GoToAssist (Remote Support) Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Citrix
  • Updated: Aug, 12 2011
  • Version: 1.6.541.0
  • Size: 34.36 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Citrix Online LLC

Numerous UI and performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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NEW* Citrix GoToAssist for iOS is now a universal application that allows you to quickly and easily deliver remote support directly from both your iPhone and iPad! Instantly connect to remote computers and supported mobile devices to solve technical issues on the go. To use this free app you must first have a GoToAssist Remote Support subscription.

Note: If you do not have a GoToAssist Remote Support subscription you can sign up for a free trial or choose our Free Mobile plan with unlimited attended sessions from your iOS device by visiting our website.

GoToAssist for iOS gives you the freedom to deliver support from anywhere, at any time. Support your customers 24/7 when and where they need help.


1.) Download the GoToAssist app from the App Store and install on your iPhone or iPad.

2.) Enter your existing GoToAssist account credentials.

3.) Once logged in, tap on iPhone or iPad screen to create a support session when instructed to and have your user go to and enter the remote support ID for your support session or send them an invitation to connect via email. Your user accepts the connection and you can begin to provide remote support.



• Instantly connect to users and their devices to solve problems quickly by directly controlling their computer or supported mobile device with the intuitive multi-touch display.

• Start a remote support session directly from your iPhone or iPad.


• Provide remote support from your iPhone or iPad quickly and easily. Once the app is installed, enter your existing account credentials and start a support session.

• You can be in the office even when you’re out of the office. With GoToAssist for iPhone or iPad you can connect and resolve technical issues from your favorite mobile device to any Mac®, PC, or supported mobile device.


• GoToAssist for iOS comes with free 24/7 Global Customer Support, so you’re never left hanging.

• GoToAssist for iOS is backed by Citrix, so you can count on this app working when you need it.


• On-demand remote support (unlimited use from your iPhone or iPad)

• Access to unattended machines

• Intuitive touch and gesture controls

• 300% zoom to see details and operate with precision

• Multitasking

• Full keyboard functionality including special keys (e.g. Alt, Ctrl, etc…)

• Preview text mode for fast typing

• Works seamlessly with existing firewalls - no need for special configuration

• 128-bit AES encryption, dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication

• Configurable timeout for inactive sessions

• Connects over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi

• Free 24/7 support


• iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 or newer

• Remote Computers:

Internet connection

Windows® XP or newer

Mac OS® X v10.5 (Leopard) or newer

Internet Explorer® 7.0 or newer, Firefox® 3.5 or newer or Safari™ 3.0 or newer

NOTE: To use this free application, you must first have a GoToAssist Remote Support subscription. Also please note that this will be the last build that supports iOS 5. The next update will only support iOS devices running iOS 6 and newer.

Customer Reviews

  • Works very well for remote support...

    by DesignJoe

    I love the convenience of supporting my clients from the iPad and for the most part this app takes care of all my needs. However there is one glaring omission that makes like a bit more difficult than it should be... We desperately need a gesture for scrolling within a window (such as dragging two fingers to scroll). Please add this capability! Thanks!

  • Finally!!!!

    by Wolfievtec

    I only wish they could have the IP information and last online time listed... It would be a big help for me!

  • Great app!

    by chiladappa

    Best app for remote support

  • Finally!!!!!!!

    by Qqq444ppp


  • The best app for the best device

    by IvnlHI

    Love being able to support my clients from anywhere on my iPad!

  • Excellent app

    by afamousguy1

    This app is a game changer for me. It allows me to help any of my clients any time without having to drag a laptop around. The only thing that I've found it doesn't do that would be handy is running multiple remote sessions simultaneously but that's a minor complaint, all things considered.

  • Corporate

    by Racer8484

    Really need to get a corporate app as we pay more a month and can really use the flexabilty to remote into customers with our ipads...

  • Well done

    by thesillers

    Highly useful. Fast performance. This and my iPad on 3G let's me fix issues anywhere, anytime. hands down the best remote tool out there.

  • Nice updates!

    by IT on Call

    Thanks for the new version. I was able to receive a transferred support session from my tech team in the office while I was out in the field. You're making my job much easier.

  • Cr

    by Crowe3

    New update logs you out if you lock your iPad for any extended period of time. Not good when you are running multiple hardware scans on a machine that are time consuming. Please bring back this functionality

  • Update broken

    by JHSoundman

    I cannot access my unattended support computers anymore. After updating the app, it shows "Companies" instead of "unattended computers" but the list never refreshes. Worked awesome before the update. *UPDATE* I had to setup additional settings via the website, they did not tell me to do this, so epic fail on tech support, but all is working now.

  • Update failed

    by jglezar

    With latest update app crashes all the time.

  • Awesome App

    by kmcleman

    Always reliable!

  • Great app!

    by Zipman_13

    Definitely about time! Very nice app!

  • Finally!!

    by ebuhrendorf

    Very excited this app is finally available! Works well so far. My tablet is now officially a laptop replacement! This and iTap RDP now allows me to support every server and workstation in the world!

  • Works with iOS 5

    by Cmtech

    Just installed on my new iPad 2 with iOS 5, works great. No need my laptop any more.. Work much better than LogMeIn stuff. Btw I do have GotoAssistExpress account.

  • Excellent

    by Sissy7644

    A big thank you to Citrix and GoToAssist for this app. Now I don't have to run to my laptop to get connected when one of my clients call for a short or long repair session. I just begin a session.

