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Ready for business, but daunted by business development?

Don’t worry, many people find biz dev intimidating at first. It consists of two rather loaded initiatives:

1. Developing strategic partnerships
2. Cornering new markets

These two tasks are challenging because they require making something out of nothing: create a new relationship from scratch, or discover a fresh market that hasn’t been found.

Most people know that business development involves “networking,” but how do you really build lasting relationships that will improve your business?

Where do you begin?

You listen to the biz dev experts who’ve been there.

Before you schmooze, peruse the tips from business insiders who have weathered the trenches and know how to turn connections into contracts.

Whether you’re starting from square one or already running a business, these step-by-step chapters will guide you through the intricacies of tapping new markets, leveraging social media, and making smart deals.

Don’t wait. The greatest idea in the world can’t become a successful business without biz dev.

Get started by watching over 20 videos by pros who have developed proven strategies.

Here are the chapters:

•Assessing the Opportunity
•Identifying Partners
•Establishing Value
•Building Relationships
•Casting a Wide Net

**Note: This app functions best with the latest version of iOS **

Customer Reviews

  • Good app that helps!

    by Keycomer

    This app is a real help for new and inexperienced reps. Thanks

  • Good stuff!!!

    by Fujbfghvf

    Get it! Get it! GET IT!!!

  • Great Tool

    by Kino1256

    I love having a place to spend time looking over quality ideas. I would recommend this to any small business owner.

  • Very helpful

    by Cyntbanu

    As a new businessness owner it is very helpful.

  • Caitlyn Nicole

    by CaitlynNicole94

    I liked the app It is user friendly and the chapters were divided up nicely! Used this on the iPhone!

  • useful app

    by boorla

    I am very thankful to docstoc for introducing this app which will be useful to consumers and retailers who are developing their business.Recommended!!!

  • A successful business model

    by Mdrn01

    Is only achievable through careful planning and good development skills. This app will give you a great overview of business development tests to really give you that business edge and be able to stand out from your peers. I'll def be recommending this one!

  • Do NOT download this app if you want to miss out on AMAZING advice (and it's free)!!!

    by Stop2win

    This docstoc app is a MUST OWN for any entrepreneur!!! I have successfully built, run and sold several high-tech companies and are now mentoring entrepreneurs who pay me a lot of money for some of the advise Jason (who luckily is a friend of mine) is giving away in these awesome apps for free. Don't miss this!!! Ben of

  • Great

    by Omri Cohen

    Cool app! Love me some docstoc

  • Great app

    by Dgeof

    Thank you Docstoc, this is a great app with quality content!

  • Endless videos, tips and words of wisdom

    by James91604

    Learn all about business development in this extensive series of videos.

  • Love it!

    by DSRedbaron

    Great content.... Looking forward to more... Thanks a million..

  • Great informational resource

    by Patrick Calderon

    Love the style and easy navigation. Provides useful tools for any startup

  • Business development

    by Classic values guru

    The business development app has great chapter outlines with handy videos and corresponding document. I am looking forward to implementing some new techniques!

  • Perfect for new to the game

    by Sireisme

    Just starting out in this venture and this will help point me into the right direction.

  • Relationships and Biz Dev

    by Just in F

    With business development the value of building relationships is key to losing or winning a deal.

  • Great resource

    by Juan Vasconez

    Business development does not come naturally to everyone. I love that Docstoc has made an app that can guide me through the networking and relationship building process. Thanks!

  • Does not work

    by Bbfan8811

    Will not play videos

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