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Languages: English

Seller: CareerBuilder, LLC

What's new in v1.1:
* SEARCH RESUMES (requires Resume Database access)
- Search by keywords/location
- Run a Resume Search saved on
- View, save, call or email candidates after reviewing their resumes
- Resume actions synced with the site
* Faster flipping through applications/resumes
* Bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
18 Ratings
All Versions:
21 Ratings


CareerBuilder for Employers allows you to access candidates that have applied to your job postings from anywhere, at anytime through your existing CareerBuilder account. Receive the latest candidates, review their resume and contact them directly from your iPhone. Now finding the best talent for your open positions is even easier!

· Sync directly with your CareerBuilder account
· Review applicants to your active job postings
· See all applications in the last 3, 5, or 7 days
· Send a candidate a saved letter stored in your MyLetters folder on CareerBuilder
· Save a candidate to a folder in your CareerBuilder account for later review
· Call a candidate directly from your iPhone
· Email a candidate directly from your iPhone
· Flip through applicants by swiping left or right on the application or use the page button at the top right
· Receive push notifications when new applications are available for review
· Search and review resumes from our extensive Resume Database.

We’re just getting started! We’d love to hear your feedback on how you would like to use this app to make it your go-to resource for finding talent. Use the Feedback page in the app or email us at


Bringing together hiring professionals and other curious-minded individuals to discuss the attraction, engagement and retention of their #1 asset – their people.

A recruitment industry pioneer, CareerBuilder has been making it easy for our customers to find the right talent at the right cost and grow their businesses for more than a decade. With direct, real-time access to 25 percent of the U.S. work force and 98 percent of Fortune 1000 companies, we know what makes employees and companies like yours tick.

Today’s recruitment environment offers an abundance of data, but we know data without insight is meaningless — which is why we transform the data we receive into meaningful talent intelligence to help companies of all sizes identify and attract future employees quickly and efficiently.

As your recruitment needs shift along with a changing recruitment landscape, we’ll continue to be there to help you attract, engage and retain the best talent.


As the global leader in human capital solutions, we help organizations target and attract their most important asset - their people.

We use world-class technology, data-analysis, a comprehensive partner network and superior customer service to match the right people with the right jobs.


Recruitment doesn’t end with a job offer. It begins from the moment your business defines its candidate audience, and continues even after an employee leaves your company.

CareerBuilder’s T–E–A–M philosophy explains recruitment in terms of the TARGET (identify your audience), ENGAGE (define your message), ATTRACT (access the right people), and MAXIMIZE (optimize your process) steps. We help you determine the right steps for your recruitment, right now.

Customer Reviews

  • Great for the road

    by MikeKchicago

    I work from the road quite a bit. This app allows me to use the resume database on the fly rather than when I'm sitting at my computer. Id love to see a few improvements but things can always get better.

  • Would like to see more features

    by stolen nickname

    Ability to edit job post, repost job, etc. Would be nice.

  • Great app

    by NOVA-A41

    Great app. Very useful when traveling. Should be developed for iPad use.

  • Great app

    by DallasAg02

    Clean, simple interface.

  • Great app to check applicants on the fly

    by clintcook

    Easy to use clean interface. What I would like to see in an update: Full RDB access an access to my folders.

  • Great Little App

    by Paul Simmons

    Nice to be able to quickly check applications to your jobs when you are away from the office. A great addition to any recruiter or hiring manager's bag of tricks.

  • Garbage

    by White housez

    This is pointless

  • Deserves a zero star

    by Whatnamesrleft

    It's pure garbage I am very disappointed in career builders. Why make an app for only employers. Shame on you.

  • Misleading

    by Cassby916

    You would expect an app from CareerBuilder to let you search for jobs... Deleted!

  • Worthless

    by Wezel69

    Keeps crashing.

  • C'mon Son

    by JoJuan Cranson

    Why is this app not for job seekers?

  • Worthless

    by Yo momma my momma who cares

    You cant do anything with this app. Why wouldn't you he able to search for jobs on this? Deleted

  • Download this instead

    by Dasmoo87

    Everyone that's looking for the jobs app look for the app called Jobs for iOS. That's the official job search app for career builder.

  • Suicide app

    by Electron pin

    Why the hell wouldn't you make an app for job seekers?

  • Major fail

    by Meehshelley

    I second that... Why is this app not for job seekers??

  • Horrible

    by Polishfreak25

    Why wouldn't you have an app for JOB SEEKERS?!!?!?

  • Horrible

    by Unsound04

    App won't even update will do nothing at all... That's on wifi or 3G and deleting and reloading. With unemployment so high this app would be invaluable to the American public if it were to run correctly. How sad it use to be amazing.

  • Not suited for iPad

    by HawaiianOnTheMov

    I expect more from careerbuilder

  • Not useful for job management.

    by Camilladivine

    No ability to manage jobs, i.e. create, post, edit, etc.

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