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Fixed for decimal input with commas when calculate diamond prices.

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Diamond Reporter is a software for jewelers, diamond manufacturers, dealers, and wholesalers focus on diamond industries. Diamond Reporter aims to be the best tools for diamond dealers.

Now Diamond Reporter is announced with several fantastic features!

Diamond Stock Library (Now only for GIA certificated Stones)
-Diamond Reporter allows you to put your GIA Certificated Stones to library, only provide cert number and carat weight, and we get the rest data for you!

Certificate Helper
-Getting annoying scan each of your certificates? Let Diamond Reporter help you! Diamond Reporter is Capable to download, view and mail diamond report (digital PDF copy if available by GIA) to our clients as the reference.

Main Features:
-Innovative Simple Design!
-Native Wheel-type control to get reference market price quickly.
-Shape, Color, clarity, Size and Cutting Grades picker easy access to ref. price.
-Support for Round and Pear Shape Diamond
-Instantly price recalculated when color/clarity/cutting grades changed.
-Additional pricing percentages added/deducted depend on cutting grades.
-Carat Weight input boxes for easy calculation of total price.
-Price influenced by cutting grade
-Click on Result Price to change rates between USD and Mobile Locale Setting (internet connecting required)
-Getting diamond ref prices in one click.*
-Easily check GIA Diamond Reports
-Automatically Getting digital PDF format copy if available by GIA
-Capable to mail diamond report (digital copy) to your clients as the reference.
-Ability to add checked certificates to your library.
-Automatically analyze reports with shape, color, cutting and etc. and adds then into your library. You don't have to input these data yourself anymore.
-Categorized library by Shapes and Carat Weight ranges.
-Listing Major Diamond properties (Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, Cutting, Polish, Symmetry and Fluorescence) in Library.
-Capable to View, Mail and Delete Diamond reports in library.

Note: Any feedback and useful feature suggestion are welcome. We Also made custom Apps to suit your needs.

*Market Ref Prices are gathered from the internet and not regularly provided. We will provide Rapaport Price Updater (Rapaport username and password required) next major version if you are looking for more stable price updates.


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