Cienega Timesheets Business App Review (iOS, $7.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Craig Hughes

Do not need to force table reloads after deleting rows/sections
Make work code and location more generic, fixes hughescr/Timesheets#10
Allow employees to be deleted: resolved hughescr/Timesheets#8
Ensure UI updates happen on main thread
Remove unused property
Added outlets for add job and delete employee buttons
Add (hidden) delete button in section header view (not yet hooked up)
Add delete button image
Update to newer OSX version/XCode
64-bit warning fixes



The app is designed to minimize the amount of work required to log hours worked across different categories and locations for multiple employees. The manager enters hours for all employees. The manager should not need to be a CPA or have a PhD in computer science to use the app.

At the end of the week, the data is converted to a CSV spreadsheet and attached to an email to the bookkeeper/accountant who will process payroll. The accountant then has the workers comp code for the work done, as well as the location or customer for any appropriate rebilling.

If timesheets are not submitted by 6pm at the end of the week, reminders will start beeping daily until the timesheets are submitted. Right now, the only way to stop the alerts is to submit the timesheets for all periods prior to the current time.

This will be useful for any smallish work group with a supervisor: construction sites; farms; labor crews; etc.

If you do use this app and/or find it useful in any way, or if you have suggestions for improvements, please let me know. The source code is on github at


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