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Fixed all the formatting issues through out the eBook.

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We have fixed formatting issues and are re-introducing Art Of War For Free with the bug fixes.

Please enjoy this timeless book, that can help with business and managerial strategies.

The Art of War (Chinese: 孫子兵法; pinyin: Sūn Zǐ Bīng Fǎ) is a Chinese military treatise that was written during the 6th century BC by Sun Tzu. Composed of 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare, it has long been praised as the definitive work on military strategies and tactics of its time.

The book was first translated into the French language in 1782 by French Jesuit Jean Joseph Marie Amiot, and had possibly influenced Napoleon, and even the planning of Operation Desert Storm. Leaders as diverse as Mao Zedong, General Vo Nguyen Giap, and General Douglas MacArthur have claimed to have drawn inspiration from the work.

The Art of War has also been applied to business and managerial strategies.

Chapter summary

1. Laying Plans explores the five key elements that define competitive position (mission, climate, ground, leadership, and methods) and how to evaluate your competitive strengths against your competition.
2. Waging War explains how to understand the economic nature of competition and how success requires making the winning play, which in turn, requires limiting the cost of competition and conflict.
3. Attack by Stratagem defines the source of strength as unity, not size, and the five ingredients that you need to succeed in any competitive situation.
4. Tactical Dispositions explains the importance of defending existing positions until you can advance them and how you must recognize opportunities, not try to create them.
5. Energy explains the use of creativity and timing in building your competitive momentum.
6. Weak Points & Strong explains how your opportunities come from the openings in the environment caused by the relative weakness of your competitors in a given area.
7. Maneuvering explains the dangers of direct conflict and how to win those confrontations when they are forced upon you.
8. Variation in Tactics focuses on the need for flexibility in your responses. It explains how to respond to shifting circumstances successfully.
9. The Army on the March describes the different situations in which you find yourselves as you move into new competitive arenas and how to respond to them. Much of it focuses on evaluating the intentions of others.
10. Terrain looks at the three general areas of resistance (distance, dangers, and barriers) and the six types of ground positions that arise from them. Each of these six field positions offer certain advantages and disadvantages.
11. The Nine Situations describe nine common situations (or stages) in a competitive campaign, from scattering to deadly, and the specific focus you need to successfully navigate each of them.
12. The Attack by Fire explains the use of weapons generally and the use of the environment as a weapon specifically. It examines the five targets for attack, the five types of environmental attack, and the appropriate responses to such attack.
13. The Use of Spies focuses on the importance of developing good information sources, specifically the five types of sources and how to manage them.

Customer Reviews

  • Title screen??

    by Fangledangle

    Okay..explain how using samurai to represent strategy by a Chinese tactician is a good idea? These are plenty of alternatives, For example..Any generic Shaolin monk or Kung Fu pose.

  • Enjoy the book alot

    by Gonoph

    It's free! Very useful to have on the go.

  • It's worth double the cost

    by Dbf_1998

    The formatting issues raised in some of the other reviews must have been fixed with the update. As to the content, a book is a book. The difference between this FREE ap and one that you pay for is equivalent to owning it in paperback or leather-bound. The Art Of War is a must for anyone in competitive situations be they military, sports, business or politics. The fact that I got this one for free gives me an advantage over a competitor who might have paid for theirs (even if said advantage exists only in my mind). Thanks for making it available for free!

  • Great

    by MarkD.Peters

    I have the book at home, this is good for on the go

  • Art of war

    by PIAUTE


  • ok

    by taylor68

    I like the layout but waytoo manytypos

  • Perfect

    by STH-1969

    It's great. Explains everything said. While giving the original writing. You can adjust the font, and make written/voice notes. No it does not look like the preview pictures but it's not bad looking. This is perfect for anyone wanting to read and understand the art of war.

  • Good

    by Camaeron20003779

    I love it I will keep it for a long time

  • Good book, poor look

    by Ad'am

    I miss the old icon. This new one is just not appealing. Please use the old icon again. Thanks

  • Got me to read AoW

    by ncianca

    I've been meaning to read Art of War for some time - and finally did thanks to this.

  • Great read

    by Superdewey

    No problems at all, great navigation and clean layout. Thanks for making this!

  • Good, One Bug

    by Darron Weis

    Really enjoying this book and thanks for making it free. It has a really good feel to it that makes it pleasant and easy to read but there is one problem to be aware of. When transitioning between landscape and portrait mode the text jumps somewhere else and you have to scroll quite a bit to find your place again.

  • Not bad

    by R3APER

    Its pretty cool... Teaches the basics of making a plan then actually executing it

  • Wow great app!

    by Truly objective

    Ui just needs minor work but great concept. Can't wait for updates.

  • Wow

    by Unfinished...

    Thank you

  • Great!

    by IfNicknameIsTakenIHaveToStartReviewAllOver

    I only wish that the app would open to the spot that I left off.

  • For free?!?!

    by Hustler415

    Get this, period

  • Not bad

    by kfbest

    I like that it is more than just the translation and has notes by the translators. That being said, I prefer e-readers that are more than a single book

  • Super!

    by Winnner

    Super cool, thanks!

  • Awesome

    by Marine777

    Awesome book by an awesome man

  • Not accurate

    by Justin2374

    You gotta change the home screen. It's ridiculous to use a Japanese warlord for a Chinese tatic book. Also have another translator to double check the contents, which not always reflect the original meaning.

  • Typos abound

    by ShamanX1

    The problems with word spacing make this a disappointment. I want to focus on the content, not having to make mental exceptions for word recognition issues due to the frequency with which words are conjoined. If they could fix this problem it would be fine, otherwise i'm not happy with the purchase.

  • CR/LF Problem?

    by Kevin37753

    App has lots of neat features, but c'mon, wordsthat shouldhave spacesbetween themdont andit makesit reallyhard toread! How about an update to fix this obvious transfer problem.

  • This is an ebook, not an app

    by Management Methods

    Sun Tzu deserves better

  • RIP OFF!!!

    by Big_Ben_T

    RIP OFF!!! You do not get what thay say

  • ???

    by 7777abcb7777

    The app looks nothing like the previews...just wondering why and if anyone else's was the same way???

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