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• Exchange flag and reminder sync • Use custom filters to display email folder contents • Setting for Smart folders to use all account folders for Unread, reminders, flags and searches

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Quick & powerful actions to process your daily emails. Create an auto-filing rule for touchless email management and also make your own email template for personalized mailshots.

For power users - you can add unlimited email accounts, view all past, archived & historic email, have as many auto-filing rules as you need, create numerous mailshot templates, view unlimited files both locally & in the cloud as well as convert files and attachments to PDF - simply by upgrading to AltaMail Pro via the in-app upgrade.

AltaMail is the only email app in the app store that enables you to "action" your email quickly & simply - not just sweep it under the carpet for another day. The rules engine built into AltaMail, is so powerful that you can create rules that will auto reply, auto file or archive & mark your email as read the very second it hits your inbox!

AltaMail™ is the ultimate "inbox zero" app, which supports virtually all email accounts available.

The press are convinced!
Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies "The more e-mail you send & receive on your iPhone/iPad, the more you'll appreciate AltaMail "
AppShouter: "this app expands the possibilities for mail"
iPhone Apps Finder: "a very solid business app - 9/10"
ArticleClick: "....bottom line is that this app expands the possibilities for mail on your iPhone or iPad"

Inbox Zero!
√ Tap on the new/unread email count to be instantly shown all new/unread email across all of your accounts
√ Reduce your inbox without even touching it - set up rules to auto reply, auto delete, auto file/archive, set flags & lots more
√ Quickly swipe to reply with a template, file email into "Smart folders", reply, set reminders & much much more
√ Bulk select & delete email across multiple accounts simultaneously
√ Bulk mark email as read/unread
√ Show an entire email thread with a single tap, bulk move, save or file the entire thread at once

Mailshots & Templates
√ Quickly & easily create mail merge/mailshot templates
√ Send personalized mail shots to contacts or custom groups
√ Use templates for auto replies
√ Many merge fields to chose i.e - First name, Last Name, Organization, Email etc etc

Device Synch
√ Securely synch email accts & settings between your iPad & iPhone

√ Secure email server communication
√ Emails are encrypted before storage
√ App password lock option

Push Notifications
√ Email sounds for individuals or accounts
√ Set general notification schedule or per account
√ Skip notifications for selected email/senders
√ Suspend notifications
√ Linked to calendar events for quiet time
* Free WeNotify needed on your computer

View & file Email by Contact
√ All email is automatically filed into your contacts email folder
√ View the entire history of email with an individual in contact view

√ Save emails & attachments as files so they can be forwarded or sent to a new string
√ Convert email, files, docs, spreadsheets, web pages & more to PDF (in-app upgrade required)
√ Attach a file to an email directly from the cloud without downloading it first
√ Zip or unzip files & folders

What else does it do?
√ Built in document storage - more powerful than dedicated file storage apps
√ Transfer saved email (.eml format) to & from your PC or Mac quickly & easily wirelessly
√ Built in multi language spell checker & word suggestions
√ Supports virtually all email account types, including POP, IMAP, Exchange EWS 2007, 2010 and 2013

We have 24/7 support manned by real people that will answer your question within 1 hour.

Customer Reviews

  • Alta

    by Alwaysrelax

    Very good, still learning it...but so far it's the best out there...and I have tried and paid for all. Thx.

  • The best in class!

    by denniscd

    I have continually been disappointed by unfulfilled promises of developers over representing there wares. This app does it all perfectly in bringing a semblance of organization and purpose to email... Without spending any time learning to organize the organizer! Simply put... These guys deliver !

  • Great eMail Program

    by JAYJr3834

    Allows to setup to run my way and they keep improving it.

  • One of the Best

    by Noidzone

    Still one of my favorite email clients. Each release has something new that is pushing AltaMail towards perfection. Some don't like the look, but I find it very useful and well thought out. When trying to squeeze in all the features and power that AltaMail has, it's hard to be simple in execution, yet they pull it off with AltaMail and the result is an extremely functional and delightful email client.

  • Great stuff

    by chpln77


  • Alshaibah

    by الهدف تحقيق العدالة


  • Email with folders

    by Robufor

    This is the only email app I have found where you can save emails in the app itself. Easy to use. Works great

  • Great!

    by lostufo

    Works great as do notifications. If you understand what your doing you shouldn't have any real issues. Staying with this.

  • Best App for email

    by KarmaMaster

    For the first time I can use my iPhone and iPad to managing my email without concern for a clogged mailbox and no easy way to delete mail. I wasn't able to effectively work with my email from our intranet until I got AltaMail. Now, I can do everything I can on my computer.

  • Email lifesaver!

    by Jerrytx

    I couldn't figure out what to do with all the clutter until I came across this program app. Really appreciate the smooth simple process to organize and sort all of my emails thank you very much. Ps. The first reviewer just doesn't get it?

