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Call Recorder is the easiest way to record your iPhone's phone calls!

Features include:
- Record your calls
- No recurring fees
- Download and share recordings via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox

To record a call
1) Open Call Recorder
2) Go to the Record screen and tap the Record button
3) The Call Recorder service is dialed and you will be prompted to enter the phone number of the person you'd like to call followed by the # sign
4) The person will be called and recording will begin

* A brief notice will be played to inform that the call is being recorded *

Customer Reviews

  • I didn't say that, oh yes you did

    by Angel_here

    Clear recording of both parties

  • Me

    by Tavobeda

    Real app. Nice to have it ! ;) thx !

  • Very Good

    by GA1976

    Works Great!!!!!!

  • Great app

    by saysay21

    Works perfectly to record phone calls! Love!!!

  • Awesome

    by xSparrow82

    Just upgraded to this app. Records my calls with great quality!

  • Does the job

    by Tommy Ibrahim

    App is great. Of course you have to merge the calls initially, but otherwise it's a great tool to have

  • Well done

    by redheadjennieo

    This app works perfectly! I now can caught a pathological liar at her own lies and have proof now! Works perfectly! Worth every penny and now time to prove her wrong when she denies things she says!

  • Love

    by Jaja - Mrs. 305

    I love this app especially during business related calls. I can play it back and take noted so I don't miss a thing.

  • Work great!!!

    by keilyn


  • Could use a few tweaks

    by behcmc2

    Love the quality of the recorded calls, hate how you can't fast forward or go back when trying to transcribe them from the App or the Internet. Yesterday I couldn't get the file to save to my computer, and it's been very difficult to transcribe without a "scrubbing" ability. Also desperately needs an update so that when the phone goes to sleep while you're listening/transcribing, you don't lose your place.

  • Great Job

    by MaggieS61

    Terrific app that works seamlessly with the iPhone. I was hesitant at first since $10 is pricey for an app, but it's worth every penny. Well done guys!

  • Works great

    by Bijmor

    Bravo development team

  • It's good

    by ms. rlt

    I like this service the only thing I would change is being able to send the recording without the app... Otherwise that's is as far as the experience I've had this far I like it...

  • Great recording app!!!

    by PreferCessna

    This is exactly what I was looking for a good quality app that will work with a mobile phone. Quality is important and I think it's great. Apps need to be effective, user-friendly, and reliable.

  • Small business operator

    by Diegan121

    Best app I have ever used

  • Great call recorder!

    by Mrs Miracle

    Call quality is awesome

  • Best

    by Ymail2020

    Its a really good app! I recommend it!

  • Easy, fast, no problems.

    by musicmanatlanta

    I've made ten outgoing calls ranging from a minute to 10 minutes and not a single issue thus far. Audio downloads quickly, plays back smoothly. My voice is louder than the other line, but it's still very audible. Moderate line noise, nothing unusual. Files can open with Evernote AND Fourtrack recorder! I imagine other audio apps would also work. Super easy to use.

  • Hooray!

    by Rad_Nad

    This app is easy to use and the quality is good!

  • New phone recorder user

    by Brian Maze

    Great! 5 stars

  • برنامج خايس

    by Aaber22

    برنامج خايس , لاانصح احد بشراءه , فهو لايعمل في الدول العربيه يعني وفر العشره دولار احسن من شراء هذا البرنامج السكراب

  • Do not purchase

    by Dougdoug321321

    Only records owner's voice. My cassette player does more than that. Product is not relevant or useful.

  • Dont buy

    by Saadeddeen

    Does not worth than $0.99 cant be used overseas

  • Does not work

    by Killing Time Mister

    Does not work when you are currently on a call (on the fly) as promised.

  • Does not work at all with ios7...

    by JD Brambach

    And response from Component Studios or iTunes either. Do NOT buy!!!!

  • Flake, flakey, flakey...

    by No Mas 2013

    TapeACall ripoff doesn't do justice to my $9.99. All my 1 to 2 min calls worked. All my 40 to 60 min recordings never showed up on my phone.

  • Do not buy this

    by Beckopher

    Records when it wants to!!! Should have just thrown $ in the trash!

  • Great App except for one thing...

    by Marcus_Aurealius

    They don't have an option to label your recordings. UPDATE the app with this option please and this app will be Fire!!!

  • Perfect

    by Jo2xdags

    I like this apps work realy good, the sound is perfect.

  • I just had ten heart attacks.

    by Esme W

    I bought this app because of a piece I'm writing for a major media outlet and needed a phone recorder system. After my interview with an important subject (and yes, I took notes, but it was still important to me to have a recording), the app told me that my file could not be opened. It APPEARED to exist in the list of files, but still cannot be played, even twenty minutes later. Thankfully, I was able to export it to email, but in the meantime, I had ten heart attacks. I wanted to write the developer an email, but their website doesn't have any information, let alone an email address. Buyer beware.

  • Crashes when trying to verify

    by myhut21

    I just wasted $9.99 on this app as the app crashes on my iPhone 5 every time when trying to input the verification code. Like cannot even access the recording feature of this app. I want my money back or please fix the app now.

  • Very good app

    by tcoltran

    This app works and works well. The quality of the recording is clear and seems to connect on a dime. I would recommend it with out reservation.

  • Must have

    by ElevatedGame

    Get this app. It's a must and works well

  • Bugs

    by Rlmyl

    Access code error across devices?

  • Works so far :)

    by Arlo Iron Cloud

    I'm a real skeptic, but I enjoy this app so far. I am pleased. I'm a heckler for audio too, it sounds good.

  • Awesome app

    by DAWGS_GA

    Great app worth every $$$$$

  • Waste

    by Sbt582

    If you are international client outside US You cant get the number. I live in Venezuela and purchased the service that is unable to call back or send sms due to " something is gone wrong", I know what went wrong: purchase the app for 10 bucks

  • Nice App!!!

    by Davito52000

    Finally, there is a great app that records well incoming and outgoing calls!

  • Nice

    by Breezy46842

    Works the way it says plain and simple

  • Works fine

    by djmystic

    There's a big delay at the beginning

  • Great Call Recording !!!

    by Reda94

    I love this app on my iPhone 5, the quality sound is beyond expectation, I hope in futur you add more stuff in it. I recommend it to every iPhone user you won't be disapointed with this app.

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