Mileage Log+ Business App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Contrast
  • Updated: Oct, 31 2013
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 3 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Contrast Apps LLC

- Setting to show/hide fields
- Date shortcuts for search
- Option to badge the app icon for incomplete trips

- Return to main view after saving a new record
- Automatically enter End Time when Distance or Odometer End is entered
- Calculate Start Odometer from Distance and End Odometer
- Purpose is no longer required to save a trip

- Save entry in progress if app is quit or device reboots
- Start time after end time is no longer allowed
- Importing trips with 24 hour time now works
- Odometer decimal shouldn't be rounded on auto input
- Other minor enhancements and bug fixes

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Mileage Log+ is an essential app for anyone who needs to track mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement.

With predictive input, auto-entry, auto-calculation, and quick access to frequent trips, Mileage Log+ does the hard work for you. A few quick taps will create useful data ready to search, sort, and generate email reports.

• Designed with IRS compliance in mind
• Excel-compatible email reports (PDF and CSV attachment)
• Frequent trips enable quick entry
• Dropbox sync/backup
• Easily sort, filter, and search trips
• Predictive text fields and data entry shortcuts
• Customizable categories make it easy to group trips

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Wwfplayer 112233

    Great app love how it works. But please update the 2014 mileage allowance. IRS has changed it from .565 to .56

  • It’s already paid for itself 10x over.

    by shane_zilla

    I’ve already racked up well over $100 in write-offs for 2014 by using Mileage Log+. The app has already more than paid for itself with savings in not only tax write-offs but also in my time as well. I love that it integrates with iOS maps and will automatically calculate the distance between my points of travel. If you track your mileage then you need this app pronto!

  • Great UX and features but it misses one huge feature

    by BlueBuffalo

    The only thing I don't like, and the reason why I might switch to a different app, is that there is no automatic GPS trip tracking feature. Other apps have it but their UI is not as nice and easy to use as this app.

  • Excellent app

    by Novice83

    I think this upgrade is worth every penny. I was very pleased with Trip Cubby, but this app is so much better.

  • Going to use this one in 2014

    by drappreview

    I decided to give this a try a few weeks ago to compare with my regular mileage app, "Milebug." After making some mistakes, the developer was very responsive with help. I really like the UI and the .pdf report looks great, also, just wish the font was smaller for printing.

  • Does it with style

    by SkyPod

    I've used Trip Cubby for a few years. But Mileage Log doesn't just take the old app and update it for the larger iPhone screen. It rethinks the feature set and I like it a lot. Pros: • You can auto calculate distance and it uses information from your contacts as well as points of interest to make suggestions on the fly. • It matches the new iOS 7 aesthetic. I disliked both the icon and look of Trip Cubby. I am happy to replace it. • Automatic backup to Dropbox. No more manually pressing a sync button to backup. Cons: • Much more expensive than other options. If the added functions and look of this app is something you would appreciate, I recommend you spend the extra money on this app. If not, you may want to look elsewhere.

  • Great app

    by Dave AG

    I'd love to be able to attach images of receipts.

  • Brilliant Update!

    by turkishoval

    I've been a long time user of Trip Cubby and was very excited to hear that they had done a major update. There is a bit of a learning curve when switching to Mileage Log as things have been radically changed. But it doesn't take long to see that they took all of the experience developing and *using* Trip Cubby and used it to greatly improve usability. I'd say it takes me about a third of the time to make an entry as it did before, which is huge for an app I use every day. I can't say enough how much I appreciate all the tweaks they made to the process, especially in the area of frequent trips. Not only that, but the new UI and design are absolutely beautifully, completely moving on past the previous 'cubby' aesthetic, and embracing the brightness and opened of iOS 7. It's a visual pleasure every time I launch the app. A fantastic experience and top notch functionality—a lesson in how to learn from previous iterations and fearlessly rebuild for a new vision.

  • Great app

    by Anna Loves Christmas

    Use this app daily. It's easy and fast to enter in trips, especially since most of my drives are to and from the same places.

  • The + is for Awesome

    by Mr Toner

    This app is an awesome upgrade to Trip Cubby. I love the iOS 7-compatible design and the locations feature really makes the app stand out. The first update to the app is already returning features that some users are dinging the developer for in their reviews. And for those of you who can't figure out how to get the round trip button to show, just tap on Calculate Distance and it will appear. (There's no hope for users who think that an iPhone-only app should display as well on an iPad.) The developer is responsive to support requests (don't think that you're going to get support on the App Store), but where to get support isn't quite clear. Go into Settings, then Support, and choose any entry in the FAQ. Scroll down to the bottom of that entry and you can submit a new request. Hopefully the developer will make it easier to submit a support request from within the app and will also put website and support site links in their App Store description.

