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Keep track of the people you meet by maintaining a log of every time you meet them, along with your own notes and easy access to the Address Book information.

Use the notes field to enter personal information (name of spouse and children, past workplaces, personal likes and dislikes, hobbies etc.) and add a log entry with your comments whenever you meet people. The log entry also contains date and time and, optionally, the location which can be shown in the built-in Maps application.

Review the Farley File record for people you have met before to quickly recollect all personal details and what you have talked about before. You will always be prepared and never again forget the name of someone's wife or husband or how many kids they have.

Farley File is named after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s advisor, James Aloysius Farley who kept a file on everyone that Roosevelt ever met. Whenever the President would meet a person again, Farley would review their file and brief Roosevelt. In this way Roosevelt was able to remember spouses, children, hobbies, favorite courses etc. With the Farley File Roosevelt became a great networker and was able to grow and maintain an exceptional large and influential social network.

• Add a Farley File record for existing contacts or create new contacts
• Uses the built-in Address Book to store name and contact details
• Unlimited number of log entries with notes, date and time and location
• Full-text search in contacts' notes, log entries and all Address Book details
• Send all contact information (Address Book information, notes, log entries) as email


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