DocScanner PRO Business App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Haave Oy
  • Updated: Jul, 07 2013
  • Version: 1.5
  • Size: 20.67 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Haave Oy

- Optimized for iOS7

- All known issues fixed
Note: Google Drive users should log out and log in again

- Network activity indicator will be visible during iCloud access.

- Much faster iCloud handling.
Note: First launch will be slow, because the application will rebuild caches.

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DocScanner Pro is the only scanner application you’ll ever need. Use DocScanner Pro to scan, save, share and upload documents, receipts, business cards, photographs, notes, posters, whiteboards, books, recipes, art... Anything you can imagine!

PDF, PNG and JPEG formats supported.


+++ Amazing crystal clear scan quality - Enjoy a flatbed equal scan quality on your iOS device.
+++ Auto-shoot - Just point the camera to any kind of document and let DocScanner PRO take care of the rest.
+++ Tap to focus - Great result every time.
+++ Share and upload instantly - Email, Messaging, Facebook, Twitter and cloud services such as Evernote, Dropbox and Drive are all supported. WebDAV also supported.
+++ iCloud support - Sync data between your iOS devices.
+++ Post processing of images - You can always go back to the original image and edit it again.
+++ Adjust file size and resolution - Separate size setting available for saved and sent documents.
+++ Multi-page document support - Scan multiple pages, even a book if you like, to a multi-page document. Possible to combine and split documents afterwards too.
+++ Well organized - Easily find your documents from the In-App document library by using four different sorting methods and effective search function.
+++ Categorize & tag documents - Choose from pre-set categories or create your own.
+++ Metadata support - Add document title, geodata, date and time, category and tags as metadata to documents.
+++ Import support - Import from Camera Roll. Also possible to import PDF’s to DocScanner PRO from other apps such as Mail. Select HP flatbed scanners supported too.
+++ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Search your scanned documents by using keywords.
+++ Annotation support - Add notes, text, underlining, highlight or drawing to your documents.
+++ Geotagging - Search and find documents based on the location they were saved at.
+++ Pre-configurable email template - Very handy especially with receipts.
+++ Password protection - Protect your confidential documents.
+++ Backup and Restore - Never lose your documents.
+++ Two different app themes to choose from.
+++ AirPrint support - Print your DocScanner Pro documents instantly with any AirPrint compatible printer via Wi-Fi.

The following OCR languages are supported:
Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.


Some tips to get the best quality scans:
- Keep the document flat and well lit.
- Some contrast (white document on dark surface for example) helps a lot.
- Tap where you want to set the focus.
- Use auto-shoot whenever possible.
- Try adaptive whiteness option for black & white text documents.
- Be careful if you use the flash! You’ll get better results by using some other means of lighting instead.


Please contact DocScanner PRO customer service at to try to resolve any problems before submitting feedback. Most problems can be solved easily, but we cannot help you with your problem from the comments.


Visit DocScanner PRO website at


Contact DocScanner PRO team at

Customer Reviews

  • Opening document in other Apps

    by Chuck1949

    Good News!! DocscannerPro can open in other Apps. after you upload document to Dropbox. Here's how: 1. Once your document is scanned tap on the document; 2. A new screen will then open up; 3. On the top right portion of screen tap on the word "details;". Which will then open up a dialogue box; 4. Go down to Dropbox and tap it; 5. You can open your document in other apps from Dropbox

  • Good, but ...

    by D.U.D.E

    I've enjoyed this app since installing. But since latest updates it is 1) constantly sync-ing with iCloud (i have switched it off in settings, but it is still trying), 2) auto saving to camera roll is not working and 3) it is not saving the "processed" images, so next time you open the app - you have to determine everything manually. The app was much better just a month ago ...

  • Nice Auto Feature

    by Mark_Ex

    I like the way it lights up and automatically takes a pic/scan when it has the right pic. I also like the fact that it fixes the pic if I held my phone a little askew. Easy-peasy.

  • The app crashes, please fix!

    by Jeany05

    It would have been nice if the app were simpler. I want to be able to see my docs with one click, no geotag, title, iCloud... All scrambled together in one place before I can see the doc. The app crashes every time I hit the "OPEN IN" option, please fix it! I do like the auto-shoot feature though, it works pretty well. It's an ok app that could be great.

  • Great app

    by CDub will

    Been in the image business for 30 years, thus is by far the best scanner I have ever used. It has kept up with changes in google and other interfaces and is so easy to use. I highly recommend this for anyone using their device to capture lots of images.....great app! Please note it was designed for iphone5 so loading it on slower devices may be really slow......painfully! Craig Williams President CEO CMC imaging A division of Com Microfilm Co.

