang

    Very level app

  • Perfection

    by Bean e

  • Carpenter

    by Snowersom

    Very handy . It works . Accurate . Ready to use when needed. Have phone ..... Have the tools! Thanks

  • Very handy tool

    by neaRuth

    I use this app on an infrequent basis but it is so handy to have a level in your pocket when you need it.

  • Does just what it says

    by Happi apper

    Used this app to hang pictures on wall and works like a charm. Nice app!

  • Cool app

    by A Guy Who Needed a Level

    It's a level. How bout that.

  • Awesome and beautiful tool!

    by Salsero Pana

    This was the very first app I got after I got my iPhone. Very useful for everything that's need to be leveled, beyond the typical picture frame. Definitely a must have.

  • Landlord Loves It!

    by Texasron

    I use this app often on my rent houses. Very handy. Nice design. Works well.

  • Is very accurate

    by Pimpston

    This app does what it's supposed to do and gives you very accurate measurements.

  • How cool is this!!!!!!

    by Canman8753

    This one of the violist apps I have ever downloaded. It is not only functional it is good looking and fun to show off.

  • Great

    by InDogWeTrust

    Works great & it's there when you need it.

  • Handy App.

    by Tad&Clover

    Use it often. Real handy.

  • Great app

    by Dragon breath 310

    I use this all the time. Great app

  • Fun to use, quick check

    by EEAndersen

    Imaginative use of your iOS device.

  • Super Handy

    by Hiereus

    The perfect level & plumbing pocket tool. Thoughtful design and interface.

  • Great app


    I live this app it's really helpful

  • This app is so cool!

    by Pig Slayer 1

    This has got to be the handiest app ever. It blows people away when I pull this out.

  • Useful

    by Uset27

    This app for everyday chores in the house, a real time saver for me. Very easy to use.

  • Thank you

    by Devoretic

    Best helpful app yet!

  • Trucker

    by Mack guy

    Very handy. Just like my 4ft level but smaller package

  • Useful must have app/tool

    by Area51XP

    A must have tool for any iPhone works great especially if you need to hang a picture or level a wall saved my arse many times give stars for usefulness and simplicity.

  • Awesome!

    by Sparkplug327

    Love this app!!! Use it all the time!

  • Level

    by charles411

    This is one good tool. I have fun with this. And it works.

  • Great little app for quick reference projects!

    by Ringo Hoyne

    Great little app for quick reference projects!

  • The handiest tool I have in my pocket

    by Glenn Meredith

    I use it to set the elevation on my RV dish. Great product and the price is right. I bought and use the whole package. Well worth it.

  • by wangzippo


  • Great

    by Adas66789


  • Handy

    by Jodog 40

    I am a carpenter And instead of grabbing my Torpedo level i now use my app. Just remember to calibrate

  • J Klein

    by Josh Klein

    Awesome App !!

  • Review

    by Lhgrghdghfrb

    This app is on the level. Right on!!!!!

  • Pretty good app

    by Dvortex

    I gave it five stars because it's a good app. The factory cal is pretty good as-is but it should be calibrated against a know good level for best accuracy. Helpful for around the house stuff but I believe a multi-bubble level is ideal for larger projects.

  • Great

    by Coffeenica


  • Requires actual level

    by Saul Rogers

    App has to be calibrated, so you need an actual level to find a perfectly flat surface to calibrate it to. That makes it pretty pointless IMO.

  • Great app

    by SD Longhorn

    Works great! Maybe I should take my carpenters level back to the hardware store...

  • Sweet

    by Lubige69

    Dead on!!!!

  • Great App to have for small projects

    by Arom829

    Great app for those small projects

  • Awesome!

    by Colbert's super PAC

    5 star app!!

  • Handy in a pinch

    by Ted O.

    Sometimes you need a level and it is not convenient to leave where you are, and this is the solution.

  • When you like crooked things

    by Redcello79

    Not accurate AT ALL! Frustrating.

  • Cool Level

    by RaceScrutineer

    Ok in a pinch, just don't build a house with it.

  • Cool cool cool and handy!

    by aliahjamed0111121

    Cool cool cool and handy!

  • Handyman

    by Igor Shvarts


  • Stinks

    by Kyle167534784

    I haven't played it So im not gonna rate it

  • It's great

    by Jim1945

    Very good APP

  • Good app

    by Neooccrfzhusv

    Good app

  • Great save

    by Papbearforreal

    Had good luck with this app and will use again

  • Awesome product!

    by lodo3000

    Works great!

  • About this app

    by Mtmom2angels

    I think it could use some upgrade.

  • Works well

    by J5ku

    Works well

  • Reset button?

    by MineThatBird

    Reset Calibration command does not in fact reset the calibration... it doesn't do anything. Have to reinstall to get desired result.

  • Exelente

    by Jhonhd

    Excelente, pude medir la inclinación de mi pene erecto.

  • Level

    by Gadg8girl


  • Must have it

    by Lilytopi

    Must have it

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