eMailGanizer Pro - power email app for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, IMAP, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, iCloud, Dropbox, & more Business App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: GoodHumans
  • Updated: Jan, 15 2011
  • Version: 1.11.24
  • Size: 28.59 MB

Languages: English

Seller: GoodHumans

• Added Collapse-All button to filing screen
• iOS7 support for latest TextExpander
• Performance improvements
• Fixed bug adding tasks to Exchange accounts
• Fixed bug with accounts
• Fixed bug with Swipe-to-archive
• Fixed bugs with email sending
• Fixed bug that could causing missed messages
• Fixed various crashing bugs
• Many other bug fixes and improvements

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Take control of your email and your life.

Manage messages once and move on. This tool provides intelligent, predictive, email filing. Don’t waste time waiting to file important messages until you are at a desktop. eMailGanizer allows instant messaging processing. With only two taps, you can file your messages, regardless of how many folders you have.

eMailGanizer is also a powerful, Outlook compatible, email reader that provides integration with your task manager and the iPhone calendar. We believe you should be able to get things done your way, so we made eMailGanizer seamlessly integrate with your preferred method of task management. eMailGanizer even allows you to work offline with synchronization when you reconnect.

Check out these features that put you back in control of your Inbox:

• File emails in seconds
• Search for destination folders by name
• Batch file emails to different folders
• Shake-to-undo previous filing action
• Batch deletes and moves
• File to favorite folders instantly
• Swipe to file

• Add emails to iPhone Calendar & Reminders
• Add emails to Toodledo & Exchange/Outlook
• Add emails to OmniFocus, Appigo Todo, Firetask, Things, The Hit List, Evernote, Drafts, Notebooks & more.

• Expand/Collapse style folder navigation
• Find folders by searching
• Add, move, rename, & delete folders
• Off-line operation for later synchronization
• Universal Inbox, Unread, & other 'Smart' folders
• Show all folders/labels for email

• Hotmail
• Outlook
• Exchange
• IMAP (gmail,Rackspace,Yahoo,AOL,iCloud, & any other modern email account).

• Offline full-text email search
• @Context folder awareness
• Email threading with conversation view
• Multiple color schemes
• Passcode lock
• Mark emails read, unread & flagged
• Extensive configuration options
• Pull to sync
• Speak emails - Powered by iSpeech®

POP3 is NOT Supported
• POP3 does NOT support cloud based email folders. Without that, your email folders cannot be shared. If you file a POP3 email into a folder on your computer, there is no way to access it on your phone (and vice versa). When confronted with this issue, most users convert to a free gmail account and uses gmail's POP fetching capabilities to periodically import their POP email.

Hotmail/Outlook/Exchange Contacts, Calendars, Tasks
• Do NOT unhide these folders. It will cause problems. eMailGanizer can interface with Exchange contacts and calendars through the iPhone Calendar and Address Book.

• eMailGanizer stores all of your emails and account information on your phone. All email related communication is performed between your phone and your email account.

• Since eMailGanizer needs to learn your filing behaviors, the initial setup can take a while. A setup wizard will lead you through the process of entering your account information and the downloading will begin when that process is complete. For best results, you should be on a WiFi network.

• Please contact us for any & all support issues. If you are not completely satisfied with our app, we will provide you with a full refund.

Customer Reviews

  • Of course 5 stars!

    by Melindammm

    Due to my own stupidity I had initial complications with the program. Their support folks supported me with patience and kindness! All is working perfectly now. I highly recommend eMailGanizerPro! Responses from a real person are amazing is this tech climate. Go eMailGanizerPro!!

  • exactly what i was looking for

    by rusty_ykk

    I tried a bunch of email apps. All had problems of their own that made them just annoying enough to preclude a purchase. I still have not found a single iOS/Mac OS email app combo from a single developer that is satisfactory. After doing my due diligence, I have settled on eMailGanizer on iOS and MailMate on Mac OsX. Both have similar characteristics: 1. extremely customizable; 2. both have a steep learning curve but the rewards make it well worth the minor time investment; 3. these two apps play quite nicely with each other: the only thing missing from eMailGanizer is the ability to recognize tags (but this feature is apparently under development - anyway iOS 7 cannot do it natively...); 4. the apps both have very active and very, very responsive developers (I cannot emphasize that point enough - speaking from experience, I can say that both developers will typically answer any query within 24 hrs). 5. the most recent updates make text expander snippets available again. There are so many other cool features in EG… the best thing is to try it out for yourself... If you have to deal with a lot of emails, this will be the best $5 you will have spent in a long time on the app store. I’d say the only minor strike against eMailGanizer is perhaps the name of the app itself - not that I care really - but I think that some people may overlook it because it does not have a cool-sounding name. But that’s the point: it’s not as flashy as some other offerings but it gets the job done, exactly the way you want.

