GoToMyPC (Remote Desktop) Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Citrix
  • Updated: Feb, 27 2011
  • Version: 3.4.1220
  • Size: 27.66 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Citrix Online LLC

• Minor bug fixes

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GoToMyPC gives you the freedom to go anywhere you choose and connect right to your Mac or PC. To use this free app, you must first have a GoToMyPC subscription.


“If you want to access your computer remotely, this app is your best bet.” – LAPTOP Magazine

“GoToMyPC is definitely a hit in the business world. It's simple, clean, and gets to the point.” – HotHardware


1) Download the GoToMyPC app from the App Store.
2) Make sure you have GoToMyPC installed on the Mac or PC you want to access.
3) Tap the GoToMyPC app from your iPad or iPhone to access your computer.

Your computer is always just a few taps away. GoToMyPC is…

• Use your computer wherever you take your iPad or iPhone – meaning everywhere.

• Instantly access any application or file on your Mac or PC.

• GoToMyPC is famous for its reliability and free 24/7 Global Customer Support.

• Instant access to all your files, programs and network
• Works seamlessly with your existing firewalls – no need for special configuration
• Precision mouse control so it’s easy to tap the details
• 300% zoom to see details and work without straining your eyes
• Full keyboard functionality, including special keys like Alt, Ctrl and Tab
• Fast, auto-corrected typing with the Preview Text feature
• Copy and paste between your computer and apps on your phone
• Hear sound coming from the computer you are accessing (PC only)
• Multitasking capability
• Keyboard Locking and Screen Blanking on the computer you access (PC only)
• Multi-monitor support
• 128-bit AES encryption, dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication
• Connects over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks
• Bluetooth keyboard support

NOTE: To use this free application, you must first have a GoToMyPC subscription on the computer(s) you want to access.

If your company uses Citrix to host applications for you, try the Citrix Receiver app to access your work applications from anywhere.


Customer Reviews

  • help !

    by richardastig1997

    wat acoount should i use to access and sign in to this app ? thank you !

  • Excellent App

    by ScharfMarkt

    I had an excellent experience using this App to access a multi-head desktop PC.

  • Excellent

    by Rich1103

    I have been using GoToMyPC for years, and it's always been great. I love having my work desktop at my fingertips whenever I need it. Always reliable, always there.

  • Outstanding

    by Eukeryote

    Really great app. Unlike at least one competitor who's product is way more expensive, this app works with the bluetooth keyboard -- which makes it far more useful and easier to use. Yes, licensing it for a pc costs a bit of money on an annual basis, but well worth it.

  • Revolution!!!!

    by Rscottyj2

    I am an automotive collision damage estimator and this app has given me the ability and functionality I need to write super accurate estimates right at the damaged vehicle by interfacing with all of the programs i need at my desk. I now have a mobile office all in my ipad!!!!So thankful!! App functions better than any other remote apps i have tried. Definitely worth the monthly subscription!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It seems ok

    by Ctibbals

    Not sure what actual improvements or enhancements were made, but it works ok.

  • Eh

    by B-rad72634

    It's been great until recently. It will not let me on computer even if I am using wifi. I can log on via PC, but am having issues with the app. Please debug

  • Request

    by R Bishy

    Please, either make the mouse bigger or provide size options for it. Otherwise good app. Thanks.

  • Ksa

    by Thooog


  • Love this!

    by Rosebud_M

    My companies VPN didn't work on my iPad, my pc died, therefore I lost my ability to work from home. Now I have it back!

  • Great app

    by Purpal purpal

    Thanks Abhinav KR

  • Great

    by Tlupfer

    Only way to travel and have full access to my computer T Lupfer

  • An account?!

    by Chuck Norr1s

    Did not even start to use this because it had required to log in! Why do I need it?

  • Gotomypc (Desktop)

    by *arm*

    I love Gotomypc it works perfectly fine

  • Please please add "right mouse click and drag"!!

    by StaticXXX

    Please please add "right mouse click and drag"!!

  • ?

    by Phoenixfighter

    Does this work on windows 8

  • Great

    by Will from orono

    First remote desktop app I've used that doesn't freeze/lag/crash. Thanks!

  • scrambles multiple monitors

    by Rickpiet

    The GoToMyPC agent on a Windows 7 PC with multiple monitors totally mixes up which monitor is which. With 4 monitors, only 3 are displayed at all. When I return to the office I have to reboot my PC to get the various programs to display on the respective monitors. A version or two ago everything worked fine. Now, I am starting to look for alternatives. Please fix the multiple monitors function.

  • Salter

    by Unclesaltee

    Great app on phone and iPad but when will there be an app for the MBP? It takes forever to connect on MBP using Firefox or safari.

