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Seller: Delite Studio S.r.l.

This update provides full support for the new 64-bit processors.

In version 2.2 we've added:

• A new revolutionary audio player. Enjoy your music directly from Local Cloud and your cloud folders. It supports MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, and even FLAC. It perfectly integrates with iOS--you can control it from the Lock screen, Control Center, and through headphones and docking speakers.

• The ability to save directly into the internal storage the files and folders in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Local Cloud. Enjoy your files anywhere, anytime. Even offline.

• A new option to open URLs received in the clipboard directly in Safari.

We also increased the timeout to allow the sharing of folders containing many large files even on slow computers, and we've fixed some problems you reported.

A special thanks to Yuri for the brilliant suggestions.

Enjoy the new update? Please write a review. And if you've got any ideas on how we can keep improving our app, we're all ears. Drop us a line through the page "Contact" at www.delitestudio.com.

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*** Thank You for Over 200,000 Downloads ***

The local Dropbox for your photos, music, and documents!

Open files stored on your Mac or PC directly with your iPhone and iPad. Want to see Local Cloud in action? Go to www.delitestudio.com/go/local-cloud-video/

Local Cloud combines the simplicity of the cloud with the protection and speed of your local network. And because it was built for businesses, it gives you the level of security and control you need. It works securely inside your firewall and uses modern encryption methods to transfer files.

Local Cloud integrates seamlessly into your home or office. No hardware required and a one-time set up that happens in seconds. Download(1) and install the free server on your Mac or PC. Don't even need administrator rights to run it.

Local Cloud is a full featured file manager with Dropbox and Google Drive integration, compatibility with File Transfer and a built-in viewer which lets you open and view virtually any file type, including documents, pictures, music, and compressed archives.

What you can do with Local Cloud:

• Open files stored on your Mac or PC directly with your iPhone and iPad.
• Store virtually any type of file on your device.
• Use the built-in viewer for common files.
• Play your music with the built-in player.
• Send files to specific third-party apps.
• Send files as email attachments.
• Choose to compress attachments on the fly before sending them via email.
• Import photos and videos from the library of the device, at full resolution and preserving Exif metadata.
• Accept any type of file from any other app.
• Browse and view the contents of ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, and TAR files on the fly without having to uncompress the entire archive.
• Open password-protected ZIP and RAR files.
• Create folders to organize your files.
• Print your files with AirPrint.
• Browse files and folders in your Dropbox and Google Drive without leaving Local Cloud.
• Share your files with other smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Send and receive files, folders, and clipboard in real-time over WiFi or Bluetooth(2) using:

• Local Cloud (this app). You only pay once when devices use the same iTunes account to purchase apps.
• File Storage(3) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
• File Storage Companion(3), free for Mac and Windows.
• File Transfer(4) for Mac, Windows, iOS, and other mobile operating systems. The cross-platform system for file sharing.
• The iTunes File Sharing (over WiFi or using a USB cable).

Built-in viewer for:

• Documents (pdf, doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, pages, numbers, keynote, txt, htm/html, ...)
• Pictures (jpg/jpeg, png, tiff, gif, bmp, ...)
• Compressed files (zip, rar, 7z, and tar)
• Audio files (mp3, m4a, aac, wav, flac, ...)
• Video files (mov, ...)

Delite Studio develops high-quality native applications and delivers a great customer service. Do you enjoy using this app? Write a positive review. Do you need help? Let us know, we will do everything to help you.

(1) Available on www.delitestudio.com/app/local-cloud
(2) Bluetooth can be used only between iOS devices.
(3) Available on www.delitestudio.com/app/file-storage/
(4) Available on www.delitestudio.com/file-transfer/

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by swmlvh

    Works as advertised. Simple set up- good directions provided. App is fast & convenient.

  • Very convenient!

    by Trvlr610

    Allows me to keep my computer files handy! Does what it says it will. Love it.

  • So convenient!

    by whitefishsc

    I can be reading articles on my iPad in bed at night, and grab one more from my laptop and not move from my cozy spot.

  • Request

    by Abdul Baseer Khalid Haqani

    please add ac3 player and export to iphone music. thanks.

  • Great App, Now Even Better.

    by knotsradamus

    Been using this app for several months. And the new updates make it even better.

  • Add Box for 5 Stars

    by MeMyselfandAll

    Love the app. Works awesomely. If they add support for Box cloud I'd give it 5 stars!!