  • Truly amazing!

    by Grappling Dog

    While there are a few things I would like to see in future versions, overall this app is outstanding!

  • Awesome!!!!

    by The Park Family

    One of the best email clients out there. Just really wish the app worked on the iPad too.

  • So many reasons to love this app

    by Jeffrey Niederauer

    First it is extremely customizable - lets you do email the way you want... Eg, return to inbox on file or delete instead of auto-read the next message, etc. Second, love that it already knows where I want to file my messages, so I just hit a button instead of wading through my entire folder structure. Finally it supports offline mode, so email can be conquered on a plane and then "synced" upon landing... Such a life saver / productivity booster. (Ps it also lets you load html messages on your terms, so you can open a message without the spammers knowing your address yielded an open my loading images [an all or nothing setting travesty in apple mail.])

  • Fith

    by FITH2

    Very good for what it's designed for. Adding a rules functions would be nice to add (move all emails from X before Y date to Z folder). Very, very good, responsive and personal support.

  • Full featured

    by Manto Roto

    Does everything I need in an IMAP client: managing multiple folders, ssl connections, multiple sending identities and more.

  • Excellemt

    by SRemi

    This is one if the most useful apps. It's great! Can you make one for the IPad?

  • Excellent!

    by Springfield cyclist

    Excellent function with gmail imap folders. If organizing folders is a priority, this is the best choice. Raises the bar on iOS mail applications.

  • Wow !!! So far so good

    by Jackjimjo

    Collapsible folders!!!!!

  • Best mail app that I’ve used.

    by Meister Fritz

    Tried many email clients, but eMailGanizer Pro meets all my expectations and more. For me, it is critical to have the ability to enter an IMAP account. In any respect, the fee is relatively low and you will not be disappointed with the application.

  • Great app once you understand it

    by mattbgamer

    I love this app. It is complex but once you get it woven into how you process email the complexity turns into elegance. Probably the most functionally-rich app I've ever seen.

  • Powerful app. Dated UI

    by mdcougar

    This app is amazingly powerful and flexible. I wish it had a better looking user interface, but if you're more concerned with productivity that looks, you'll be happy.

  • Great App

    by Bendigo L'amour

    Accounts are easy to and easy way to file e-mails (I like a CLEAN inbox, but don't want to loose anything!)...the interface with Pocket Informant is worth the price for me. Absolutely love the way they set off the message history. Anxiously awaiting the iPad version!

  • Great product

    by JASDEN

    Love the folder and search capability

  • Works As advertised.

    by damnit_drainey

    I use it on my iPad in addition to the Apple email client. It does a great job of organizing my gmail and yahoo mail accounts.

  • Great mail app, needs a redesign of UI

    by jesse4216

    I have tried them all and love this mail app. Only wish it would get a redesign to a more modern UI.

  • The BEST email app

    by New123user

    I have tested several email apps this past week and have spent a lot of $$ doing so. I came across this app after reading some great reviews. And wow, this is the most user friendly and reliable mail app I could find. Makes spending all that money on the other mail apps a little easier. This mail app snakes me more productive. It reduces many clicks/taps. And support is TOP NOTCH. Rich and the support team are great and very responsive!! Worth every penny!

  • Apple sign'em up.

    by joeyjevaney

    Apple sign'em up. They have officially done, what you still haven't managed to do yet with your 5th gen phones. Kudos to the developers here. Very user friendly, great and quick responding customer service. Thank you for making business life just a little more manageable.

  • Best mail app

    by Jbmeans

    This app is so efficient and easy to use that I do almost all my email processing in it now. Puts things out where you can see them without remembering. Appreciates those who prefer a filing structure for saving emails over searches. Great response to questions. One of my all-time favorite apps. Would give it 6 stars if I could.