  • Update 2 - Awesome app...but

    by bburt85

    11/15/13 review: Still enjoying this app and once again quick to fix thank you! Bug: crash on PDF export. Deleted app and reinstalled still crashing. Update review: So that have added the open in... Function which is a big help but they are still missing email function which I found myself once again going back to their other scanner app. Some praise: They have been very quick to fix issues and add functions which I am grateful for. Old review: I really like this scanner, it is simple and has OCR. Thankfully they fixed the multiple page issue but one down fall it has is that you can not "Open in..." to another app or email it. So now I have a 19 page doc that I can not do anything with other then print or save to camera roll

  • The best!

    by Kwang2013

    Does everything you need it to do. I use it all the time! A great product.

  • Well done.

    by Jonny0007

    Glad I own it.

  • Solid app that's easy to use

    by BZFella

    This app works great. Images are very clear and legible, even when the font is tiny. The only drawback is when I'm taking the image. The capturing range moves around too much. It needs to be more steady. Overall, I'd recommend this tool to anyone.

  • Best scanning app I've found so far

    by Scan scan scan scan

    Start up may not be the fastest, but I really like the realtime cropping in the camera mode. Quality of scan is very good, and it supports all the upload options I need. Decent OCR for printed text.

  • Works great

    by Wolfmatt

    Takes a bit to find a good spot but good none the less

  • Best Scanning App Yet

    by Motion50

    I have tried out many scanning apps, yet none of them can match the ease of use and quality of this app. The scans come out perfect, regardless of light quality. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to scan a page on the go!

  • Awesome App!

    by SammyMcSamuels

    This app is easy to use and is the most practical way to scan and email any kind of documents on the go. It offers more than one format to save the documents and they are always readable. Definitely worth the money.

  • Getting Better

    by 4thpower

    It took a minute to work out all the bugs and kinks, but now it's good


    by Kajay one

    If you need a scanner app, this is it. It has cloud integration. Scan in color or b/w. multi page scans. The auto edge finder for the scans is Spot On. It has it all!!!

  • Awesome with some bugs

    by slamb88

    This scanner app does its job well. Syncing and uploading with services helps me to keep school and work docs organized. Auto capture with the camera allows me to not worry about pressing the shutter button and shaking the phone, so the image is clear. Great integration with cloud services. Great app.

  • Closes a lot

    by Peaceinvt

    Great app if it didn't constantly close on me in the middle of entering details.

  • Highly Functional

    by Bo wildhax

    Took a bit of time to figure out the fantastic features of this program. Excellent way of getting JPG and PDF files onto the iPad for photos and receipts. Works with DropBox, iCloud and makes this one of the better mobile iPad scanning apps.

  • Review

    by James'O'pinion

    Doc Scanner Pro is fun and a real time saver.

  • Best scanning app!

    by PicNroll

    I've bought a few scanner apps and eventually deleted most of them. This has become my favorite and the best one of them all. Simple, great photos/scans, and nice interface.

  • How a 5 star app goes bad...

    by 1Lsudokufan

    This used to be a wonderful app that I used for numerous purposes. The developers literally ruined every single good thing about this app. It basically takes pictures that save none of your edits. Uploading to a cloud service went from simple and intuitive to complex and difficult. Find another scanning app. This one doesn't do it's job. Why they changed this app is beyond me. It worked perfectly.

  • Awful update

    by JohnoGG

    Used to be good but now doesn't save docs correctly, crashes when trying to export and is constantly trying to upload even though all upload options set to off (and why does it use such weird looking toggles when apples standard are perfect?)

  • Just point and crash

    by Dddddfghjytfcxss3

    Pros: none Cons: CRASH Have never been able to finish a scan with this app.

  • 1 star after update

    by Harvestsunrise

    This was a 5 star app that I used almost daily but then it was updated and became useless to me. First because it crashes unexpectedly, but secondly and most importantly you can no longer export to other apps. Very disappointing as no other app scans as well as this one does, but useless when I can't open the PDF in another app.

  • Crashes, hard to use, poor image quality

    by McClaxton

    The app crashes for me on my iPhone 4S about every 3 minutes. It becomes increasingly difficult when the controls and delay factor in too. Upon scanning some printed documents, I could barely read it off my computer from google drive

  • Utter Rubbish

    by Amozarte

    Scanning is cumbersome, results are poor quality, and you can't do anything with your scans because the export functions either don't work (hit the button, nothing happens) or crash the app. If you want good scanning apps, try "PDF Pen Scan+" by Smile Software or "Scanner Pro" by Readdle.