  • Great update, worth every penny.

    by gopy

    Update: All my quibbles with version have been fixed in the 1.1 update. Fantastic app! I was thrilled for an iOS 7 /and/ iPhone 5 update to TripCubby. Before I get too far into the review, this app is a fabulous update to TripCubby and worth every penny to someone like me, who drives to and from work appointments all day. The Dropbox automatic syncing is wonderful. My info from TC imported into the new app perfectly, and while at first it through me for a loop, I’m quite comfortable in the new app. Destination requires one more tap than before. (The previous Destination field is now Location > End.) I contacted the developer—contrary to another review, the link was very easy to find at the bottom of the (surprise!) Help page, which the “App Support” button on iTunes takes you to. The developer, David, was very responsive, and took the time to respond to my lengthy emails, and made me look forward to the updates coming down the pike. To respond to a couple other reviews: the app does NOT present itself as universal, so I have no idea why they’re complaining about it not being iPad native. These are things you should pay attention to before spending $10. I don’t understand why one person is spending “5 minutes filling out every field” instead of just skipping the ones they don’t use; the only required one is Purpose. You can add categories using the “Add new category” button in the category field when adding a trip, you can delete a category by tapping on the “i” to the right of the category and looking at the bottom, and the option to group trips is in settings. Search is at the top of the trip list, which when tapped presents the date filter; tapping the button on the left side of the search field lets you search specific fields. The map appears when you calculate distance. I’m giving it five stars, as it’s great, despite some issues. One is that the ending time is not automatically entered when you type in the ending odometer reading, and when you do enter the ending time, it is automatically set to one hour past the start time instead of the current time. Also, the Purpose field is required, and is the headline in the trip list, whereas I prefer the old setup, where Destination—now Location > End—was the headline. (Purpose is useless to me.) Finally, though I don’t use the field, the search results when typing into the Contact field appear at the /bottom/, and the automatic list that appears does not disappear with typing.

  • Great redesign, step in the right direction!

    by samu1746

    Love the redesign and how it goes along with iOS 7. Sometimes I just open the app to enjoy how the text and icons come together. Great job. Coming from Trip Cubby, the still need to bring some of the awesome features over. I contacted Contrast and David responded immediately. I was happy to hear that updates 1.1 and 1.2 are already in the pipeline. Looking forward to seeing the app getting better and better.

  • New version a bit confusing at first but actually a much better product!

    by bakingshiftgirl

    While I have initially experienced some confusion about how to use this new version if Trip Cubby … and I emailed my question to the developer and he responded in person and walked me through the steps to do what I needed to do … I am realizing that not only is this new app very pretty, it's also way more intelligent than the earlier version, even if the means to achieve this power are not immediately obvious in this simple UI. David, the developer, was more than happy to help me understand the changes that I hadn't figured out how to navigate yet, and i'm sure that as he moves along with this new version and responds to queries, that any confusion will be clarified. Wonderful app, worth every penny, David, and thank you for being willing to respond to my question.

  • Change in earlier review - I am a happy user now

    by Thermophile

    I encountered a problem which evidently is common among Gmail users. I was unable to transfer my mileage from Trip Cubby. I also complained about a lack of support page. Howver, if you go to Settings, click on Support, and then “Import from Trip Cubby”, then “Problems with Import”, and finally scroll to the bottom of that page and click on “Submit a request”. You can report that you are unable to import from Trip Cubby. I did so and received a response within 5 hours requesting that I send file to them with an email address. I did so and received a response about 1 hour later and was able to import the information without a problem. WooHoo - knock you socks off support! The program is a step up from Trip Cubby with new interface (better) and some additional choices. — Below is my original 1 star review ------- I proceeded through all of the steps described on their site. When I try to import the data, Mileage Log does not recognize the export data as coming from Trip Cubby. Hopefully, the developers will get this problem fixed. Also, there is no place to input problems except in a review. This doesn’t bode well!

  • Faster data entry, clear summary pages, and automatic syncing

    by bryanbuchanan

    I never used all the fields for TripCubby, so the simplified data entry is much appreciated. The missing features others are talking about aren't missed here, it makes data entry much faster. The new summary page is extremely useful, you no longer have to export all your data and manually edit to find out how many miles you've driven in a given year. The new automatic Dropbox syncing is nice too, no more having to remember to sync on whatever devices you use before exporting and crunching numbers. Exporting data from TripCubby went perfectly smoothly for me. Overall, I think it's a really nice modernized version of TripCubby, very happy with the direction they've gone.

  • Useful

    by Stariana1


  • Great customer service

    by HookEmTexas

    Much better interfere.

  • I was wrong. This app rocks!

    by tpf1952

    I'm resubmitting this review after beating my head against a wall for an hour figuring out how to use this app. No help or documentation, but after a while it all comes together. A brilliant job. Just wish they sold it better.

  • Working great now!

    by Thrangor

    I followed the directions to export my data from trip cubby and import it into mileage log. It gave me an error message stating that it only accepts data from trip cubby. After sending an email to the author he promptly got back to me and told me it was a problem with Gmail. I exported the data with my Hotmail account and it worked flawlessly.