  • Useful though problematic

    by Mikeythaniel

    I'd give a 5 if they fixed a few issues. E.g.: I noticed a little network lag so under preferences I thought I'd reduce it from True Color to 256 colors. This prevented the app from being able to access my computer. And instead of offering me the option to switch back, it instructs that I can only access preferences via another computer now. Having no other computer I must now go all the way back home. Pretty upset.

  • Serious Bug from the start

    by Fred :) 207

    I downloaded to Ipad and couldn't sign in because the keyboard has Spanish only characters. I could not find the underscore __ key to input my email address. It's shocking that nobody from GoToMyPC has not discovered and fixed this!! Super lame app!

  • Doesn't Work

    by DrDanP

    Goto my PC works great on desktops but have not been able to connect using this mobile app on iphone5 or iPad both running latest version of iOS.

  • App doesnt Work

    by jell-nego

    Honestly, what the point of having an app if it doesnt work properly? Its great that I can look at my desktop but if I cant click or open anything on my desktop, then it worthless. Can you please figure out a fix for your bug?

  • Worked for first time now issues

    by Hunter Meyers

    Ok I bought this app because I like to control stuff from anywhere and this was the app and yesterday the app on my iPhone worked fine nothing was wrong and today guess what it won't connect anymore I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and now still the same I get no internet connection but I have working fine internet on my iPhone and my computer please fix the bug

  • Stopped working

    by Sms.tx

    What more needs to be said- my iPhone cannot connect to my computers remotely anymore. I hope there's a fix on the way.

  • No Keyboard

    by Lavish86

    I can't type anything in because no keyboard pops up.....

  • needs to stay logged in

    by pelonetillo

    theres already a password to connect to the pc; it shouldnt also require that i login to the account when the app is on my own personal phone. too many inputs needed to get where i want to go. aint nobody got time fo dat.

  • Did not work for me....

    by codefinger all! Would not load my PC screen

  • Disapointed

    by I'mSabai

    The app in my iPad is super slow, it doesn't respond to the mouse commands.. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Very frustrating when I only had my iPad available... Didn't happen with my computer...

  • Aggravating

    by Richman80b

    New updates will not store passwords and shuts down and locks up constantly .. Worked GREAT until latest update ... Now it's jus too aggravating to use !

  • Love it..but

    by TMariediamond

    I love go to my pc when using on a laptop or pc but the app for iPad is not as good. My biggest complaint is the mouse pointer, needs much improvement. Specifically, it is not easier to use, it is small and hard to manipulate. If the mouse were bigger or if one could just use the touchscreen minus the mouse it would be better. I have this application for many of my management staff and they love it for their pc use but not so much on iPad. Please fix this issue and this would be one the best apps for business out there. Thanks.

  • Adequate

    by JH94566

    Fact of the matter is that you are running your full size PC on an iPad. It works great, but with old eyes like mine there is a lot of squinting. Also, I have fat fingers. Would be a huge improvement if the mouse and pointer were bigger.

  • Needs improvement

    by AngelDN

    This app is definitely not on par with its windows counterpart. I use the app for work and have an awful hard time because the copy and paste items do not work on either the iPhone, ipad, nor MacBook Pro. I edit on UNIX so I require a lot of copying and pasting or typing. For me, be cause the former is unavailable, I have to resort to the latter. This app meets the requirement but does not allow the plush additives window users have the pleasure of. Please improve and make this app rock!!!!!!

  • Almost perfect. Almost.

    by benci007

    Ugh. Why do bluetooth keyboards not have full functionality? No arrow keys, the delete key is backwards (is backspace instead) and none of the command/option/cntrl keys work. Makes for a disruption in work flow to say the least. Outside of that, everything works like a charm. But come on, I need to be able to hit "ctrl-b" and bold something while I'm writing!

  • Good but

    by Alex Nguyen

    To the person below, black screen is for performance. This app somewhat works. Sound from my comp does not stream in like it suppose to. Other than that, I can access everything. Hell I can start a BF3 game but its sooooo laggy but is expected lol.

  • Poor online support

    by MPF94025

    When used with iPhone 5, many times I see a black screen on host computer. Have tried to alter multiple settings without success. Suggestions in online help for this problem are feeble and despite over 1000 views the solution gets a one star rating out of 5 and no better suggestion than to check host for "upgrade" when they mean update. I have no problems with access from a pc to GoToMyPC on another pc, just accessing from my iPhone. Please fix this.

  • Owner


    Love GOTOMYPC we have had a corporate account since 2007, just added my it !

  • Not free

    by Tssssssssd

    I only downloaded the app so I could tell u it's not free after 30 days also when u download to your PC u may not b able to delete it from your computer *****beware******

  • F13-F24 key support!!!

    by Jimjam5523

    I love this app for my iPhone and iPad!!! The only other thing it needs is support for the F13- F24. Some of the programs I use on my work computer rely on these keys.

