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ContactExport Lite has been designed specifically with Gmail and Outlook in mind.
It allows you to export your iPhone/iPad address book for import into Gmail, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird or simply read into a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Numbers, and OpenOffice. The app does NOT require iTunes, synchronization, access to your Gmail or Outlook accounts.

If you are looking for a simple, no-hassle, no-configuration app which will let you transfer your iPhone/iPad contacts to your Gmail account or Outlook address book, this is the app for you.


✓ Creates a CSV file which can be imported in Gmail and Outlook.
✓ Unicode support for Gmail and Raw output
✓ CSV file is sent via e-mail from iPad/iPhone.
✓ Gmail version also contains Group information so contacts are also saved in the corresponding groups.
✓ Does not require iTunes or any synchronization mechanisms.
✓ Very simple interface and no settings required.
✓ Specifically tuned for Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird.
✓ Quick support is guaranteed for any problems (


➤ The Lite version is the same as the full version and differs only in that it will only export the first 100 contacts.

➤ You must have an internet connection and a configured email account on your iPhone/iPad in order to use this product.

➤ This app does NOT import contacts to the iPhone. It is only useful for transferring contacts FROM the iPhone to Gmail, Outlook or a spreadsheet program.

Customer Reviews

  • Decent Trial

    by chappyku

    I was looking for a way to back up my contacts without having issues with losing contacts during the sync. It gets you a cvs file (for only the first 125); however it did what it said. Might buy the full version if I can find it.

  • Free version worthless

    by sirajl

    The free version only downloads 100 contacts, total waste of time.

  • Great idea, doesn't work

    by dtherio

    I don't know if Google has changed their import format or not, in any event, the file created using this app will not import into my gmail contacts. For that matter it won't import into Thunderbird either. If it worked I would purchase the full version. As it is, I won't spend my money since the trial version doesn't work as intented.

  • Free version is worthless

    by nursedawn

    Only downloads first 125 contacts which doesn't even get me past "a"

  • Doesn't import Company names

    by coenbros

    So if you only have a company name for a contact in the iPhone address book, it has no name in Google Contacts.

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