  • Simply Amazing

    by aru bhoop

    Easy to transfer all your photos and videos.

  • Best app out there. Able to play FLAC files

    by Lazyhl1994

    This app is so easy to use. All the bad reviews that this app received are from people that do not know how to use this app. I love how simple and clean this app looks. THIS APP SUPPORTS FLAC FILES! I love that. I do not use Apple's stock music app anymore because this app is my new file transfer and music player. I would like to recommend one button to activate the file transfer process, instead of hitting 'edit' and then 'import from other device'. Make it one button that can be accessed easily. Overall this app is the best and I can't wait for updates and improvements.

  • Works perfectly!!

    by imtigger2

    This is the easiest, fastest and hands down... After many apps I've tried, the best way to attach any file you want to email. Cloud services are great for sharing files, but you can't email files... Only LINKS to files. This allows me to grab files from the cloud, or device, and attach to an email and send. Perfect. THANK YOU!

  • Works Flawlessly

    by kixfan

    Easy to setup if you're smart enough to enter an IP address. Love that I can open files from my desktop with my iPhone! Those rating this low because they aren't smart enough to set it up really are showing their lack of intelligence. Ask for help before flaming the app!!

  • A start for a good idea...

    by Chris de CA

    This seems to be only a start for a pretty good idea. What had been implemented leave a lot to be desired. Just a few ideas to make this app useful: 1. Display thumb nails for photos/videos/etc. Without thumb nails you'll have to open (i.e., download!) every photo in the folder in order to know which one is what you are looking for. I can't conceivably to rename all of my millions of photos stored on my PC to meaningful file names just for this app. 2. Divide the iPad/iPhone screen display to always have a top level folder list available for quick navigation (hint: think the dropbox app). Otherwise, you are forced to go back up every level you had went down into in order to access a different top level folder/server. 3. Support moving of files between any two devices and/or servers. I can think of many more, but with the above 3, I'll be a happy camper! As of now, I just don't think it worth the original price the dev is charging.

  • OK

    by Pieguy396

    Great app, a little overpriced, and only works in close proximity to a laptop, but really fast!

  • Nice!

    by Dianna88

    Plays FLAC audio!! Sold me right there! Also runs seamlessly with my Mac one of the easiest wifi file transfer apps I have used to date!


    by VinnyTerra

    This is the best wifi transfer app on the App Store that I've used. And I've tried at least 5 of them. This one has the best UI and it's as easy as drag and drop. You go to their website, choose your computer OS, download the very small program, you create a username and password, choose which folder you would like to use (I chose a separate folder to be placed on my desktop for easy access), input all information into the iOS app and voila! All done. It's that easy. I like it better than the URL apps because it's easier to manage with a server client on your computer. You can also open the file from the app to another app and it automatically saves it on your device. This is a great app, I was lucky enough to get it during a promotion, but if you have the money this app is a no brainier.

  • Very cool!

    by brodieclerk

    I've been looking for an Air Video for files kind of app for ages, and this is very close to that. It's easy to set up, links to my iPad with minimal effort, and I was able to pull files over wifi without having to fiddle with iTunes or cables. There's only one thing I'm hoping for in the future, and that's to be able to set more than one shared folder. I've got things I want to get at stored all over my hard drive, and while one folder serves most of my needs, one or two more would pretty well take care of everything I'd ever need. I don't think the app should only get four stars for that, because it still does exactly what it's supposed to do, and it does it extremely well, so five stars it is. Thanks!

  • No thanks

    by Herentime

    Not saying it's bad, it just more setup than I will bother with.

  • Cannot allocate memory??

    by lsuperknownl

    I promise to re-right this if local cloud responds to my issue, and I can get lc to operate properly. I've set up, and added the correct IP address, went through all steps of troubleshooting suggestions every time I get an error, "cannot allocate memory". I run apples sharing network flawlessly, I also have player extreme pro which requires up iPod exchanges with not a single hitch. Maybe I'm doing something really wrong, but there is nothing on faqs about this memory issue.

  • Time out?!!

    by El Oaxaquito

    I keep on getting "host time out" box coming up whenever I try and refresh!

  • Save your money

    by Coincutter

    Works for drop box Wants your gmail addy's Local times out Crap

  • Have no idea how to use

    by My commentary

    Therefore, one star.

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