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1. Optimized for iOS7
2. Added input gain control during recording
3. Fixed an issue with password checking screen crashing
4. Fixed an issue with new voice appended to an existing recording not being played back correctly
5. Fixed an issue with auto sending not getting started if recording is done in background
6. Other bug fixes and improvements

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Ultimate Voice Recorder is one of the most feature rich recording application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It boasts features including fast rewind/forward and seek, silence skipping, recording slicing to optimise file transfer and even photo attachments to all your recording. You can send out your recordings easily to your Dropbox account, FTP account and by email. You can also copy all your recordings to your desktop directly from iTunes or through WiFi connection. Recording can be performed in background so that you can do other things with your phone during recording.

Complete feature list:

1. Edit mode where you can re-record or append to existing recordings. Refer to help on edit mode in About screen.

2. Record, pause, play, fast forward, fast rewind, touch to seek play position.

3. Enable/disable silence-skip control to record only when needed.

4. Copy recordings to a Dropbox / FTP server via WiFi or celluar connection.

5. Automatically upload recordings to a Dropbox / FTP server you specify.

6. Multiple audio codecs: Linear PCM, U-Law, A-Law, Apple IMA4, iLBC.

7. Multiple recording file format: WAV, CAF, AIFF, AIFC.

8. Rename, delete, edit recordings.

9. Sort the recording list for easy review.

10. Application password.

11. View details of recordings: creation time, size, duration, format.

12. Advanced recording settings such as sample rate, mono or stereo.

13. You can put multiple recording in a sending queue, and the application will upload them via Dropbox / FTP for you one by one.

14. Call interruption support

15. Specify a recording length limit or unlimited length depending on available space.

16. Audio level indicator during playing and recording.

17. Download all recordings via wifi to your desktop from your iphone or copy them directly from iTunes to your desktop.

18. One touch recording lets you start recording right way by simply touching the app icon.

19. Take photos with camera and attach to each recording

20. Continue recording in background

**NOTE** Only free quicktime player is needed to play non-wav files on PC!

Customer Reviews

  • nice app!

    by orion keeper

    The update is great! Fixed auto upload problem on ios7. Clean UI, easy to use

  • Silence Skip!

    by Carbone78

    App works as stated. Silence Skip is the only reason I bought this app. Now I can entertain myself and others recording myself sleep talking!

  • Best recorder app - packed with useful features.

    by Fumihiro Tanaka

    A very convenient app. Good quality of recordings.The FTP feature is very useful, now I can copy all recordings to my Mac. Another convenient feature is that it will continue your recording in one single file after interrupted by a phone call. "Touch to seek" is also neat, you can fast forward or backward easily during a long playing back. No competition so far!

  • A couple of improvements for 5 stars

    by MikeDVB

    The "upload when done recording" feature is very nice, especially if you are using this to protect yourself in some sort of legal dispute. The issue is that if the application is backgrounded it will continue to record until reaching the recording limit, but will not upload while backgrounded. I believe Apple will allow an application to background upload, but I'm not sure if the APIs will allow you to go from recording to uploading in the background. If it's possible, make it happen. The "record on open" only works if you actually take the time to manually close the application via the task switcher. (i.e. double tap home, hold on the icon, click the X). If you just background it (even when not recording) it will not auto-record when the application is brought back to the foreground. Beyond that, it's nice.

  • Great Product

    by tunefisher

    Few ipod apps support proper stereo recording from stereo recording adapters and this one is definitely the best! This recorder works well for me both for simple recordings of practice sessions from a headset microphone and for serious stereo recordings using all the features of a Belkin TuneTalk recording adapter on my ipod Touch (revision 2). The transfer speed using the the built-in Bonjour capable web server is nearly twice as fast as that of any other program I've tried, and it works reliably. In addition, the other transfer methods work well and allow dealing with nearly any kind of network setup or target machine. The developer is responsive and constantly working to improve the product. Worth every cent!

  • works4me

    by MeLikes

    Pretty amazing software. When you press "download" on your iPhone (or iPod touch) you are given an Internet type of address. The files can then be accessed and downloaded to a computer on your LAN via a web browser. Once you have them on your machine you can import to iTunes if you wish... Pretty slick!

  • no iphone tag for photos

    by Naess-Schmidt

    I bought the app with express purpose of being able to label each of my photos by adding a voice tag to them. the description said this would be possible but, alas, i don't think so.

  • Perfect!!!

    by JSWSN

    Out of all other recorders this one is jam packed with awsome functions. The one that sold me was the silence skip. I love this option and it's a time saver on playback!