  • Very buggy for some time.

    by Jesse Chen

    Best advice is to try something else until problems resolved. Constantly crashes, PDF and other functionality broken.

  • Crashes

    by _NaikS_

    Main feature - pdf export doesn't work.

  • Dropbox Support Stinks

    by ertrules

    This app isn’t horrible. It captures images fairly well and is good at corner detection and automatically focusing and scanning. The app does not, however, sync well with Dropbox. I use this to upload receipts for the month. I scan them in a batch and add a new scan to a monthly pdf as I get a new receipt. I went in to edit a receipt batch and noticed that some of the receipts were just black and blank. Some did not retain the cropped edges that showed earlier. Worst of all, the app had created a new “Month.pdf” file every single time I edited it. I now have 10 pdfs for the month of October, November and December. I did like this app and used it at least twice a week, but now I am going to look for a new one.

  • Failure since update

    by RHarlan

    Doesn't work properly on iPhone 5s since latest update. Freezes when processing image. Emailed a support ticket a week ago, have received no response.

  • App now crashing

    by MrMosley

    Worked before update. Now it crashes while capturing an image.

  • Crash crash crash, iOS 1.0 interface

    by OutdoorJack

    This app is now useless. The developers are non-existent. After I connected it to google drive, it no longer functions. It already crashed a lot—now it crashes before I can even unlink drive and revert the settings. Uninstall then install, same. iOS 7 latest version on brand new iPhone 5.

  • DocScanner PRO

    by RAH 2010

    OCR erratic. Scan inadequate. SImply is unusable.

  • Frustrating

    by mmhaslam

    Every other time I scan an image, the app crashes. It didn't do this when I first downloaded it.

  • Buggy and No Support

    by c.hack

    The app is very slow. It crashes when you try to open a document with a PDF viewer. I emailed for support and got no response.

  • New Updated Version Crashes

    by Nherweck

    This app was great for the rare occasions I needed it, but the latest update causes the app to force close when snapping a picture.

  • Doesn't work

    by Figaro07

    While the scanning and such works pretty well, an older version from the same developer worked better. And now the app simply does not work. Frustrating for a paid app.

  • Slow app

    by Lilian Yang

    That's all I have to say. It is so slow to load. It takes literally forever to open the files. I have to stand there waiting for the camera to activate. Two minutes passed by; three minutes passed but it still didn't load. I am very close to find another app. However, other than the speed of the app, it's generally a good one. But, since its so slow, you lose patience for it and you just walk away from paper you want to scan, so even if its a good app, I don't use it.

  • Still needs improvements

    by Yasser Sultan

    The image quality still needs improvements. The cheaper version is still a lot better

  • Excelente

    by Adrian Caldera

    La mejor que he encontrado, Otras aplicaciones solo toman como foto y convierten a PDF. Esta recorta como lo hace un verdadero scanner. :-)

  • Good

    by Canelosanty

    Nice app

  • Deleted my old docs with update

    by Corn1337

    Could have been my cache was auto emptied but still my other document scanner didn't have a problem. Very disappointed. Apple needs to design a lower rating for dysfunctional apps like this.

  • Amazing

    by Mange what's up

    Love it, self does it and auto checks it's date as well

  • Great tool concept

    by Jsuli1984

    I use this app to avoid carrying paperwork with me everywhere I go. It does work well with capturing pic of doc and cropping automatically, but I do wish it was faster with responsiveness over all. The newest update has improved performance and stability but not at the level yet where it can get 5 stars. Definitely headed in the right direction and worth getting now. For example we all leave papers behind or forget where we placed them last, but we never forget our phone. Always have your docs when you need them with this app.

  • This update finally came

    by zhangbillbill

    Many bugs in the version 1. The version 1.1 is better.but I think it should be better to match the price $6.99

  • New Look and Feel

    by Betotato_

    I completely love the new look and feel of this app. Without a doubt the best scanner on the App Store atm.

  • Love this app

    by MoonKat1216

    I'd been photographing docs for submitting receipts anyway. Now I'm digitizing everything.

  • Great features and execution

    by Stews58

    I would have given it 5 stars except that people are right this shouldn't need so many permissions to save files to Google Drive, etc. But the functionality is great!

  • Awesome!!

    by CD601

    Awesome app

  • Love it

    by Nothinggldcnstay

    I had one before that the documents never came out right. This one has its own trigger. It captures when you have doc in the right place. I use this a lot for work. Highly recommend.

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