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Want an attractive brand?

The key isn’t necessarily a cool concept. It’s great design.

In today’s competitive market, alluring design might be the only thing that separates you from the herd.

Don’t believe it?

An intriguing logo is proven to catch more eyes.

An eye-popping blog will draw in more readers.

No matter what your idea, a colorful and creative website is more likely to attract customers than a flat one.

So where do you begin?

There are plenty of choices, and we’re going to help you make them. What software to use, what elements are crucial to striking design, and whether to hire a graphic artist or go it alone.

Here are the chapters that will walk you through the design process:

•Creating Your Brand
•Building a Website
•Design on a Budget
•Special Media
•Elements of Quality Design

**Note: This app functions best with the latest version of iOS **

Customer Reviews

  • Good for the novice

    by RJJ7946

    Handy information

  • Not quite useful

    by tallboots59

    Bunch of videos. Not really helpful but they ( videos) nicely produced.

  • Must Have App

    by Ericsaid

    I've reviewed dozens if not hundreds of these over the years helping small businesses get off the ground and running. I wish I'd had access to this FIRST!

  • Amazing

    by Stellarhero

    Simply an amazing application!!! *Free business knowledge * 24/7 access to Informative videos * watch videos to gain valuable ever day skills and resources *keeps the dreamers business goals alive and well I find at times it is hard to get motivated If you have an idea don't let it go! Some of these videos are motivating an can help you start a business. I not only recommend this app I say it's a business standard to have these helpful apps. I also recommend the TED app which is also inspirational in many ways

  • Great resource!

    by Kel1st

    I downloaded it with some skepticism and found some good points in it. I then downloaded Get a Job and VC Money as recommended by the app And found those useful as well. I'm not sure why the reviews of video not playing are posted but they work on my iPhone 5 flawlessly. Nice app and great info, look forward to checking out more.

  • Great app!

    by k in b

    I love this program. Wish I had found months ago.

  • Will not show PDF since upgrade ios6

    by meow meow pow pow

    None of your apps will open PDF since upgrade.

  • Good

    by mohammad toumeh

    Good program

  • Really like it!

    by LPerezS

    I haven't explored this app very much but from what I've seen, it's very helpful. Great design. Great content. I like it!

  • Helpful App

    by Startup17

    I haven't used the downloadable documents yet; however, the videos provide helpful advice for developing different aspects of starting a business. I recommend downloading this app.

  • Wonderful web and branding design info

    by Cory Thompson

    This app is a great beginning resource for solid information on branding and web design.

  • Useful for web building

    by Cyntbanu

    The videos are helpful and informative . I would recommend this app

  • Valuable information for free

    by Mbmunoz65

    This app is great! It gives you lots of tips for your small business such as how to design a website. It also has a lot of info about sticking to your budget which is very important but sometimes overlooked.

  • awesome app

    by boorla

    I am very thankful to docstoc for introducing this app which will be useful to business professionals and retailers.Recommended!!!

  • Good

    by RruleZ786

    Always wanted to start my own business, hopefully this app will help me on every step, but needs more deep explanation but nice collection of videos.

  • LexiKorinn

    by LexiKorinn

    There are a lot of videos and they are well organized. Definitely a lot of helpful information on this app!

  • Good app

    by Eeyore18poohbear

    It is a good app shows you a lot of things might help answer some peopls questions.

  • Docstoc

    by Roxanrole

    What a great App! The videos are so informational. I want to start a website business and I learned so much in the first few minutes after I downloaded the App!! It's like having your own business advisor on your phone!!! And it's free!!! Thank you!!

  • Super Helpful

    by Dirtmop

    This Ap is really helpful. It has a lot of great videos, great resources and tools. Surprised it's free. It's going to be a lot of help in building my business. A lot of these things I didn't even know about...

  • Excellence

    by Mdrn01

    This dev has a plethora of helpful business apps, but this one really hit home for me. It's a must have for anybody wanting to start up a small business.

  • What?

    by Not a designer

    Very mis-leading. It's trying material

  • Run

    by Christian89148

    Don't download not worth your time

  • Bad review to a design company in one of your videos? Very unethical!

    by Angelica Benson

    Everybody has a dream as a business owner and wether your experiences or some of your clients experience with a particular company was bad, doesn't mean you can name it and make its reputation even worse! I think that was very unethical of you to name it at the end of one of your videos and recommend people not to choose that company. Other than that I like some ideas, short videos and I will keep watching to get my second start up going. Thanks guys!

  • Very frustrated!!!

    by Plm143

    App is useless!!!! Videos will play but the audio doesn't work? And the documents will "load" forever and won't open in any other application. Can't watch the videos OR read the documents!

