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  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: iHandy Inc.
  • Updated: Sep, 18 2012
  • Version: 1.0.7
  • Size: 23.73 MB

Languages: English

Seller: iHandy Inc.

- Performance improvement for iOS 7.

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The unique technology to maximize your battery life!
Displaying remaining usage time under over 10 different tasks!

Is your iPhone's battery always draining quickly? Keep doing full cycle charge with Battery Power once a month and following the tips in Battery Power strictly, you can maximize your battery life to the degree you can't even imagine! Besides, Battery Power can also count and indicate, based on the current remaining battery, how long you can make phone calls, play game or browse the web! With such information, you can better balance your battery life between enjoying yourself in the games now and preserving the remaining time for an important phone call coming later!


★ Max your battery life
✓ The unique technology to maximize your battery life.

★ Tips to help you maintain your battery
✓ Tips from Apple's official documentation.
✓ Tips from experienced experts in battery

★ Lots of Battery Usage Times
✓ Standby
✓ Talk on 2G
✓ Talk on 3G
✓ Internet (WiFi)
✓ Internet (3G)
✓ Audio
✓ Video
✓ 2D Gaming

★ Different levels shown in different colors
✓ Blue: up to 25hr
✓ Green: 25hr to 6 hr
✓ Orange: 6hr to 3hr
✓ Red: below 3hr

★ Set the Order of the Indicators
✓ Customize the order of the battery usage indicators

★ Device support
✓ iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
✓ iPod 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
✓ iPad 1, 2, The new iPad , iPad mini, iPad with Retina display

Customer Reviews

  • Yes

    by Her0ic

    Absolutely get this app, does it's job perfectly

  • AppRates2014⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    by JTminecrafter


  • Gdvjgvjfzgjkcdsd

    by Granny ma is here


  • Battery App

    by Fla. fan

    Breaks down power consumption nicely.

  • Cherry

    by Lawrence pangelinan

    It's very cherry

  • Katy

    by Melcocho


  • Great countdown feature!

    by 13's and 23's

    Great countdown feature!

  • Coolest app ever

    by Nqjhshd

    I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goods

    by Jauharry23

    Nice App Thanks

  • Battery power

    by Gallifreyan 66

    So far, so good seems efficient

  • Cool

    by Hsjwtacuac

    It cool that I can tell how my battery is doing I would say get it

  • Fix it

    by Emmy maci

    I got on and I had 45% then in like less then two seconds I had 40%

  • A+

    by Maujacq13

    I wonder if there is an app to see the percentage of my battery life for iPod, now I found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

  • Title

    by Jiryxhdnwigvfje!?

    Annoyed I have to rate upon second usage.

  • Good apps

    by yasser1985

    Thank you

  • Flashlight

    by Delta8896

    This app. is great

  • Good

    by Philadoger

    It's a good opportunity for iPod touch.

  • It rocks!

    by Logan101po


  • Buenísimo

    by J8R8M8

    Excelente APP

  • App

    by Michael,man

    This apps cool and funny. Love the app

  • Good apps

    by I love sex

    The app is really good

  • Awesome

    by Blueburgers

    This app is awesome

  • Btty lvr

    by Lived some Blues

    Used to do what it now wants to charge for!(full cycle charge). Time to get a new app. A shame, actually liked the app.

  • :)

    by SpencerLux


  • Usefull

    by Na-Na1999

    It is really good and helpful for when I am on the go!!!!

  • You people should get this!

    by Lime a g6 now I'm high

    First time I got this I was like lol wow this is the grates app ever!!!!

  • Battery power

    by Klinjah

    As my iPod don't have battery indicator, I love using this app for battery percentage .

  • Extremely helpful !!!

    by Giovanni Amoroso

    This app gives you so much info and tells you exactly. How long till your battery is fully charged !!!

  • Get this

    by Pakowq

    I have iPod and I can see my percentage very useful

  • Mraz

    by Neo kuman


  • Battery power

    by Haley baily

    This thing really works.

  • Great & Helpful

    by Shane775F

    Wow, it's really helpful I save so much more battery power thanks to this app. It's a good app. Thx

  • Good

    by Cesarlovecandy

    Good app for ipod

  • Awesome

    by Hazel Brush

    I was so impressed I downloaded the app, it had said that I had 25% batterie and than in like 2 seconds I had 30%. This will definitely be the only app I do not delete!

  • Well working

    by Turbo1814

    It tells me where my Batt is being used & how long it last. It helps out

  • B

    by Mintu8872


  • App

    by Kayla Mueller

    I love this app

  • Very good

    by Kamrankkq


  • Cool

    by Sasha Bg

    Nothing special

  • Horrible

    by Shadowfox67


  • A good app

    by Liam is the

    I like this app

  • It's pretty good

    by Ddoubled7

    I think the pro version will be better

  • Dios Los bendiga

    by 2Bendecidos

    Saludos Feliz año

  • What is the point?

    by Diyeana

    I've already turned on the percentage in my iPhone settings so I already know what percent my phone is at for battery. Everyone can do that. Go to Settings>General>Usage>Battery Percentage. This app is wrong and never the same #. It's just one large ad for their pro version.

  • Good app

    by Emwcricket032003

    I love it works on everything

  • Awesome app

    by P.R.Carolinicencegamer

    This is is for a like 

  • Cool app

    by Adogg311

    This is a cool app

  • Awesome

    by Poisongirl666xxx

    It is so cool that I will tell all my friends about it. : )

  • Ok

    by Flash(STONEHANDS)

    This is an ok app for when you need to know how much battery life you have left before it goes dead

  • Fvff

    by Hhggxccffffuh


  • Awesome :)

    by Lolliepop300

    I love this app it helps me know when my battery is about dead and how much I have! ;D

  • Hddghjhb

    by Llllallooo


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