  • Best Intentions - lousy implementation

    by CPUnk

    I have an imap account on a corporate server. The app told me I would be best to let it do the thinking for me. It attempted to index 119k folders in my home directory, related to many developer related things (software install directories, web server config directories, etc. ) I chalked that up to an honest error, and tried to get in and redirect the app (after five hours of setup (they promise overnight setup required, btw) and 24k of folders scanned. The app would not redirect, would not let me delete the account a and start over, and began to make me worry that this is stealth spyware. I'm a tech. I appreciate the attempt to solve things by downloading ALL my emails into my phone, but ... No.

  • Not designed for iPad

    by Govols77

    The developers need to include in their description that this app is not designed for iPad retina display. The description says it is compatible with iPad which is misleading in my opinion. I do not wish to view the app in iPhone resolution on an iPad. I purchased this app primarily for use on an iPad. I deleted the app immediately after downloading when I realized that it was not designed for the iPad. Very disappointed. Perhaps I will try the app again when it is designed for iPad.

  • Excellent Mail App

    by Saurabh Bhatnagar

    I downloaded many app for outlook, but none gave a comfortable and stable solution. But once I downloaded it, I was so amazed. It is the only app that beautifully displays threads superbly. It has so many features that I can keep on writing. 100% value for money. Excellent job done

  • Categorizes and files like a mind reader!

    by Tim13704

    I have been using Emailganizer for about 18 months now, and I love it! The app takes some time to learn, but now I wouldn't be without it. In a future release I'd like to see a rules capability for automatic filing, so I don't have to touch certain routine messages. Emailganizer really speeds up my processing of messages to help me stay organized. It's a great tool!

  • Review

    by lowerliquid

    After using for some time, I can honestly say this is one of the most productive applications on my iPhone Works as advertised! Lots of bells and whistles. Love the way it integrates with files, reminders and calendars. You won't be disappointed.

  • Best App EVER!!!'

    by black abyss

    Seriously - it took all my IMAP and exchange accounts and indexed the contents of each folder - learning my own crazy filing system then files my inbox! It gives me the option to double check each email when I auto file and gives its own alternative folders as well as recently accessed folder - it then learns!!!! It really is the best one (and the 10th I've tried in past week). Wish it was faster - or at least had a PC version (Although I have 20k emails in yahoo alone!) It took a long time to run index and not sure if it works well if you change a lot of folders on your PC. Also - should be able to refresh index easier than deleting and redoing.

  • Best of mail apps!

    by Toby-Doby

    Believe I tried all of the exchange/outlook email apps. This is the most satisfying, accesses contacts, notifications work, sent mail filtered by recipient, only one which all features work as indicated! Try it, no disappointment and great support.

  • BEST Email Client Available for iPhone-as of 6/27/2013

    by Touch of Good Humor

    Simply, this is perhaps the most phenomenal app I have on my iPhone. It has replaced the native email app in the tray. I have nothing to do with this developer other than I am a user of this app. I have been frustrated for a while with the lack of sophistication of the native app. Instead of an zero-inbox, I had a >7,000 inbox! Several months ago I began looking at several email clients including Boxer, Mailbox, AltaMail, and eMailGanizer Pro. BOXER has a simple interface, but the inbox has too much wasted (white) space. In addition, the folder system is a bit clunky. If you have a bunch of folders as a subset of another folder, it places the top level folder name first and repeats it for each subfolder, leaving little room for the subfolder name. And you cannot change the font size to see more. MAILBOX is okay for Gmail, but you are limited on the number of accounts and it only supports Gmail; sorry, no Exchange accounts. ALATMAIL is a contender for a quality client, however I was unable to get it to configure with my exchange server after spending nearly 2 hours trying different options. It is supposed to be able to connect with an exchange server. The same exchange settings configured with Boxer and eMailGanizer Pro in under 3 minutes. In contrast to the other clients, EMAILGANIZER PRO is loaded with features and configurability. First, unread emails are listed first, so you do not even have to switch to an "unread folder". The search is fast and smart. You can perform multiple deletes at the same time. Filing on the iPhone is fast and simple. The fonts are adjustable. You can view in txt or HTML; if txt, you can view immediately in HTML. It supports multiple types of accounts, including exchange servers, and configures automatically and fast. And there are numerous other features as listed in the write up. Also, the developer is invested in this app. I emailed the developer a couple times to ask about a couple of features and each time I had a response within 2-3 hours. This app is a steal for the price. If this developer chose to advertise as Mailbox and Boxer it would easily find its way onto every iPhone; The problem is that people just do not know about it. Thanks GoodHumans for a quality app. UPDATED 10/29/13: Continues to be an outstanding, full-featured email client. There is nothing else this powerful in App Store.