  • Needs Shft-Clck-Drag

    by Djdonohu

    I agree 100% with brfish's review above, this would be a perfect app with the addition of Ctrl-LeftClick and Shft-LeftClick to be able to select and drag multiple files. I have officially requested this from the developer and been told it's on a wish list or feature request list, but no word so far. Seems like such a glaring omission, I'm surprised.

  • Missing Keystrokes

    by Brfish

    This has been and continues to be an excellent app. However, the one thing I wish it can do is to select multiple files. Logmein enables me to use the shift control to select multiple files and the control key enables me to select among many files. It operates the same way as a PC does. Once that method is incorporated into this app it should be perfect.

  • I don't always have to access my computer...

    by Cbar2009

    ...but when I do, I use GoToMyPC. I travel a lot and usually take my laptop along with me, so I don't really need to access my other computer that much. But I am AMAZED at how smooth it is. Seriously high quality iPad app.. I am starting to store stuff on Dropbox so it would be good if they had some integration there. Also the login process can be cumbersome, but that's the price of security I guess. anyways, I have always loved this app and would recommend it to anyone looking to access their computer quickly and easily.

  • Needs update for iPhone 5 screen

    by TNGFan1

    Please update

  • Can't type remotely. At all.

    by PhotoJoseph

    I've had this issue for ages and Citrix keeps ignoring my repeated pleas for help!! When typing remotely, any key I tap that has alternate keys (such as e key, which also has ė and ę and ē, etc.), the key (not a fancy e, but a plain e) is ignored. That's a lot of keys that keep getting skipped. It's impossible to type anything, and using the "send all characters at choice" feature is actually worse. So sick of Citrix's rubbish support. They have the best pre-sales support, and the worst tech support, I ever seen.

  • Does the job

    by Davelevang

    Lags a lot. But all in all works for what I need it for. I use an ipad to remote into my work pc. You can never shut your computer down though.

  • Screen update

    by Tpoker

    We need screen update for I phone 5.

  • Great w/ one minor pain

    by RichieRich17

    Love the app, works just like the desktop site. Only issue is it NEVER saves my password even if I repeatedly set it that way.

  • No bluetooth keyboard support


    What's the use of having a GoToMyPC iPad app if there is no support for bluetooth keyboards? This newest version (2.1.725.0) breaks any functionality with external keyboards. When you touch the keyboard button with a bluetooth keyboard connected, a gray screen displays where the on-screen keyboard would normally be. When I contacted Citrix support regarding this issue, I got the following response: "While it may have worked with an earlier version, we not (sic) support the use of bluetooth keyboards in any versions of our product." This would be fine if they had no competitors, but LogMeIn is a free service and its iPad app does support bluetooth keyboards. Not only that, but you do not have to initiate keyboard use by touching a button as you do in GoToMyPC, you simply start typing just as you normally would on your computer. If you have to use an iPad to remotely connect to your computer, I would not recommend GoToMyPC. Use LogMeIn instead.

  • Keyboard Problems with Bluetooth

    by Big Eat

    Come on guys just fix it. I appreciate the workaround but what a pain.

  • awesome if you want to spend 2 minutes everytime setting up your keyboard

    by Jblifestyles

    As a long-time user of GoToMyPC, I love the service.. HOWEVER, this app won't allow you to use your bluetooth keyboard unless you do one of the following: 1. Cope with 50% of your screen real estate being consumed by a big blank gray box where the virtual keyboard is supposed to be.. type your messages in a text box and "send" it to the remote computer... 2. You disable your bluetooth keyboard, sign in to GTMYPC, start a connection, open keyboard and then choose split keyboard, then minimize gotomypc, go into ipad settings, re-enable your bluetooth keyboard, then go back to the GTMYPC app, and choose keyboard, then choose ABC in the bottom left... EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU USE THE APP... So, you can either deal with horrible UI, or horrible UX.. or use the virtual keyboard..

  • So close, yet so far

    by wickinsf

    I thought this would be a great way to work remotely... the pinch/zoom/flick a much better way to move around my remote desktop than the strange scrolling access when logging on via pc. Sadly, like so many other reviewers, when using my bluetooth "actual" keyboard, I have give up 1/2 of the screen on my ipad to accommodate the "virtual" keyboard. On top of that, many of the most useful keys on my "actual" keyboard do not register within the app (like the arrow keys or the delete button... frustrating when trying to navigate through a large email inbox). And to add insult to injury, gotomypc will not allow you to bypass the app and log on via a web browser, as you would on a regular computer. I sure hope the developers read all these reviews & get to work fixing these flaws... they really render the app nearly useless.

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