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'Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten' App has been listed in the 2013 and 2012 Sunday Times "THE APPS LIST - The Worlds Best Apps" . The original iPhone version was voted #1 Stop Smoking New Years Resolution App in “The Top 5 New Years Resolution iPhone Apps” The iPhone App Review website - "I gave up smoking with the help of Max Kirsten's Quit Smoking download, and so can you. " Ewan McGregor (Actor).

Max Kirsten C.Ht is an internationally renowned and highly qualified clinical hypnotherapist. With a clinic in central London, many of Max's clients are film stars, politicians and business leaders.

--- About the Program ---

After helping 1000's of people successfully quit smoking and the huge success of his original iPhone app, Max Kirsten now brings his Quit Smoking Plus program to the iPhone. This version has more audio content, enhanced features and built in support to help you on your journey to becoming a nonsmoker.

This is a proven quit smoking program, not a generic hypnosis product. This program will take around 4 weeks to complete and you must have a genuine desire to quit smoking.

For around the cost of a packet of cigarettes, you too can now take advantage of this successful and highly effective personal hypnotherapy program.

--- What's included ---

- Over 2 hours of Personal Hypnotherapy Sessions and other audio chapters
- Complete guidance through the program with easy to follow chapters
- Built in support to help you on your journey to becoming a nonsmoker
- Video testimonial from actor, Ewan McGregor
- How to use the app audio session and chapter
- Preparing to Quit audio session and chapter
- About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy FAQ audio chapter and book content
- Live updates of success stories from people using Max's apps
- Living as a Nonsmoker: Audio chapter with advice and techiques
- The Quit Smoking Timetable
- How to avoid weight gain whilst quitting
- Techniques for dealing with cravings and awkward social situations
- High quality recordings with binaural beat technology
- Smoking Calculator
- High quality recordings with binaural beat technology

--- App Preview ---

You can view screenshots and listen to sample audio content at:

--- Visit our website for more Success Stories ---

"I gave up smoking with the help of Max Kirsten's Quit Smoking download, and so can you. "
Ewan McGregor (Actor).

"Still not smoking, but best of all no desire to. Not even in trigger situations. And no unwanted weight gain! Weh hey!! Thank you"
Andrea (Ex 40 a day smoker - USA)

"Hi Max Don't know if you remember me, but just to let you know that last Sunday marked two years without a single cigarette. Thanks again!"
Geoff (Ex 50 a day smoker - UK)

"In only 60 minutes I quickly and easily stopped smoking without cravings, anxiety or weight gain. This program helped me kick the habit… Without any suffering"
Sandra (Ex 40 a day smoker - UK)

You can read some more of his success stories and testimonials on his website at:

Customer Reviews

  • One Year!

    by Jmbcharlotte

    I have officially been a non-smoker for one year. I really feel this worked for me. I was a pack a day smoker for over 15 years. Thank you :)

  • This works!!!! Buy it now , don't hesitate!

    by meguma

    This works! I've smoked for 15 years and I've tried everything . Max made it too easy I almost feel like I cheated! The only thing that is annoying about this app is I didn't know which one to buy. There are 3 of the same quit smoking apps on here. I wish the would consolidate them all into one.

  • The best

    by omarmagh

    Best app ever

  • Absolutely amazing! Thank you!!!!

    by Irishflygirl

    I've never written a review before, but I thought it was important to write about this App. My only regret is that I wish I had known about this App years ago - and I truly wish for every smoker out there that they get this App and stop smoking for good... I have smoked for 16 years, and have tried to quit several times with no success. Gum, lozenges, patch, cold turkey... Nothing worked, and I was miserable going through it each time. A month ago, I decided I HAD to stop smoking once and for all. I started searching for Apps to help me quit (or at least track my progress) and I stumbled on the original version of this App. I don't believe in this sort of hocus-pocus stuff, but I saw the hundreds of great reviews, and became curious. Then I saw he had this newer "Plus" version, and finally decided that for half the price of a pack, it was worth a shot... I followed Max's program exactly, and not only have I not had a smoke in 26 days, I haven't even WANTED a smoke. Not even a little bit. No withdrawl symptoms. No cravings. No aching, torturous, frustrating, wall-crawling moments. NONE. (And believe me - when I needed a smoke in the past, you needed to get out of my way or you'd regret it!!) But after starting this program, I haven't even been the slightest bit edgy, moody, cranky, etc! You would NEVER KNOW that I quit smoking a month ago. ONLY because of this App, this has been THE EASIEST thing I have ever done in my life! You could literally buy this App now, start the program right this minute, and be a non-smoker 3 days from now. You don't have to find the "right time" in your life. You don't have to "get through" the next month or two and then quit. You just have to decide that you don't want to be a smoker anymore, and let Max's Program guide you through the rest. I cannot say enough positive things about this App and I cannot thank Max enough. Absolutely downright amazing. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! (Also, I'd recommend the App "My Last Cigarette" to track your progress. The "Cravings" tracker has been irrelevant as I haven't had any, but seeing how many smokes I haven't had, how much $ I've saved, and how my body has been healing has been pretty cool!)

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