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Specifically designed for both iPad and iPhone!! Optimized to use the new iPad and iPhone 4/4s HD retina screen! Great functionalities and It's FREE!

Access your Windows PC from iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch at anytime! Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate are supported!

iRemoteDesktop Free is a Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) client for iPhone/iPod Touch. Using it you can access your Windows PC from anywhere at anytime.

Note: Not all Windows support remote desktop. Check below for supported platforms or download the tool from

Compared with this free version, the Pro version has more features:
- Multiple connections
- Trackpad to move mouse cursor (also support click) and do mouse wheel scroll
- Mouse right click, hover and mouse drag
- Modifier keypad including Shift, Ctrl and Alt which enables you to press almost any key combinations.
- A cool functional keyboard: Cut, copy & paste and other shortcuts keypad, including HOME, END, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, Arrow keys, etc.
- Easy dragging and resizing using virtual mousepad
- Startup password protection
- Virtual left button and right mouse button
- Support video output (need iPad or iOS4 and output connector)

- Specifically designed for both iPad and iPhone
- Take advantage of iPhone 4/4s and new iPad's HD retina screen
- Portrait and landscape mode
- Support various resolutions and colors
- Tap to do click, double tap to double click, and all easy to use features
- International keyboard support for many languages, including French, German, Korean, Russian etc.
- Pinch to zoom in and out. Choose the zoom scale you like
- Easy to use design

Supported Platform:
- Windows XP Professional
- Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate
- Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate
- Windows Server 2000/2003/2008

Important: The following systems are NOT supported:
- Windows XP Home
- Windows Vista Home Basic/Premium
- Windows 7 Home Starter/Basic/Premium
- Others not listed in "Supported Platform" section

For detailed setup instructions and more information, see

- Make sure Remote Desktop is enabled on your computer
- IMPORTANT: For Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server, choose "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)"
- Modify firewall settings to allow Remote Desktop. You should try to connect from another Windows computer to make sure the Remote Desktop is enabled.

For more infomation on how to enable Remote Desktop, see
Windows XP:
Windows Vista/Windows 7:

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Customer Reviews

  • So far, so good

    by Mshive

    This is the third RDP app I've tried and definitely my favorite. Compatible with MS RDP host so there's nothing to install on the host end. Love the mouse feature.

  • Good product

    by Almdvm

    Easy to set up. Reliable. No problems thus far.

  • Nice, but.....

    by Ava's PaPa

    The sticky shift key is hugely annoying... 2 stars worth. I would gladly pay for a fixed version.

  • Rd lite

    by Staten island diva

    This works great. Can use exactly as advertised. Highly recommended.

  • Works as intended

    by booyaiaia


  • Great Application

    by Tar Heel Big Foot

    This is my entry way into the company database that I use from anywhere to research previous orders I have placed. I get the info I need when I place new orders.

  • Good program

    by Yiming gt

    Very good program

  • Works as Expected

    by NoNewNickNamesLeft

    This RDP client works fine and performs as good or better than any MS counterpart. It's worth the couple dollars to get the extra functions for the keyboard and mouse.

  • Excellent product

    by Mustang97mb

    Does exactly what I need it to! Excellent app!

  • RDP

    by Silvermac59

    Great app does everything RDP should. Very usable. MOre stable than Microsoft's own RDP clients in XP and 7. Anyone who wants remote access to their desktops should get this app.

  • Convenient

    by Lugger82

    Soooo convenient! Recommendations to the team: - Could use an easy guide to set it up. - Sometimes when I want close a connection pressing the x in the red circle, there is no acknowledgement of the press. So I press it again and suddenly takes the clicks, but results in activation of the connection that falls below the x icon, opening up the connection again...

  • Love it

    by TheOutsidersPonyBoy

    I use it almost daily. Great app!!!

  • Works great!

    by Erie0011

    I can sign in to the office from my phone. Works great and runs just as fast as if I were on my computer at work.

  • Do simple as it suppose to be

    by Alexl2001

    Ok work for me

  • Effective

    by DTMCK

    Works well

  • Great tool

    by Alicia Artis

    This app makes it very convenient for me to work away from the office. It is a time saver!

  • Works really well

    by JustUS1

    Would be nice to have the ability to access multiple servers.

  • Muito bom

    by doctor_engel

    Recomendo o app.

  • Please please add "right mouse click and drag"!!

    by StaticXXX

    Please please add "right mouse click and drag"!!

  • Does everything I need from an RDP App

    by Azuretyger

    I love the ability to work from pretty much anywhere.