  • Exceptional!

    by 4Bn0rmL

    Support for the product is very fast and personal, and these folks really listen to your suggestions! This latest version really adds a lot if 'wow' to the mix. It is simply the beat mail client on iOS. I use it for exchange 2013 and gmail. You won't regret trying this app.

  • Great EMail App

    by EuropaIO

    This app has been wonderful. It does everything I need, and they have great support.

  • Well Done Progress

    by Handydude

    I have been using AltaMail through many updates (good & bad). I was very frustrated with the recurring issues with this app and almost gave up on it. I have to say now, I am glad I stuck through the bad because this app is the best email app for Apple in my opinion and I have tried them all. There are still improvements that can be made but I find it works well for me at this point.

  • Great App!

    by Greenboots33

    It's makes handling multiple accounts so easy and the filters are fantastic. Great user interface and filled with features.

  • Great mail app!

    by Glass Hero

    Highly recommended!

  • Great rule setting to get low priority email out of my inbox

    by PMC49

    My personal email was so filled with store promotions that it was easy to miss an important email from a friend. Apple's native email on my iPad didn't allow for rules to be created that would automatically put certain low priority emails into a folder. It was easy to setup my Cox IMAP email in AltaMail and create rules and have mail automatically put in folders. At first I didn't know how to find the folders I created but their tech-support help responded with a very quick reply. Tip: click on your mail account to find folders, not the folder icon. Now AltaMail puts all my low priority email into a folder and I can still view my mail through the native iPad email app and all the junk is out of my main inbox.

  • The mail app I was looking for

    by GJD from ISN

    Mail is OK but it provides no filtering at all. AltaMail provides junk mail filtering ( and more) on the iPad without messing with the mail on the server. And it works with imap / pop accounts. Just what I've been looking for.

  • Perfect for handling a lot of mail

    by Bruno Lemos

    This app is really great for handling large amounts of email daily. The functions that i love the most are the rules and the delet all! Just perfect!

  • Brilliant Innovation to Email!

    by HDMulligan

    This app puts a functional and quick learn interface to form an innovated and unique approach to an email client. Fresh, unique, and brilliant!

  • Speedy

    by KateB81

    and it has push. So important. Also keeps my folder structure intact. Settings are not intuitive but overall this is the best app I've used yet for email

  • I'd like my money back

    by Keeper143

    Not happy that the app is not intuitive with regular iPhone mail app. All mail comes in both places but now I have to delete in both apps. Waste of my $4.99

  • What the heck?!?

    by Kajay one

    I've been waiting for this app to possible discount it's price for months because I've got a hard time paying $5 without trying its abilities. With this trial version, I was excited. However, letting you only add one email address and not letting you use ANY of the other features, like the cloud attachment feature, is absurd. You only get to see the layout of the screen. The app will not sync to your main email accounts (i.e. Gmail, etc). So, if you delete an email, it's still on your main gmail account. Also, no push email, but there is a Notification section of the app that may be the answer, BUT it indicates that you must sign up to have your email forwarded to another site to do this. "What the Heck?!?" On a positive note, the customer service is spot on... They will reply within 24 hr. I think the developer should let you try the FULL app for 15-30 days to experience the full effects of the app. Please.

  • Could have been Great but...

    by YoWeber

    This mail client could have been the best, but having to pay to view old emails makes this product CRIPPLEWARE. Don't bother ....

  • Don't bother

    by skottles

    5 dollars to view emails that have already been read? DELETE.

  • Save your money

    by Ez79314

    Slow, appearance hard on the eyes, you have to install another app if you want to get notifications, DOES NOT support right to left input languages (e.g you won't be able to write in Hebrew, Arabic, etc')

  • Doesn't support ActiveSync

    by Xarflax the Destroyer

    How can a mobile app claim to "support exchange", but not support ActiveSync? A ipad mail client that only works on the corporate network is useless.

  • Not user friedly


    This app is difficult and not easy to or set up at all. iPhone 5s owners no notifications. Does not matter about printing options if an email does not work properly.

  • Avoid this app if you use pop3 email

    by pjr_4_25_11

    This app is limited to IMAP email service. This is a complete waste of money for pop3 email users. Most of its advanced features will not work. This should be described in the apps description.

  • Wasted $5; not ready for iOS

    by User23219

    Here's my experience: 1) Couldn't install a Gmail account. The program is forcing an IMAP configuration and Gmail keeps throwing an error. Endless loop. Epic fail. 2) The program set a default rule and put ALL of my emails into the "Favorites" folder. Ridiculous. 3) The UI is cluttered and difficult to navigate. The word "clutter" refers to aesthetics and is personal. But the "difficult to navigate" is a functional issue that is far less subjective. My sense is that the designers haven't had much iOS design experience. Apple, Google, and Yahoo all can design for iOS. This team has missed the mark.

