MyRoutersPro (SSH+Telnet+Ping+Traceroute) Business App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Edwin Lam
  • Updated: Jul, 04 2009
  • Version: 1.5.7
  • Size: 1.74 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Edwin Lam

- Support iPhone 5 screen
- Bug fix

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MyRoutersPro is specifically designed for network administrators of Cisco & Juniper (M/T) routers to simplify login and access to command line interface (CLI) through the iPhones when they are working off-site.

•SSH-2 and Telnet access to remote hosts or routers
•allows access to non-standard ports
•supports SSH authentication by passwords or public key
•allows import of public and private key pair
•stores router credentials with strong encryption
•one-touch login
•configurable to ask for password before login if user prefers
•master password to prohibit invalid access to the app and login data
•supports up to five concurrent login sessions
•provides three command sets which can be edited as normal text files by users (effectively supports unlimited number of macros)
•customized commands can be imported to the command sets by copy-and-paste from other apps, e.g. Mail
•well-designed user interface to minimize typing when accessing to routers' CLI
•logs can be saved for subsequent review or sent out through in-app mail function
•user-selectable font types and sizes
•supports portrait and landscape modes
•Ping and Traceroute are implemented (to run from the iPhone) as supplementary tools for troubleshooting
•supports simultaneous pings to multiple targets
•supports reverse DNS lookup in Traceroute

Note: SSH-1 is not supported.

Customer Reviews

  • Hard to use. Harder to set up.

    by Lastkrell

    My Routers Pro is nearly a great app, but it has some fatal flaws. The biggest problem is that the setup per device is ridiculously cumbersome, and has to be done by hand for each device. I manage 150 cisco devices on my network. setting each one up individualy in My Routers Pro is not feasible. Allowing the user to upload a text file with all the configuration settings would solve that problem. The other problem is that it isn't geared for on-the-fly CLI use. For example, telnetting from the CLI of one router, to another router, is next to impossible, with the way this app works.

  • Love it, Love it, Love it

    by denyipanyany

    For all you die-hard network engineers out there, this is a great tool to have in the arsenal. Just out of the box: Public Route Server Access Having quick access to route servers to check what is going on with your Internet connections (i.e. like your CIDRs dropping off the global BGP table because your ISP fubar'ed their prefix-lists while you were out at lunch) is a good thing to be able to troubleshoot. Customization: Your Own Routers Being able to add your internal routers and and issue commands to see what is going on and troubleshoot is a blessing. Overall I find this tool to be easy to use. The preset command lists are handy for all those ppl who are too lazy (like me) to type in the whole command. :-)

  • Great! Save me a lot of typing...

    by NetGg

    It works just the way I want - scroll, pick and send commands all without typing... and also allows me to add parameters or new command when necessary. Good work!

  • Great app for SSH & router troubleshooting...

    by Lukem216

    Much improvement since launch. Allowing import of private key is the most-desired feature I ever want for SSH apps. Concurrent access to multiple routers is also a must-have feature for network troubleshooting. The developer must be a network support guy who knows what we need.

  • best support of any iPhone app EVER!

    by btadlock

    wish all apps were supported like this app! ssh makes it the best!!!!!

  • Missing some needed features

    by Debbie4848

    Works great as advertised. Wish list .. 1. Command line text entry 2. SSH connection would make this a must have for people with secure routers. 3. Import commands from PC 4. Change order of Command Set entries.

  • Very good -it works!

    by iphonesuck

    Was not able to get it to work with DNS, but was able to with ip address. Support was responsive. Good app, does what it says. I look forward to an update for more bells and whistles. Great router application to see your routers.

  • Not very good

    by iphonesuck

    Uses only DNS. You have to reconfigure your DNS as well as your VPN and I still couldn't get it to work. Hopefully an update will save my waste of 3.99. Buyer beware.

  • Read

    by Mikeomako

    Bad support and bad attitude...

  • So close to useful....

    by Magnaxiom

    I was pretty excied when I first downloaded this, but quickly became disalusioned when i couldn't just go to a command prompt and type away. I was REQUIRED to select commands from the menu. Sure, it's fast for some of your often used commands but gets quite frustrating when you want to branch outside the reconfigured lists. Yes, I know you can edit the lists but having to do so in the middle of a troubleshooting session is pretty frustrating. I'm wishing I had just spent the money on iSSH / VNC Console!

  • not what I expected

    by Network_Man

    For an app geared toward administrators of Cisco and Juniper networks I thought this would be worth the extra dollar over TouchTerm. The over head during the initial setup is ridiculous. The ability to config you switches on the fly is difficult. The fact it won't prompt you for a username and password, but expect you to save this data in the app is asinine. What if I lose my phone? Then anybody that picks it up can authenticate to my saves switch profiles and run commands configured in the command sets. Forget it. I'll be trying to get my 5 bucks back and I'll spend the 4 bucks on TouchTerm.

  • Not impressive

    by iphonesuck

    Uses DNS only, makes it difficult at best to get working. I can't get the app to work and I have changed my DNS several ways. Hope the update saves my waste of $3.99.

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