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ContactExport Lite has been designed specifically with Gmail and Outlook in mind.
It allows you to export your iPhone/iPad address book for import into Gmail, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird or simply read into a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Numbers, and OpenOffice. The app does NOT require iTunes, synchronization, access to your Gmail or Outlook accounts.

If you are looking for a simple, no-hassle, no-configuration app which will let you transfer your iPhone/iPad contacts to your Gmail account or Outlook address book, this is the app for you.


✓ Creates a CSV file which can be imported in Gmail and Outlook.
✓ Unicode support for Gmail and Raw output
✓ CSV file is sent via e-mail from iPad/iPhone.
✓ Gmail version also contains Group information so contacts are also saved in the corresponding groups.
✓ Does not require iTunes or any synchronization mechanisms.
✓ Very simple interface and no settings required.
✓ Specifically tuned for Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird.
✓ Quick support is guaranteed for any problems (


➤ You must have an internet connection and a configured email account on your iPhone/iPad in order to use this product.

➤ This app does NOT import contacts to the iPhone. It is only useful for transferring contacts FROM the iPhone to Gmail, Outlook or a spreadsheet program.

Customer Reviews

  • Cheap and effective

    by LoftArtists

    Googling 'export contacts from iPad' is a time consuming and costly affair. Thankfully, I eventually found a forum that mentioned apps. Could it be true? The answer is yes. This app saved me from spending $35 on iexplorer. Just wonderful.

  • Fast and easy

    by Thronka

    I was able to get all exchange contacts from my iPad when the exchange account was no longer active as if I did a sync I would lose it - I now have them in google for safe keeping. You can't beat 15 seconds to get all 2000 contacts and emailing them to yourself.

  • Great App!!

    by Greenie313

    Simple, easy, and worked like a charm. One click created an export file and attached it to an email that included simple steps to import into Outlook. All contacts imported without issue.

  • Life saver... In 5 minutes or less

    by Heinz Willie

    This thing is perfect started a new gig that doesn't support iPads. I have 1500 contacts many of which I need for my new job. In a few minutes I had all of my contacts in outlook and I'm ready to work. Soooooo simple and helpful. You guys should charge more, it's worth it.

  • Flawless

    by Dcc2a

    App worked perfectly. It took literally seconds to get all my contacts into gmail. Thanks!

  • Good

    by Tdk182

    Does what it says

  • Does what it said

    by LosAngeles90631

    That being said, you need to fine-tune the directions on 'How to import' on the outgoing email. Not accurate for Outlook 2010. It would also be nice to export via .vcf, but hey.... .csv worked great.

  • Not flexible


    Cannot select contacts or groups for export. All or nothing.

  • Great app!

    by Freakwilly

    Worked amazing. I am switching to a new phone that isn't an iPhone and wanted to migrate my contacts to Google. Ive not used iTunes in months and didn't feel like installing it again. Well worth the money.

  • God Bless this App!


    I signed up for iCloud and it wiped out my Outlook contacts and I had no backup. I used this app to generate a cvs file and imported it into outlook and had everything back quick:). This is a great app!

  • Worked perfectly!

    by LindAllie


  • Perfect!!!

    by Ashpigel

    Excellent application. Moved all my contacts from my iPhone to gmail in 2 minutes! Love it. Thanks!

  • FINALLY!!! A contact export tool that works!

    by Jcgrange

    I cannot tell you how many programs I tried attempting to merge my contacts from my iPhone to my gmail... It became a bizarre obsession. My wife told me to give up, to do it manually... Then, I found this app... Seamless... Took just a couple minutes... I love these guys! Thank you!!!!!!!

  • Worked perfectly.

    by jenlawyer

    Very pleased.

  • Worked as advertised.

    by RoverDaddy

    Tried the lite version and it did exactly what I wanted so I bought the full version. The plain CSV file seems to get *all* the data from each contact. Great!

  • Simple and straight forward

    by Josh LaBounty

    This is the first app that i've seen tgat does what it says it does. It exports your iphone contacts. It does this in a simple format and then has you email it to yourself in a .CSV file so you can import it into your computer/gmail/yahoo/flying monkey. Its as simple. If you don't believe it, try the FREE VERSION that will export >100 contacts only. Tge whole process for me took less than 45 seconds and i give it  and 

  • Finally, Something for Thunderbird Users

    by grinder2112

    My phone is my primary contact manager, but I want all of that data available in my PC-based mailer. None of the methods of syncing the data, be it through an intermediate service like Google or Yahoo, or direct, the transfer of data, proved to be an easy and complete solution. I realized that all I really need was a straight-up export that I could import, en masse, into my Thunderbird address book. I tried heaps of apps, but all of them neglected one or another fields that I needed--including ContactExport's Raw export. The author of this app listened to my concerns, and did something about them. Not only did he add fields to the Raw export function, but he created an additional export that perfectly lines up with Thunderbird's expectations. Moreover, a function has been written to populate the "Display Name" field that is so important in that address book. Now I can burp out my contacts and get them into my PC's mailer with about 60 seconds worth of effort.

  • Very pleased!

    by JayMan!!!!!!!!!

    Preformed as it says, all of my 231 contacts and all fields were emailed in a csv file.... Which imported perfectly to my gmail acct... I took a chance on this one as my "google contacts sync" app has been utter crap with recent updates (no appologies to that developer either, if their product had maintained it original integrity I would have not had to look elsewhere.... But I gave them 3 chances worth of updates and it is still horrible).... My only qualm with this app is that it puts all of your contacts in the "other contacts" field.... Not a major problem beit they are all there though! .... I only hope that this app will keep it's usability with future updates, as I have been burned in the past! .... Thank you for this wonderful tool.

  • Doesn't work with large contact list

    by Marctalent

    Crashes about half-way through process. Please upgrade to handle larger contact lists. Completely useless at this point.

  • Didn't work at all

    by LAChrisPaul

    Not to offend and be the only one "hating" but this didn't work at all for me. Not at all. I have 5000 contacts so that could be it I suppose, but the result was a disaster.

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