  • Mislead

    by Grant Gibson

    Was looking for an app to built a logo not bunch of videos

  • My first review ever - iPhone 3 first in line guy

    by Strailt

    I'm a Small Business owner. I have very little Precious time to squander on vague, dressy, showy, and; well, misleading apps, Listen guys, we've all had our FILL of the self help - come to meetings to talk about all the cool things we could and ought to do - because we actually live in the REAL - FLUIDLY DYNAMIC & INFINITELY variable - fast flowing WORLD - FULL of the QUICKLY CHANGING MINDSETS, always PICKY, FINICKY, and hard to guess at desires. If you want to blow smoke up my back or throw petals and sing soft music, why don't you TACKLE IMPORTANT ITEMS LIKE TAXES, INSURANCE, LIABILITIES, RISK ASSESSMENT, assett/employee mgmt/risk, and cash flow! Nice app but its just a weird window dressing for full of themselves showy big heads. If I would have paid $ on TOP of my useless waste of time.? So I give it only one star - not because I think it's a bad app, but it's the fact that its a terrible app for what we all thought it might have been. Don't bother with this app, ladies and gentlemen-Elvis never even showed up here, much less left the building.

  • Nothing About Branding

    by Green Cheese Media

    99.999% of this is about brand identity and not branding. It's web design and graphics companies peddling their services and not the critical elements to building a business brand that attracts customers. Most people that tell you they are experts in "branding" are really graphic arts and web design firms looking to build your web site or logo and know little to nothing about the disciplines required to build a brand. Only one video in the group touches on this ever-so-briefly. This is what gives branding a bad name. People spend a ton of money on their brand identity and not the core business philosophy. Really, it's a bunch of people that are wanna be advertising agencies stealing your money. Branding is about identifying and attracting your ideal customer, customer service, and a value proposition that sells your product. Until then, a logo and web site are wasted money.

  • Not what it appears to be

    by Lady Jera

    It looks like a great tool for designing what you want. It is actually a bunch of videos with no useable tools. Not what I want!

  • No audio

    by Applesausage

    No audio with video

  • can't watch videos either

    by AngieStudent91

    I was sooo looking forward to watching the videos, but none of them work, and then I come to write a review ans see that no one can see the videos..the app really does need do get fixed

  • Vids didn't work

    by Trigs138

    None of the videos worked on any of the apps I downloaded from the developer. I wish they did because the app was set up very nicely

  • Doesn't work

    by JJBig

    Movies won't play. Fix your apps none of them are working.

  • Waste of time.

    by Sm6554

    No videos worked at all. Wasted time. I wish I could select no stars

  • App doesn't work at all

    by Juctchill

    Now of the videos are playing on more than one of your apps that you have in the app market

  • Uninstalled

    by Firebrand0820

    The videos wouldn't load or play on my allegedly compatible 4S.

  • Hysterical

    by xmas<3

    Some of these videos have a good tip or two. But I can't stop laughing at the fact that at the end of one video the speaker warns against using a particularly bad logo design website and TWO VIDEOS LATER the app devotes an entire video to promoting that exact website. Did the app designers even watch these videos?

  • What design

    by KateK31

    Fairly useless. The obvious discomfort of the speaker might be because he has nothing interesting to say.

  • Definite download for all designers!

    by mattvolp12

    I consider myself a novice designer, so usually I pay somebody else to do all of my business design work. However, after downloading this app and going over all the pages, I must say, I now have the confidence and the know how to get most design projects completed and looking stellar. Highly recommend this app!

  • Good info

    by jacknc0ke

    Helpful information that compiled to make your life faster and easier!

  • Ummm waste of money

    by Darius79

    Way to generic, its info that people already can get for free online, it's all opinion by people who look like they dong have jobs themselves. Kind of silly, but congrats on getting people to buy. I wouldn't have if I knew it was this.

  • Design on a Dime

    by Just in F

    Great design tool for any business.

  • Do NOT download this app if you want to miss out on AMAZING advice (and it's free)!!!

    by Stop2win

    This docstoc app is a MUST OWN for any entrepreneur!!! I have successfully built, run and sold several high-tech companies and are now mentoring entrepreneurs who pay me a lot of money for some of the advise Jason (who luckily is a friend of mine) is giving away in these awesome apps for free. Don't miss this!!! Ben of

  • Great app, amazing content!!

    by Dgeof

    Thank you Docstoc, this is a great app with quality content!

  • Extremely useful for small biz.

    by David Nima

    Learn how to interview and hire designers. Great free tips for website development. Design on a budget. And more!

  • High quality

    by Juan Vasconez

    This app makes putting together a powerful, cohesive brand seem more like a science than an art, which is great if you're going to start a company. Defniitely keeping this app for reference. Thanks Docstoc.

  • Incredible this is free!

    by Jason Kadlec

    Amazing they are not even charging for such valuable info!

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