  • Useless

    by Harukosempai

    Will not locate the computer I need it to work for.

  • HELP

    by Furnonymous

    Okay the help on this is useless. How the hell do I set this up to start with? Anyone?

  • Don't Work

    by Dan j 1516

    Seems it don't work with the newer updates from Windows. It tells me Windows no longer allows this program to work.

  • Pretty straight-up app

    by Good as gone

    Just about seamless... If you know what you're doing. Not being a snob about it, just don't understand rocker88 dis'ing this app. It lets me do almost everything on a PC while I'm using my iPad. Let's me leverage mobility with accessability to system resources. Very cool. Very easy. Very good price when you buy the license.

  • Admin

    by Howardrb

    Easy to connect and get around the desktop. When in the field.

  • Great easy software

    by Doppleus

    I can connect to my server from anywhere. Love the mouse and keyboard features.

  • 5-Stars

    by jdej70

    Perfect for remote access to my client servers while I'm on the go.

  • Not compatible with windows 7?!

    by eXe Magnum

    Okay, I did everything right, and when I went to go log in, "remote access is not compatible with your computer". Maybe you will have better luck than I will, but this app is useless for me.

  • Tim

    by Smokinbob

    Like it

  • Very good

    by Beachwood Ohio

    Very useful.

  • Helpful

    by Barga-holic

    I use this app on my tablet. It often has trouble connecting with my bluetooth keyboard. Other than that, it's a great tool to have.

  • Skip this product

    by Myron Cramer

    I downloaded this product and the more effort I put trying to get it to open a session to my terminal server the worse the product looked. I ended up giving up and deleting it. Avoid products from dishonest developers that pretend to be free but are impossible to use without intrusive disclosure of user information or payment of subscription or upgrade fees. The capabilities of this product are minimal at best.

  • Excellent

    by Bill115

    Everything works marvelously! I particularly like the on screen mouse touch pad. Only thing I couldn't figure out is how to do a shift-click to do a multi-select.

  • Confusing

    by )DyLaN(


  • SLOW. Freezes a lot. Not worth it

    by Rwallmow

    Very unusable, way too slow, even over wifi on same LAN. Likes to lock up, have to force quit. Glad I tried the free version first and didn't waste my money on this junk.

  • Easy

    by Xpunge

    Set up quickly and works very well.

  • Works good.

    by AK Johnny

    Free version works fine for me. I set it up in about 3 minutes and hooked up to the remote computer (which was over 750 miles away) from my iphone and could control it fine. Some of the complaints below I would imagine are from folks that have no idea how to set it up or have a bad internet connection. You gotta be smarter than the app.....

  • Rdp

    by JDQXCV

    The app works fairly well mot of the time but is limited in its capabilities.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Dayo76

    Works perfect for those hard times when you just don't have a PC

  • Awesome!

    by Bclindsey

    Great program! Easy to use!

  • Bad App - Slow - Keyboard Issues

    by Marlene-ee

    Got this and the full $4.99 version/app to connect to work and what a waste of my money! It's SLOWWWWWW... And programs like Excel & Windows and Explorer are constantly freezing and getting stuck. It also shows my desktop pc on the old '03 version.


    by Thedays1899

    Don't believe anything the description says! This "app" doesn't even work. It says it is free but it is at least $30! I had $40 in iTunes money and now I only have $6.50! This is a rip off. I want my money back! DON'T DOWNLOAD! DON'T DOWNLOAD! COMPLETE SCREW UP I HATE THIS APP SAVE YOURSELF THE MONEY AND TIME AND FRUSTRATION AND DON'T BUY THIS CRAP!

  • I love this app.Extremely easy to use. I'm buying it.

    by Scannin5

    I love this app.Extremely easy to use. I'm buying it.

  • No entendí esta basura

    by guillermo gutierrez

    Me pide correo password etc.

  • Seems to work fine

    by ABOPAO

    Have had no problems and seems intuitive and easy to use

  • Not free

    by timtty

    1 connection is useless to me. Not free.

  • Great App

    by Jnendel

    Works great every time. Hardly ever need a computer now for remote support (I VPN to our corporate LAN and then use iRemoteDesktop to connect to servers).

  • Awesome!

    by The Az Man

    This app does what it says it is amazing.

  • Useful, easy to use and setup

    by geekboy9

    Like it that I can set it on the highest resolution 1920x1600

  • I don't even understand it....

    by Cloroxks

    I dont really get how to set it up..... =P

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