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Now, You could convert any Excel .xml,.xls,.xlsx file contents to .csv and you could edit that on table view.

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* Open any Excel .xls , .xlsx file and edit that file on table view,

* Edit/copy files from/to dropbox as well as documents folder on your device ,

* Barcode/Qrcode scanner to easy collect data or scan to search barcode in the .csv file (Spreadsheet view),

* Convert Excel XLS, XLSX, XML files to CSV,

* Create/Update Excel .csv (comma separated text) files which could have unlimited rows ( 77 columns each row, 12 columns in one page).

* Set column width or column width will be calculated auto,

* Cut,Copy,Paste,Hide,Unhide row/column,

* Add,Delete row/column,

* Set background colour of cell/row/column,

* Search a word in the csv file,

* Set private folder password to protect private files,

* AirPrint function to print csv/html/xls/xlsx file,

* Send your file with E-Mail,

* Convert your spreadsheet to xml format. That xml file can be edit with Excel or any compatible application.

* Convert your spreadsheet to html format and send it with e-mail.

* Edit any .csv file as form, as spreadsheet or notepad view. (Form view is using first 2 rows of the file as column label. )

* Flexible button panel design for all versions, and easy access buttons for iPad spreadsheet viewer,

* Copy files between documents folder and private folder.

* Transfer files thru iTunes into the application documents folder or open it from e-mail attachment,

* Change any row/column/cell colour (spreadsheet view),

* When you convert .xls file to .csv file our application is keeping cell's background colour, borders, alignment details while it is converting file contents,

* Keyboard has been extended with Cursor Right,Left,Up,Down buttons to easy navigate and easy data entry,

* When you save .csv file , this application is going to keep row and column position on the screen. You could re-start from same point when you re-open.

* Column header is keeping on the top of the table so whatever your row number is you could see column labels.

* You can swipe your finger on the table to scroll columns.

You could use this application for a lot of reasons such as sales price list, sales order, product list, etc. So, You can create an order form file and you could enter customer orders on the file then send that to your company.

* Open csv file attached with e-mail (When you open attached file (you need to hold your finger onto attached file name and choose Csv file editor to copy ) it will copy itself into this application.) ,

* You could open 2 different or same .csv file on iPad and you could check/compare together(iPad only). If you need you can compare one column from each of them and if they match it then you could copy one column from second table into first table. (You do not have to compare anything you could just select one column/row from second csv + copy button then you could paste that into first csv.)

List seperator parameter is in iPhone/iPad settings menu.

All functions of this application has been tested several times with different devices.

This application is compatible with iPod Touchs, iPads, iPhone 3gs,4,4s,5.

* You do not need to connect internet to edit your files. All files will be on your iPhone/iPad. 

*** Do not worry about how to use this application ! Detailed help file included with this application.

*** Direct e-mail button to dedicated customer service advisor.

Note : if you have any problem or if you could not find out how to use function could you please send us your concern(with your e-mail address) .

Customer Reviews

  • A must have for Status Board

    by TeddyK2002

    If you want to use the custom "Pro" modules in Status Board without having to use a PC, this is a must have app. This app features the 3 elements required. File conversion to CSV, file conversion to HTML and in-app integration with Drop Box. Create your file in Numbers on your iPad, mail it to yourself in Excel format, "Open In ..." CSV Editor, convert to CSV, send to Drop Box from within the app. You can now save the file's link to the Clipboard and use it to view the file in Status Board. The file can now be modified or added to in CSV Editor. CSV Editor is not very intuitive and offers very little in documentation. It does what it's suppose to in a fairly efficient manner. HTML files require you to use email to get them to Drop Box.

  • By gosh, it works!

    by Jeff987654321

    I had my doubts - I didn't think there was any way to turn an excel file into a csv (without using excel on a computer of course) using just the iPad. So I was ready to lose my 2 bucks. I had almost given up hope. You see, Bento only accepts csv files, but excel seems to be the standard, so unless you have a computer you're out of luck if you want to import a spreadsheet into Bento. From Numbers, let's say, import as excel and Open In this app. Use the Back button to get you to the list of files, then convert to csv and don't forget to save. You have to send the new file to yourself, but then you can open in Bento. This app isn't all that easy to use, but be patient and it will get you there.