  • Doesn't work, cannot setup outlook account

    by P3tr0vsk1

    Cannot set up a simple Microsoft outlook account. This has been a piece of cake on other mail apps I have used but Altamail setup process is too complicated that it would never work. I sent several emails to their support mail and they are just too willing to send generic pre-programmed responses to you. Tried all the options they recommended and none worked and they didn't seem to have a clue what the issue was. I bought this app with a lot of hope but it faded fast. Given up hope already and this app would soon be in the trash can

  • Incredible

    by Dx5Dad52

    I must admit that at first I had some real problems understanding some of the features of this app, especially how the push notifications work. I also had some issues communicating with their support staff. Because of that I at first wrote a rather negative review. But, soon I was pleasantly surprised at how their staff jumped on the issues and handled things in a very professional way. Finally, they left me extremely impressed with how they take care of the people who buy their apps. This app has a huge amount of power and plenty of features that may take you a while to work through and fully implement. But be patient and play with it. You’ll get to love it…as well as their helpful staff!

  • Many functions, great usability

    by OdysseyNB

    I really like this mail app. It is very usable even if you are not interested in using some of the advanced features. I am enjoying being able to adjust settings for each account. And those settings are not only the signature. You can even set whether you want a particular email account to be checked automatically for new emails. So, you can have multiple accounts active but check for new emails manually for some of them if you have emails accounts that do not receive urgent emails. (Saving battery) Very enjoyable and definitely worth the $5 (as of Jan 2014).

  • Works we'll

    by Drelundgren

    Works very well much improvement over apple mail. When you want to delete a bunch of stuff you can. Works faster than mail.

  • Works we'll

    by Drelundgren

    Works very well much improvement over apple mail. When you want to delete a bunch of stuff you can. Works faster than mail.

  • Great apps!!!

    by RadekCh

    Working great

  • Great functionality

    by smellstein123

    Terrific functionality. Not the prettiest, but definitely the most functional.

  • Switching from Zoho

    by Bitstix

    Very easy migration and really like the app so far.

  • Excellent, just perfect

    by Meenzal

    The built in mail app was limited and lame and was unable to connect to my standard account server. This app had NO problems connecting and importing my folders and contacts from a variety of mail services I use. Easy and intuitive operation makes this a superior mail handler bar none. Impressive!

  • So Far So Good

    by Kim70*

    I am enjoying Alta Mail. It is makes my life much easier! I love the way you can organize my date, from, etc and you can color-ize each email account. I have several email accounts for my uses...

  • ActiveSync not supported

    by ricosuave1803

    Don't waste your money if your company email only can be set up using an ActiveSync connectivity. You won't be able to set up your email. Most companies nowadays have extra layers if security so they don't use URL. This was a waste of money. With so many features but you are unable to set up your work email account it is worthless. If you are paying then you should be able to connect any kind of way. Please add ActiveSync connectivity.

  • Intuitive and a life improver

    by GeekWannaBe

    Highly recommend this app. It is an awesome way to manage mail.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Qualitylife

    This is a great e-mail app. Love the print feature. Notifications take some time to set up, but overall great app.

  • Great App

    by AndrewAustinTX

    Great app. It allows me to separate key email addresses from the built-in mail app without losing any functionality. Best integration with OWA that I have found at any price.

  • Review

    by Weswind 1

    So far it is working well. Very easy to use

  • Great app

    by seriouslyvickie

    I love this app

  • Best

    by PMFO

    Is the best .

  • Good app

    by Tcbhb

    Fast, easy to use, just like on a desktop

  • best email app

    by ladyrx66

    it does everything but the dishes

  • A six star app

    by Heckofajobbrownie

    The most useful app I have ever found for my tablet. I think it is much better than outlook for handling mail. Wonderful customer support. What's not to like?

  • Very nice email alternative

    by m3coolpix

    AltaMail is an awesome alternative to the Mail app that comes with iOS. You learn very quickly that it's well engineered, with tons of setup options. Latest update….12/18/13….getting better! 4.5 stars…. It's almost 99.5% my go to eMail app. Two things that I'd like to see….please stop the nag screen to 'rate' the app. Still makes me want to delete the app. Seriously, if people want to rate your app, they will. Nagging us every few uses to rate the app is infuriating. Secondly, the left hand navigation needs to be editable/configurable, much like the built in iOS Mail app. The top six options on the left….not everyone uses. Give us the the option on the left side to show all the folders…not just half a screen. If a user has a lot of rules/folders, moving around on the left side is OK on an iPad, almost still a lot of wasted screen on the iPhone. Fix those two things….it's a 5 star app worth every penny.

  • Excellent support

    by Kazango

    I had trouble with one feature and the developers were prompt in helping me resolve it. There are a lot of features and power here and I haven’t had time yet to learn it all, but the excellent support plus what I have already seen of the app make it five star IMO.

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