  • Had problems importing data from trip cubby but was resolved

    by Banditz24

    I had problems, along with others, with importing my data from trip cubby but contacted David from Constant and he was extremely helpful and talked me through what to do to resolve the problem. The look of the app is nice and clean, still getting used to it. I do like the export function- it provides an excel file and a PDF file. Thanks David!

  • Horrible Ap

    by FieldAgentisascam

    Wish I could get my 10$ it doesn't GPS, nor does it track actual driving routes. Do not buy.

  • Poor app and service

    by iPhoneRobincarlsbad

    I had high hopes after all the good reviews and slick interface. After buying last week I am very disappointed in app and service. Two attempts to contact support and barely more response than automated email.

  • Don't get this app

    by Bhfrmga

    Terrible app. Paid $9.99 and it will not let me put in correct odometer reading. It changes it to 13 miles when I traveled 133 miles!!! Does not have all the settings that are advertised in App Store. Try any other app but this one. Would not give any stars except have to give a rating to submit review. Rip off.

  • Do not buy

    by arp2600

    Confusing and useless

  • Not a worthy upgrade

    by Drum-Up Music Worldwide

    I feel I was duped into purchasing this app because it was supposed to be better than Trip Cubby, but I found there were a lot of flaws with it. First of all, it did not import the tags from Trip Cubby which is a big problem because I separate my businesses with them. Secondly, I prefer the views and functionality I get with Trip Cubby. Wasted $10!!!

  • Rip Off

    by CobraNick

    I was sent a link for this app from GasCubby which tracks MPG & Service records. This app does no such thing I want my $10.00 back. Completely misrepresented! When I contacted the company about the failure to import the records they said it wasn’t their app to support???

  • Not ready for prime time.

    by Johna234

    Impossible to import from Trip Cubby. At this point, I am sorry I bought it.

  • Waste of money

    by chadlfikes

    I used your old app for years and this update is terrible. Too many features and too complicated for quick simple odometer entries. I tried it for a week but can't stand it and going back to your old app which was so much better. Very disappointed.

  • Good potential but I switched back to TC

    by Hiluxrunner

    Looks nice and sounds like I could do a lot after revisions but I prefer the trip cubby version better. I need to be able to track my mileage fast and I don't have time to spend 5 minutes filling out every field and entering price every time. Trip cubby allowed you to omit fields that are not in use. Seems like this app should have been released to beta testers first rather than paying more than double price for something that takes longer to use now. The app company is awesome and I'm not degrading this app just wish they would have finished it first.

  • Totally unacceptable

    by iYahord

    I'm not seeing any of the features advertised on the App Store or on Website. I'm unable to see the following -- Where is the map and roundtrip button in Mileage Log+ (seen in screenshot at App Store)? Where is tutu oral because I can't sort, filter and search? How do you customize categories and group trips? I've used Trip Cubby since 3/2009 and for $3.99, it seemed adequate at the time considering what features it offered. However, Mileage Log promises to do a lot more and for $9.99, would seem fair, ONLY if it delivered on its promises. This is totally unacceptable for you to launch an app that cannot deliver what's advertised. I've not received anything with this app that would justify the $10 price -- I will need to have a refund please

  • Beautiful app, worth every penny!

    by bradbrown

    I have been a TripCubby user for years, and ML+ is a beautiful upgrade. Easy to use, has nice and clear interface, and great organization for old data. It doesn't have full feature parity with TC yet, but it is a great 1.0 with all of the essentials, and the devs are very responsive to their users; I have no doubt this app will continue to grow in its feature set and become even more useful over time. At $10, it is an absolute steal, and pays for itself many, many times over for anyone who does a lot of driving.

  • Major downgrade from Trip Cubby

    by Andrew A

    I was going to contact Contrast support before writing a negative review, but there appears to be no way to contact them on their Help page. The only contact info is on their About page and that is only through Twitter which I don’t use. Mileage Log+ is a huge step down from Trip Cubby. I can no longer customize what input fields are displayed (my favorite feature in Trip Cubby). I can’t add a trip while looking at my list of trips. I use this for mileage tracking only (not expense tracking) but I can only log a trip while on a screen with giant dollar amounts that mean nothing to me. The app looks nice - I hope they add back the functionality of Trip Cubby.

  • Not iPad Compatible

    by InsiderPerks

    So we purchased this app for tracking business mileage to replace another app with a less user friendly appearance. Sat down with our Bluetooth keyboard and iPad all set to catch up. This app is NOT iPad native, just the enlarged iPhone app. That alone we would have given a pass on until the first tap into the 'Starting Location' kicked the entry field off the screen and would not scroll back down while you are trying to type in the address. Essentially worthless on iPad in its current state and a complete waste of $10.

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