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Do you have a small or growing business, but no accountant?

Your options are: either handle the finances yourself, or hire an accountant.

If you’re tackling your company’s accounting yourself, first give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Accounting is difficult for beginners, so don’t worry if you get a little overwhelmed at first.

Even if you’re hiring outside help, you a need concrete understanding of what you are looking for.

So what do you need to get started?

Let this app help you get figure that out.

We’ve collected the most useful accounting lessons and documents from our database of professional resources and bundled them in this starter guide.

Learn everything you need to know from scratch: the best software, proper billing and auditing, and accurate financial analysis.

How do you use Quickbooks? What should you look for in a hired accountant?

It’s time to get answers.

Here are the topics you will master:

•Setting Up Systems
•Working with Accountants
•Keeping Records

**Note: This app functions best with the latest version of iOS **

Customer Reviews

  • very good

    by Charlie2012a

    good connection


    by RDS Trucking, LLC

    Very thorough and helpful app. All of the apps from this company have made starting my business a million times easier. Definitely recommend it for all entrepreneurs.

  • Very impressed!

    by Justin Morgan

    I'm super impressed on how much awesome info this app has! I also love the fact there's no banners or distracting advertisements anywhere. Worth downloading for sure!!!!

  • Nice application

    by Monnsh

    I found this applicant usefull

  • :)

    by Lola.lola

    Thank you for this app. I know it'll help me on my school next semester :)

  • Informative

    by Rebekah Stacy

    App is great for novice learners like myself trying to learn the basics for a new position. I have been enjoying the app very much.

  • Who Couldn't Save Some $$??

    by AngelPrincess6879

    In this economy, who couldn't save some money?? This app really helps in getting some extra money saved and balance your budget. It's very easy to use and learn some cool ideas to help with your money.

  • Makes accounting simple

    by Victor1981

    Accounting is a tough subject, but the videos in this app make it simple to understand.

  • Very Excellent

    by Sravanti

    Very Good App for Accounting Beginners. Nice App.

  • Great apps

    by Rh!no~

    Ive used many docstoc apps now and they are all quality, this one included!

  • Excellent app for Business accounting!

    by Davidbsh

    Very useful and handy app for business accounting. This tool is quite easy to navigate and understand. Thanks to Docstoc for providing quality applications.

  • Great app

    by Vabeachkid7

    I really enjoyed this app since im a business major! Very useful!!!! By vabeachkid

  • Excellent App

    by RruleZ786

    First of all, Docstoc is doing a great thing by releasing apps that help people in their business in many different ways. This app teaches me something which I never thought is such important for a business, accounting... Great app, it's free give it a try

  • useful app

    by boorla

    I am very thankful to docstoc for introducing this app which will be useful to consumers and accountants.Recommended!!!

  • Nice app

    by Cyntbanu

    The video work nicely. Very informative.

  • Must own!

    by mattvolp12

    Love, love, love this app! I'm not a fan of accounting, but this app breaks it down and makes it simple for me to understand. Highly recommend it.

  • Great app!

    by Mdrn01

    Great accounting features! A must have plus it's FREE!

  • Accounting a Must Do

    by Just in F

    Great app for the all your accounting needs, helpful to establish a method and strategy for bootstrapping.

  • Great app!

    by Dgeof

    Thank you Docstoc, this is a great app with quality content!

  • Do NOT download this app if you want to miss out on AMAZING advice (and it's free)!!!

    by Stop2win

    This docstoc app is a MUST OWN for any entrepreneur!!! I have successfully built, run and sold several high-tech companies and are now mentoring entrepreneurs who pay me a lot of money for some of the advise Jason (who luckily is a friend of mine) is giving away in these awesome apps for free. Don't miss this!!! Ben of

  • No sound

    by Graciebballvball

    Just downloaded and sound/volume does not work.

  • Not loading

    by Kuramakamura

    When I open the app, it's blank, nothing is loaded, I can't see anything or "videos" other ppl mentioned in their reviews.

  • Accounting app

    by Dsonar5

    Content appeared to be useful and interesting (what little bit that was viewable) but video issues limit usefulness and value. Please fix that and more than likely it will get a higher rating from me.

  • Videos not working

    by Watcherman

    When I first downloaded these apps the videos worked okay. Now I can't watch any videos on any of the doc stoc small business apps. I have SEO, business plans, taxes, accounting and none of them are playing videos now.

  • Videos dont work

    by Jujushark35

    Would've been a great app if any of the videos played.

  • No video

    by BrunoPaula

    None of the videos are working.

  • Video crash

    by JamesDMC

    The written info is great however the videos will not play they crash every time I try and watch any of them. Very disappointed.

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