  • Ultimate

    by David9999

    I really like this app more as I use it. The newly added "Download" feature is so cool, it's very easy to get all my recordings to my PC by just opening IE. To disagree with one of previous reviewers, the price is well worth it. for 4.99, you can't find an app capable of doing all thing this app can do! Let alone the Edit function, no other apps can do it at all.

  • Not the Ultimate Recorder!

    by ...Tim...

    Not very easy to use or to sync to my pc...But it is nice to choose file format!

  • No playing of recordings thru itunes

    by 20081201_04005

    Does not allow you to play recordings in itunes. This would be a great feature to add on next update.

  • I hate it

    by Pissed5373

    And iTunes never refunded my money for an app that did not work

  • Please fix on update

    by Engineergirl

    Doesn't allow backlight to fade while recording.

  • Bad

    by Attibuddy

    After last update it wan't start. I have a lot of important memo in it! Anybody can help how to recover??? Help

  • Why can't be MP3?

    by FrankMelo

    MP3 codec? :-/

  • What's wrong?

    by tlclimo

    It's a great app I just can't get it to work why won't it record for me?

  • File renaming is misleading

    by Steve's Mom

    I Bought this app because it said you could rename files and upload via Dropbox. It actually only changes PART of the file name so I am unable to give files the exact name I want which kills the ability to preprogram my automation system to find and use the file.

  • Ultimate Failure

    by DaKingfish

    Upon initial purchase this app worked very well and I was a happy camper. After the update the app won't even START!! It now crashes no matter what I do. This is a very expensive RIPOFF and the developer has had ample time to fix this and has done nothing to fix this. Also thanks to you Apple for such a great product!

  • Won't Open!

    by Grecy

    Ever since the last update It Won't Open! I paid for this so please fix it!

  • Will not open

    by Rich Rein

    Last update does not Launch.

  • Can't open

    by TickedoffinTexas

    What a waste of money

  • Waste of money!

    by Anwest75

    App won't even launch on my 3g.

  • Was good, now ... Non-functional

    by Biker Joe

    This WAS a great app in my 3Gs. After the last update it WILL NOT OPEN! I deleted and re-downloaded it three times with the same results. Reboot phone, no fix. $7.00 ... WASTED? Waiting for next update.

  • Please fix, after update app will not open

    by ddhooha

    Worked just fine till last update. ...Still not working as of 9/23

  • Julie

    by Julie505

    This application worked very well, but I was very disappointed to find out that I could not download recordings into itunes. I wish I would have researched that more before purchasing. Otherwise, the application was very good.

  • Keep your money

    by Helmania

    I purchased this app hoping for a professional recorder, while there's so much useless features on there, the main dissapointment was how low the recording volume was. No matter how close I put my mouth to the mic, the end result is always much lower in volume than the $1 recorder I purchased long ago. A complete waste of money and time.

  • Not worth 4.99

    by User457687

    The recording quality is nice...but its all the same with the other recorders as well. It would be nice to upload it to my computer directly because the FTP feature doesn't work.

  • HELP MEEE!!!!

    by PianoPlayer52825

    I dont know how to record anything. How can i record stuff.

  • Disappointed after updates

    by smcfisher

    This app worked great in the beginning, but for the last month, when you record, it doesn't hold or play back the entire recording even though it shows on the timer that it is all there. And, I have plenty of storage space. It happens on both my and my husbands phones. Please fix!! Loved it before.

  • BAD sound quality

    by lufuki

    I bought this app for the features - especially silence skip, FTP upload, fast forward, and variable recording settings. While those features are great and all work well, the primary feature that I need from a recorder is a quality recording. Unfortunately, this one doesn't produce that. Even when set to the highest possible quality, it's still really poor compared with the quality I get from Recorder Pro, which is FREE. Not worth $7, despite the fancy features.

  • Lots of features, lots of problems

    by PCU:)

    OK since I'm unable to use the FTP feature, I am stuck trying to send dictations through email. However, this is very problematic. I had a 5 minute dictation recorded as a wave which ended up being 28 megabytes. So I tried to email it, but the file would not show up as an attachment to the email at this size. I then figured out that files wouldn't even attach unless limited to 12 or 13 megabytes, so it had to be split 3 times. Then, when I try to send the split files the application crashes each time before it is able to upload the attachment and send, rendering them useless and stuck on the phone until I find Wi-Fi. Very FRUSTURATING

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