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  • Updated: May, 06 2009
  • Version: 1.3
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- bug fix

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Forbes presents the Intelligent Investing iPhone Application, a series of feature stories and video conversations with the business and investment world’s most respected minds. Watch Intelligent Investing With Steve Forbes, a video series of rare one-on-one interviews with financial luminaries at the famed Forbes Townhouse in New York City. Read Intelligent Investing articles and panel discussions as they focus on current investment topics and present exclusive editorial from investment strategists and forecasters that influence your financial climate. Take a chance and use your shake function to pick from a lottery of quotes and video clips of Steve Forbes himself. From investment philosophies to the state of the global economy, Intelligent Investing is your mobile access to the best minds in the business.

Customer Reviews

  • Potential Copycat

    by Ruthy Lopez

    This app has the same user interface and feel as the Entrepreneur Magazine app.

  • Forbes Intelligent Investing

    by D. Hill

    This is a basic investment app that has a simple clearcut desig and provides a limited amount of articles regarding investment in the global economy. The app provides text and video so it stands out a bit from other plain investment business apps. The app also aloows users to save favorite investment quotes.

  • Solid

    by gosbra

    Well done

  • Real insight, easy navigation

    by nycjeff

    Forbes Intelligent Investing doesn't try to pack too much into the app - you get access to great minds on what's shaping the markets and it's always up to date. The video interviews include luminaries in investing, and the tips are perfect for a quick read. When you want detailed discussion, the longer features give in-depth analysis on how to navigate these turbulent times.

  • Nice App

    by Amcik

    Nice app for the business minded

  • Must-have financial app!

    by MarketData

    The Forbes app has great unique financial articles as well as quotes and video from Steve Forbes. Video only works in wifi mode which is fine as video streaming over the AT&T 3G network hasn't been great anyway. One neat feature is you can follow the Forbes twitter. I enjoy the stories most as they offer inside view of what's going on with wall street.

  • Not much

    by La-paZ

    This colud help some businessmen but contains not much of the real info. Needs improvements, but still good.

  • I love it

    by Cesarrri12

    I love it. Could be better

  • Missed up

    by Gdhft

    The app doesn't work that's a shame Forbes!!

  • The App will not load.

    by Lodian

    I feel the app would be useful if it would load. I have had the app for a week now and not once have any articles loaded. Each time I have had to revert back to safari to do my browsing, which makes this app useless.

  • Awful only because I can't get it to work

    by phoenixfta

    It never stops refreshinf

  • Doesn't work

    by Facebook user :/

    Doesn't work almost at all

  • Not working

    by Nick Armee

    It hasn't functioned properly since I downloaded the app. Not even once has it loaded "new content".

  • Terrible

    by PLS_

    Forbes should be ashamed of itself. Forbes needs to hire some iOS programming interns and have them improve this app. When I get the articles I really enjoy reading them. Unfortunately most times the articles doesn't load. If Forbes isn't going to support this app they should remove it from the app store.

  • Updating the App

    by Avid Pat

    I think the creator of this app needs to make a couple changes to the app. There needs to be a refresh button on the app so I do not have to shut my phone down every time I want to get updated articles. Also the quote of the day hasn't worked in a couple of months. Try doing this kind of bug fox and push that our to people that own the app. It is a decent app other than these few things. Thanks.

  • Dumb

    by Ts252

    This App is horrible..... Doesn't load, this is a waste of space, apple needs to do better.

  • Trash

    by @Ksmitty7

    This app is trash y'all need to up date the up because it is terrible everything about it is terrible I'm using the website because this app is so terrible. Y'all lucky I'm even giving y'all one star!

  • Worthless

    by Itz All aBoUt Da CheeZ

    Doesn't work

  • Not so good

    by Gaga ladies

    This app is officially rendered useless. Garbage.

  • Bad app!

    by Moi320

    Looks good - at first sight. Won't update, too many notifications, half the stories are blank. I deleted it.

  • Needs Bug Fixes ASAP


    Cannot even use this app due to a "Network Connection Error". Additionally it is very annoying to have 37 notifications telling me to read/watch all of the features/videos.

  • Does not work on my iPhone 4S

    by Sanjay Acharya


  • Not worth it-even free

    by Charlex123

    Don't bother downloading. Not sure why this app even exists. Doesn't work. Can get better following Forbes on Twitter.

  • Terrible

    by Undercer0

    It just dosent work at all

  • Awful

    by MajinHawk

    Yeah, this app does not work at all. Crashes, doesn't load anything, buggy, really wish it worked.

  • Lost in a typhoon

    by madee keita

    Also a tech critic...lacks basic technology that high school kids could do :-/

  • Slowest scrolling app ever

    by beshannon

    Very poor performance. Maybe I'll try when it works

  • Not yet

    by dylanpass

    I prefer the Bloomberg iPhone app for serious business news--it's far more robust

  • Crashes

    by Clint Burger

    Hey Forbes, try to make the app crash a bit more, I can still click on articles

  • Buggy

    by Steve_Forbes

    I'm ashamed of this app. I can't believe that my company produced this sub-par application. Sorry everyone!

  • M. Cruz

    by New investor

    Terrible app....It doesn't work at all....

  • Business owner

    by DaveEl

    Terrible app.

  • Blows!

    by Frankis_Maximus

    I tried to read the features, wouldn't effing load.. This app blows my effing chops...

  • Frustrating

    by Markymark7419

    This app has poor usability and design. I deleted it quickly after downloading. App spam. Twitter integration is no integration at all.

  • Content doesn't change

    by Krefftc

    In the 2 weeks I had this app no articles were added or removed. Waste of time.

  • What happened?

    by Cajundiver

    This app was great when I first downloaded it and new content was available frequently. Now it appears that very limited (and often boring) content is released to the app. Forbes still has interesting articles, they just dont put them on the app anymore. I'm deleting it.

  • Dld

    by Unhappy subscriber

    Nothing here to review.

  • This app needs update

    by luisruizch

    If FORBES wants to keep this app on the market, it must be updated.Thanks

  • Hesitant

    by KayleeGery

    I’ve been hesitant about my potential investments, and I am left hesitant. No changes so far.

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