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EPx-11C is a full-featured emulator of the beloved HP-11C calculator. It is feature-complete (including programming and subroutines) and faithful to the original device.

Customer Reviews

  • It works, but has a problem

    by tchiu2i

    The Clear REG, or the f REG does not clear the stack registry.

  • Excellent 11c RPN calculator

    by dr. drd

    Excellent physical representation of 11c, auto portrait and landscape, recently undated for iPhone5 format. Fast calculations;

  • Excellent

    by wakemeister

    Best calculator ever made. Great simulated version.

  • Like finding your favorite slippers in the back of the closet

    by Mike in Memphis

    This calculator is perfect

  • Bingo !

    by stikman

    my beloved 11c, lol.

  • No school like the old school...

    by Spectrum30


  • No so good

    by JKpodder

    Buggy. Errors in simple calcs when using mem. I want refund.

  • Doesn't work for iOS 6.0

    by DisAppDisappointed

    This app worked nicely for iOS 5.0. Upgraded to iOS 6.0. Then the app opened only in portrait view and wouldn't resize to fit the screen. Couldn't access any of the keys on the right hand side of the calculator. Needs work. Beware if you've got the latest operating system.

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