  • Now I Feel Complete

    by Word_Nerd

    It looks like the iPad is officially an enterprise device now. This app works phenomenally. The only reason I give this four stars is because the app isn't correctly publishing the keystroke for the exclamation point to the remote computers. "!" key don't work at all. Some of our machines contain "!" in their passwords, so I can't log into those. Fix that and I rate GotoManage app 5 stars.

  • Good application

    by NaviKun

    This application is very promising. While it may be missing features such as: setting up unattended support, file transfer and multiple sessions it looks very promising. I look forward to future versions.

  • GoToManage

    by Sumo dog

    This is pretty cool. I can walk around the pool while working on my customers computers. I can also provides support to my Mac user from my IPAD.

  • No corporate support? Really????

    by Carol Openhym

    Useless without supporting our corporate account. I am shocked and very disappointed that this does not work. Higher paying corporate accounts should be able to use the iPad app!!

  • Corporate?

    by Claude Luster

    Would love corporate support.

  • No corporate support!?

    by Humersrock

    It is unbelievable to me that this app does not support corporate level accounts. SUPPORT YOUR HIGHER PAYING CUSTOMERS!!,!,

  • GoToAssist Corporate Accounts

    by JBBsig262

    I wish you would add support for Corporate Accounts to this App.

  • Great

    by ctempleton3

    Ne Version crashes and randomly some rejects my copy and pasted password. Next attempt it works it accepts it with no changes. great app. Only two problem is sending shortcut characters to apps like ctrl-c or ctrl-v and the setting "never" to timeout does not work.

  • Not usable until they fix the mouse functions

    by daveMC99

    The mouse point is directly over your finger making it hard to select or highlight. I agree they need to make it like other remote desktop and make this a top priority. Pros: loads quickly and supports dual display. Cons: Mouse functions are not usable.

  • Mouse is unusable! Cannot scroll on Mac computers.

    by Kamin123

    When the mouse moves to where your finger is, you cannot right click accurately with two fingers. You cannot click accurately with the left click without constantly zooming in to make the tap accurate. I inadvertently restarted a windows computer on someone I was helping because of the horrible way the mouse works. It should work like a normal mouse such as with LogMeIn's app. In addition, you cannot scroll on Mac computers which make it totally useless for Mac supporting. Fix the mouse to work like other remote apps and the scrolling, then it will be a usable app. Also, it is missing unattended access setup, multiple connections, and resolution/speed control. It has potential, but the dangerous way the mouse works makes it unworkable.

  • Only half a solution

    by dtm5

    Not ready for enterprise yet... While it is great to be able to remote into a computer from the iPad. It is only half the picture. More and more pads and other mobile devices are demanding the need for support as well. Need the ability to remote into mobile devices of all platforms as well, not just from them. Competitors are offering this today, so it is possible... I like Citrix I hope they figure it out soon.

  • Broken After Update

    by TrueLuck3

    This latest update crashes when trying to connect to any of my unattended hosts, unfortunately rendering it useless for me (and putting me in a jam now for my overnight work).

  • Works pretty good!

    by JohnnySupport

    Signed up for a free mobile account at their website and now I can provide remote support to any computer with an Internet connection from my iPad. Pretty good for a free app.

  • Good but not great yet

    by Pcsbrown

    As others have said it would be great if it had the track pad mode like LogMeIn.

  • Great for family technical support

    by scottyBgood

    Fix Computer Problems from Anywhere for Free using your iPad On occasion, I'm called upon to do tech support with family members. It's not like I'm super technical or anything. I'm just more technical than them. If you're in the same boat, I have good news for you. Citrix Online, the company behind GoToAssist, GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting has released GoToManage Remote Support, free for the iPad. Here's what you need to do: •Create a free iPad GoToManage Remote Support account (if you don't have GoToAssist Express or GoToManage paid accounts) •Download the GoToManage app at the Apple AppStore on your iPad •Use your free account (or, if you're a GoToManage or GoToAssist Express paid customer, you can use that account instead) when you log in to the app •Start supporting people from anywhere

  • Outstanding!

    by Ncturnal

    This app has been long awaited, but definitely worth the wait. I've been a GoToAssist customer for many years and this app is an excellent addition to that product. Very nicely done!

  • Fantastic

    by MikeCunnington

    I currently live in Washington, DC and my mother was having an issue with her computer 2,500 miles away. I tried this app because of the Citrix name and it delivered. I used it over wifi and was able to fix the issue with ease. A very clean and friendly UI add to the excellence of this app.

  • So far it

    by markj88

    I helped out one of my customers already and logged into an unattended machine. For IT people like me this means I can connect/manage BOTH people and machines. I love not always being tied to my home/desk during those "on call" hours.

  • Less then one star

    by stormlight

    Late to the game with only a quarter of the features. No multiple sessions No create unintended sessions No screen resolution control The mouse control is horrible. Please look at logmein ignition, other software, or even your own citrix reciver for ipad for how to control mouse. For example put the pointer a few inches away away from my finger like when you enable trackpad mode in citrix receiver for the iPad No file transfer

  • About time!

    by Matthew Lavigne

    Works well over 3G. Nice app for supporting my clients while I am on the road.

  • Ok but can't set up unattended support?!

    by Hoopdet

    You'd think that the first remote support app by citrix coming this late to the game would have included the functionality to set up unattended support with this app. Ugh the waiting game continues again.

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