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Almost all businesses have the same priority: growth.

That’s it.

So whether you want to start a company or run a business better, you know what you want. The difficult part is making it happen.

You know that growth requires the stewardship of a good entrepreneur, but what is a “good entrepreneur,” really?

Truth is, there is no perfect recipe for excellent entrepreneurship. There are a lot of common ingredients: strategic marketing, strong leadership, team building, networking…

The difficulty comes in finding the right measurements, the perfect balance of these ingredients that will lead to the most expansion.

This usually takes a lot of time, experimentation and experience.

Or, you can watch lessons from insiders who have spent years testing what works best, and learn from their wisdom and mistakes.

This app contains 50 hand-picked lessons from founders and CEOs from a range of fields.

If you’re a startup, learn how to get funding and build a company culture primed for growth.

If you’re already working in management, learn how other leaders have increased their company’s motivation and (subsequently) revenue.

So here’s a new year’s resolution: watch one video daily, and see how your leadership improves over the next 50 days. What do you have to lose? And more importantly, what do you have to gain?

Topics include:

•Entrepreneurial Insights
•Team Building
•Working Smart
•Developing a Business Philosophy
•Making Money

**Note: This app functions best with the latest version of iOS **

Customer Reviews

  • Important information that you need

    by Marcel one

    A lesson to take as a consideration and helpful. Thanks

  • Heck yes!!

    by D273

  • Useful app

    by Maurome700

    I love this app it's really helpful

  • Lessons

    by Alex11595

    It's a great resource

  • Genius

    by Franssilieb

    The informations are useful

  • Important information

    by Marcel one

    A lesson to take as a consideration and helpful.

  • Very Helpful!

    by L-Cook

    Love this app! Great advice especially concerning start-up plans for small businesses.

  • Great app : )

    by Nora 85

    Brief and valuable videos

  • Perfect

    by Magda S

    Very valuable and practical.

  • Great Tips

    by McCaskill89

    Good stuff!

  • Wow

    by Everynamestakenomg

    I neglect my wife for this app. Just using this app provides me with the "satisfaction" my wife once gave me if you know what i mean ;) awww yis. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw yis.

  • Awesome app

    by Meet Bonique

    This is a fun easy to use business tool that keeps you wanting more. Thanks for supplying!!!

  • Great App

    by OneWay Willy

    Great App!

  • Excellent Info

    by Aldenny

    Impressed with the clear, easy-to-follow info. Great site.

  • Great app

    by Rodney Abel

    Learned a lot, easy to understand and follow.

  • Everyday

    by jjuarez02

    I love the apps, just wish they were updated more.

  • I like it ,very much

    by 3599695


  • Fantastic

    by iErudidact

    Great videos and doesnt crash

  • Thank you!

    by Janice Webster

    Thank you for making this conglomeration of knowledge so readily available!

  • Awesome app!

    by UCLA!

    Works really well!

  • Documents don't work

    by Skepdragon

    I think I'd like this app a whole lot better if the documents would load. Instead the app taunts me with interesting titles and no content! Fix please!

  • Doesn't Work for Me

    by Dave-zee

    App seems very promising. Videos play fine but none of the other files will open on my iPad.

  • Videos are great and all, but...

    by CourtneyWalsh

    None of the additional content, the stuff that I really wanted, loads. So disappointing.

  • Can't get it to work:(

    by John Dicks

    Would love to play with this but it simply won't work on my iPad.

  • Very Helpful!

    by Fujbfghvf

    This is great information and encouragement for ANY business you're involved in!

  • Great Resource!

    by M Wade

    Surprisingly very useful information/videos from a free app.

  • Awesome app!

    by Migkid

    Love the videos and resources. Great free app!

  • love it

    by i dont hve time

    i downlaod the short videos to use in my business development support group

  • A great resource

    by Michael George

    I had little hope that the information would be useful... Was I wrong.

  • Good reference

    by J E Maier

    I use this to get a quick reminder on business lessons.

  • So far,so good

    by Sphincter bomb

    So far no major glitches. Videos have played successfully and content has been inspiring.

  • Best ever business App

    by Luismh23

    This App is beautiful, intuitive and easy to read. Have a lot of contet that you can use for your business while reading.

  • Great Info!

    by Leojx94

    This app is great! Great info and advice from very well known professionals that work in prestigious companies. Also, there other videos are great to! Check out sales and Marketing goes hand and hand with these Business Lessons.

  • Sound!?!?!?!

    by Miarch23

    Nothing to review due to complete silence in all videos

  • audio does not work

    by SPE-US

    the audio does not work on videos, therefore it is very difficult o know if this app is good. please fix the issue

  • Like it

    by Iz the man

    Very good information

  • Takes too long to start up

    by Mikethedickk

    Way too long to start up and you need Internet to even start up. I haven't been able to start app. For me it takes longer than 3 minutes and that's way too long.

  • Plays easy skip to what you need

    by Therealpinhead188

    This app is very helpful for the entrepreneur who is starting or a seasoned veteran.

  • Great info!

    by Peacefulroad

    Haven't been able to use the App since updating to iOS6. But it was Great before the update.

  • Waste of a download

    by #1Barbershop

    The videos won't do nuttin...delete delete delete

  • No videos

    by lindstar

    The videos won't load on the new iOS. They worked great prior to the iOS 6 update. I have just about all of your apps and none of them are working right now. Hopefully you guys are fixing this.

  • Don't bother!!!

    by JJBig

    Doesn't work with IOS6 update.

  • Sounds like a good idea, but doesn't work

    by Hdkkfd

    Doesn't work iphone5. Videos don't load

  • Videos don't load

    by The Colombian News

    I have a brand new iPhone 5, fresh out of the box. I download this app and not a single thing works on it.... It seems like there would be useful info if it actually worked....

  • Just wonderful

    by Ensaladadecol

    Absolutely useful, a great learning tool that could help anyone involved in managing a business. Entertaining and user friendly. A good startup point to learn bout business. Provides great document formats that help organize your business direction.

  • Wow!

    by Dontblink2wice

    I can't believe how organized and informative these apps are. I am currently involved with a start-up and watching these videos has kept me focused and on track. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Jason, I am playing your Super Hero video in our sales meeting today! Again, thank you!

  • Biz tips

    by Josh Hildebrand

    Excellent app. Really helps prioritize and organize your business.

  • Cool!

    by 1234654321

    I love the templates and advice in the videos. This app is great for people wanting to start a business.

  • Great and very informative

    by Miss D. LeShe

    I've just downloaded it and read Agee articles and so far it is very informative. I plan to utilize this app for my entrepreneurial growth.

  • Great videos

    by Victor1981

    The videos in the app are great. Good examples and real world scenarios.

  • One stop reference app

    by Cyntbanu

    This app is very helpful. I feel it is like a one stop place to go to see what can be done and how to deal with it.

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