  • Tried them all

    by Ptmhcm

    Tried several email apps. This works the best with exchange 2010. Recommend it to everyone.

  • Tried them all

    by Ptmhcm

    Tried several email apps. This works the best with exchange 2010. Recommend it to everyone.

  • Spiffy

    by Husty

    Love it!

  • Works for me

    by Barbarian42

    Works for me. Mail doesn't.

  • The best mobile email client!

    by Quietwlf

    I wouldn't use anything else to check & organize my email. Thanks, guys, for thinking of everything.

  • Great Email App!

    by Nikki273

    This is an awesome app for my business email accounts. The search feature is Much better than the native email App

  • Works

    by DRockobson

    App makes last redeeming feature of the Backberry obsolete.

  • Very powerful

    by GregI7

    My favorite mail program for the iPhone. The ability to search without having to que the server every time is great.

  • Great App

    by Ultraman-cos

    Works perfect!

  • Great time saver

    by Dano2013z

    Works as advertised. Very helpful for those who have hundreds of emails a day and who need to file. The quick creation of task or calendar item help immensely as well. I'll give it the 5th star when it is native ipad (mini) and not the iPhone 2x screen...usable, but not as efficient.

  • For business

    by Resort Transfers Intl.

    I own 3 businesses in FL. This app has actually helped me manage and saves me time by cutting steps out of my processes. Lets me turn emails into reminders in Reminders, Calendars and Evernote. Best 5 bucks I have spent on an app

  • Great humans

    by Duped by another app.

    It's freaken awesome!!! Maybe best app on iPhone period. And the link to task / and Evernote. Wow. Please add task module and allow for embedded objects and you will be even better humans than you are

  • Solid Organizer

    by cmoore70

    Makes organizing email a lot easier on your iphone.

  • Best app money I have spent

    by Todi001

    Best work email client just dumped another $5.99 app which was very inferior don't waste your money

  • Good app

    by s ware

    Works as advertised. Just what was looking for in an email client!

  • Works great!

    by Robert monroe

    This email client makes it easy to store and file email.

  • iPhone enterprise user

    by Lakegirl007

    So far this app is giving me just what I wanted...the ability to expand and contract folders and to expeditiously file emails. IPhones are ridiculously inadequate in this area, especially for enterprise users. I came very close to not being able to use this app due to the inadequacy of the setup instructions but I persevered and got lucky. After finally connecting, all has been smooth sailing...flawless really. Unfortunately, my company has told me that when, at the end of this year, our company changes the way our cell phones receive data, this app will no longer function. Apple needs you Emailganizer!!

  • Great App for Organized Freaks like me!

    by BigDave2143

    Once I'm done with it, I put every email worth keeping in a folder, by sender's company then name. In my business, that means hundreds of folders. This app, lets me move emails easily to my folders using my iphone or iPad, without having to scroll through all of the folders I've created! Only defect, does not sync unless the app is open.

  • Fantastic app

    by TESLER

    This is unique!!!! Would love an iPad version

  • Great mail tool

    by Macdrifter

    Excellent for processing huge amounts of email. Steep learning curve for advanced features though. Also needs some design improvements. But for the price, it is the most functional IMAP email client on iOS.

  • Thank God I finally found this App!!!

    by emilie Singh

    I finally found what I was looking for! Yay! I can see all my email accounts and folders for outlook, why apple couldn't just integrate this into iPhone 5 I have no idea, but I am thrilled with this app! Just what is needed for email users with outlook!

  • Good app

    by Not a good business practice

    While this is relative new, a excellent app. Lots of functionality and documentation. I always amazed with the updates that provide additional it's and performance improvements. Save me time with email.

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