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Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review offers quick, practical management tips and ideas. New business tips are delivered to the app five days per week.

*** Now with the ability to share Tips via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email! ***

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Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Deol007

    Great ideas. I read it every day..

  • Great app

    by Empendailey

    Great daily tips. More importantly the works and people it references at the bottom of each tip are great.

  • Awesome app!

    by Balaji mariyappan

    Awesome app, long waiting something like this...

  • Read it every day!!

    by Pushpa bayarea

    I may forget to get my morning coffee, but will not forget to read HBR tips everyday. It makes absolute sense, can relate to it, can make it actionable and sometimes, it's just nice to know that there are people out there that agree with my thoughts.

  • Business tips

    by Christopher Bowman

    Love it!! The first day I opened it, advice is exactly what I wanted and needed to hear!

  • Suggestion

    by A Jesus Freak

    Add an option to use our address contacts when emailing. Typing them out each time is annoying.

  • Good, but held back from Great

    by mattrazzo

    It seems it was slapped together in an afternoon. Simple, essential things are missing: - use the address book for email addresses (really, when was the last time you could remember someone else's email address?) - retain app state when opening, so when I swap it out to open my address book and come back, I don't need to figure out where I left off. There's a few more niceties but these two would make the app seem like a native app rather than a mobile web app

  • Nice but ...

    by Jon02140

    Great tips. I wish I could still read it when I am on the T and there is no Internet connection.

  • Good but...

    by RiefeJames

    Nice tips but sometimes I forget to read them. Daily push notifications to read the new tip would be great.

  • Business devotions

    by pwork

    Great app for simple business concepts & ethics. I read it everyday.

  • Short, (very) sweet and to the point

    by GlobalRoamer

    This little app is packed with usable snippets of wisdom in digestible packets. It's no workshop or seminar, and occasionally the advice may be questionable for everyday use, but as a seasoned professional and executive coach, I find the contents valuable and useful to remind me (and my clients!) how to do things differently and better. Thanks, HBR!

  • Great way to continue growing as a Manager/ Leader.

    by Davidharon

    This app is a very simple way to refresh yourself on a daily basis as a leader/ manager/ individual. The advice is relevant, practical and reflects the expertise of those whom contribute!

  • VERY helpful!

    by deaconpride33

    I am a manager. These quick, helpful tips are ALWAYS enlightening. Often, they give me a fresh perspective on how to manage my sales force. Thank you for making this wealthy resource available for free.

  • Great tips

    by Vision7329

    Great Tips. Really useful.

  • Good tips

    by Sprayman

    Good tips, loads very SLOW, even with all bars.

  • Not bad

    by Nobo323

    Tips are pretty good but all tips should be archived so u can go back & review them all. They disappear after a few days which makes no sense.

  • good but...

    by jenn9589

    wish there was a favorites section

  • Email icon is at end of each tip

    by Rugelime

    Reviewers keep asking for ability to email tip. Just scroll to bottom of tip and the email icon is on the lower right. There are also icons for Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.

  • Great!

    by Envaz

    Would Love to be able to save certain típs to have offline as well as to e-mail. EV

  • Love this

    by Sambo245743

    Great resource. I open it up all the time

  • Unstable App

    by NA50

    The application flashes for a nano second on the screen and turns off. Can't read a thing. Disappointing! Deleted it after getting frustrated.

  • Need to add Favorites section

    by Jeffry Harrison

    Useful app, but would be more practical if you can actually save the best tips to a Favorites list...once this is updated I will give 5 stars

  • Page not Found when sharing

    by Redryan1

    This apps is quite good for the first time but when you are able share it with Facebook, then click on the link afterwards, PAGE NOT FOUND. Pllese fix.huhuuhuhijuhuhi.

  • Nothing but ads

    by SupplyChainGuy

    One of the neat features is the ability to tweet a tip to friends. When the unsuspecting Twitter-follower opens the link, all thy see is an iTunes ad for the HBR Tips app. I think HBR needs to go back to school.

  • Iffy League

    by TD's Cox ID

    For a school name Harvard the advice posted on this app is so basic as to be embarassing. It's the equivalent of those cute notes and clip-out new-age folks post on their walls, etc. A waste of prestige. Then agan, maybe this really IS what goes on in managment schools--and that might 'splain everything baout our economy?

  • Handy tips at a great price

    by medlyone

    I like to review material periodically and the HBR tips are a great way to refresh myself on things I've learned in the past, some of which I've forgotten.

  • Bookmark option

    by katushka

    Great app but wd like to be able to bookmark and email tips. For now screen shot is only way to email to friend, etc

  • Good app...but add this

    by Kmh80

    Can you add a feature to where you can email the daily tip to someone? Today's tip is fantastic and I'd love to be able to share it with coworkers. That would also allow you to advertise your app. Thanks.

  • Great apps

    by AsheshSaraf

    Simply the best. Love it. Great for people in every walks in an org.

  • What a great start

    by relyjus

    I really enjoy this application, and during school really enjoyed reading the Harvard Business Review. I went to school for management and love the tips the have so far. I would love to see integration into the social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook. I would also love to see an option to email these out. I know my father would thoroughly enjoy this. The excerpts are broken down very easily, short and sweet, and I know at least for me, they are motivational. I definitely find myself reading these in my spare time at work. Can't wait to see the future updates for this! Keep up the great work!

  • Simple and elegant

    by EarlyAdopt

    I'd like to see more apps from HBR!

  • Twitter support?

    by BookJunkie315

    Would be great to have support to tweet items.

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