  • Review

    by Peter Essien

    Not all that bad. It solved my wishes but I needed more features such as, password protection, backup and restore, export to file and previews. Anyway, Good job. Another problem is that, it generates empty spaces in the excel sheets.

  • Helpful.

    by Hollywood8705

    I love the app. I use it for my eBay as well as to help with grocery shopping when I'm comparing prices at other stores as well as coupons. Very helpful support team when asking a question. Keep up the good work

  • Useless

    by TraciData

    This app is useless, it crashes when trying to open any saved csv file. (From an iPhone 4s)

  • Awful

    by Fersjn

    Don't waste your $2... This is horrible!

  • Doesn't work.

    by Hopeliss11

    Not worth the money! Doesn't work the way it is suppose to.

  • Cruiser. B

    by Cruiser B

    I should have known better. So should you. :(

  • Almost kinda works

    by Wind challenged

    It lets you work on excel files but have to convert them and changes look and can't convert back so not very useful. Save your money.

  • Doesn't work; I want my two dollars!

    by Everybody's Smurf

    I just downloaded this hoping to edit an excel file; once converted to the 'csv' format, the document is untouchable, as it causes the app to crash.

  • I want my money back

    by IM0DIFI3D

    This app does nothing & doesn't even open all it does is force close apple please give me my money back !

  • Can't convert from csv to xls!

    by Fuckbuklshitnicknamefuck

    The ONE THING I downloaded this app for, and it won't do it. I need to convert a csv TO a xls file. Not the other way around. Totally worthless!

  • Horrible!

    by Wedding Venue Ops Mgr

    Attempted to use app to take simple inventory of liquor supply. Not a good app even for the $1.99 I paid. Very limited capabilities! Cannot alter .xls files copied to app, even after converting to .csv file. Found that no formulas or spreadsheet formats were able to be manipulated. App is NOT WORTH ANYTHING!

  • Waste of money!

    by To40283

    Does not work right and can not use barcode scanner and does not import excel docs well at all

  • Bad....

    by Lulusbabycakes

    Not good instructions. Need to convert and I have DB, still issues. A little longer then if no go..... Un install!

  • Horrible!!

    by Mandiema18

    Tried to use this to edit a file for work, but couldn't view half the values in the columns, and no way to edit that. Wish I would've just kept searching.

  • Absolute and utter garbage - save your money

    by Jonlevi

    Doesn't edit XLS files. Horrible, UGLY interface. Hard to use. No features or functionality. Waste of money...

  • Terrible

    by Zadelste

    Don't buy it, converts info wrong and no instructions at all!!

  • Hard to figure out

    by Kelsk88

    This app is terrible there is nothing that tells you how to use it. Then you convert your file and none of your info is there so what is the point of converting it! I would like my money back!

  • Am I missing something?

    by View[+]Finder

    The application lists itself as a CSV editor. Only problem, you don't really get to edit the CSV. What you see is an Excel spreadsheet-like document, not the actual comma-separated values in the file. Also, there is no way to control the output of the CSV. I bought this app to convert XLS spreadsheets to CSV for use in another application that requires Unicode. No way to get Unicode or even see what the output would be. Perhaps this is work – in – progress?


    by 179SALE.COM


  • Junk

    by Carib-Ian

    This is garbage. Even for $2. You cannot open an exiting file. My mistake - should have read the reviews...

  • Does Not Work. Won't open files.

    by Fuzzone

    Does Not Work.

  • Useless

    by hplindberg

    Does not recognize basic comma delimited files. Needs a lot of work.

  • doesnt work

    by a4039

    this seems not to open .xlsx, which is pretty much useless in this day and age. want my $$ back.

  • Not good

    by KerryPT

    Thought it had auto calculation. Not worth it to me. Very basic ugh.

  • Not that satisfy

    by ijk321

    I thought it will be more useful, but I can't open my exiting excel file on it, only can type new ones.

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