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Seller: Canon U.S.A., Inc.

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Canon USA's mobile print & scan app for imageRUNNER and imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices for iPhone and iPad.

***The Direct Print and Scan for Mobile MEAP application (a Canon accessory) must be purchased and installed on the Canon imageRUNNER / imageRUNNER ADVANCE multi-function device.
***The Direct Print and Scan for Mobile MEAP application is available for purchase through Authorized Canon Dealers in the United States and Canada ONLY
***The Direct Print and Scan for Mobile app is not compatible with PIXMA, SELPHY, or imageCLASS printers.

How to use the Application:
1) Contact your Authorized Canon Dealer to install Print and Scan for Mobile MEAP application on your Canon imageRUNNER / imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFP
2) Download the Direct Print and Scan for Mobile mobile client app to your iPhone / iPad
3) Walk up to your Canon imageRUNNER / imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFP and select the Print & Scan menu icon
4) QR Code will display. A 9 digit Connection Code will also be display alongside the QR code.
•The Connection Code supports the manual entry of imageRUNNER / imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices to iPad 1
5) On your iPhone or iPad open the Direct Print and Scan for Mobile application
6) At Main Menu, look for the Canon Devices menu option
7) Select Scan QR Code or Enter a Connection Code
8) Scan QR Code selected:
•QR barcode scanner displays
•Place your iPhone or iPad over the QR Code to scan the code
•Your iPhone or iPad automatically scans the barcod
•MFP device will be added once the code has been read by your iPhone or iPad
8A) Enter Connection Code selected:
•Enter the Connection Code on the Print & Scan screen
oConnection Code can be entered in uppercase or lowercase
•Select OK to add the Canon MFP
•If the entered code is valid, the Canon MFP is added to the Canon Devices list
9) You are now ready to use the Canon Direct Print and Scan for Mobile application to print email attachments, saved files, and files from other applications that are PDF, TXT, TIFF, and JPG.
10) To learn more about how to Print and Scan, please select the Direct Print and Scan for Mobile Support link (see below) to read the Direct Print and Scan for Mobile Overview, FAQs, Specifications, and Features.

The Canon Direct Print and Scan for Mobile application helps meet the growing demands of on-the-go professionals, who need to keep pace with their fast-changing work environment, and provides them with a streamlined mobile print and scan solution.

Supported Models:
iR ADV C2230/C2225
iR ADV C2030/C2020
iR ADV C5051/C5045/C5035/C5030
iR ADV C5255/C5250/C5240/C5230
iR ADV C7065/C7055
iR ADV C7270/C7260
iR ADV C9075 PRO/C9065 PRO
iR ADV C9280 PRO/C9270 PRO

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Monochrome:
iR ADV 4051/4045/4035/4025
iR ADV 4251/4245/4235/4225
iR ADV 6075/6065/6055
iR ADV 6275/6265/6255
iR ADV 8105/8095/8085
iR ADV 8295/8285/8205
iR ADV 500iF/400iF

imageRUNNER Monochrome:
iR 3245/3245i
iR 3235/3235i
iR 3230
iR 3225

imageRUNNER Color Desktop Laser Beam Printers:
Color imageRUNNER LBP 5480
Color imageRUNNER LBP 5280

imageRUNNER Monochrome Desktop Laser Beam Printers:
imageRUNNER 3580
imageRUNNER 3480

Supported Print Formats:

Supported Scan Options:
Color Mode
Page Size
Document/File Type
Page Layout

Supported Scan Formats:

Customer Reviews

  • A practical, efficient business tool

    by Silverpanther17

    I and my colleagues use this app very often with our canon devices and are always pleased with the results. Setup via QR scanning is simple and efficient, and the ability to edit advanced settings in app is a godsend. Eventual support for Pages and Word document files would be appreciated, especially this long after launch.

  • ios 7 Compatability?

    by proxien

    When will this app have iOS 7 compatability? Just purchased a new cir Advance 5255 which is a great device. Just installed the Print & Scan MEAP, which is working well under iOS 6.x. Under iOS 7 I can't open pictures from the camera roll, just hangs on a black screen. "open In..." function seems to work ok under iOS 7 and scanning seems to work as well, but printing photots is a core function that should work also.

  • Read the details

    by Thomas the Copier Guy

    This app works great! But only with the correct Canon equipment and with the MEAP App on the imageRUNNER ADVANCED systems. Read the details before you download. The Canon Mobile Print app is for most of the Canon imageRUNNER and imageRUNNER ADVANCE models (no MEAP App required) This is not for the home type printers and MFP. See the other Canon print apps for the home printer models!

  • Developer: please read!

    by VanGoghX

    This app does work, if your printer is an Image Runner device. But it would be invaluable if you could use the fax capability of the machine via the app! We have VPN access into our office network via our iPhones and to be able to send faxes from out in the field would be a dream! Please make it happen!

  • Works great..READ THE NOTES. Its for office equipment.

    by BradAA

    This app works great. But read the notes people. It says right there...not designed for PIXMA, SELPHY, or imageCLASS. This app is for higher end business equipment: imageRUNNER / imageRUNNER Advance MFPs aka copiers. And you need to have the optional app that you buy from the copier dealer and they install on the copier. So don't leave a lame review if you can't read the simple notes. That out of the way, this app works great. I've been using the app for a while and its easy. Scan the QR code on the copier display to add it to the app. Then easily print your docs. It just works. But the best part is how you can scan directly from the copier to your iPad, iPhone, etc. Nice function of the new app is to manually add in a device via a number. That way it is possible to add the print without having to stand in front of it.

  • Badly lacking basic functionality, but it works

    by Loanhighknight

    This app should probably be a beta. It DOES work, once you pay for the license through your servicer, anyway. That said, the fact that you can't adjust the paper tray you're pulling from is pretty sad, and the app isn't associated with any file types other than PDFs, so you can't use iOS' "Open In" command to open .doc or .xls documents to print them. Canon, if you're not going to get over your incessant need to use your own print language instead of adopting AirPrint for mobile users, at the VERY LEAST make it possible to print things besides PDFs inside your app. You get 3 stars: it works as advertised but you nevertheless fall short of your competitors.

  • Fun and Easy to Use

    by Stewart Org Acct Mgr

    IMPORTANT... This requires two applications. First, you will need to purchase a MEAP application from your authorized Canon service dealer and have it installed on your Canon imageRunner. Secondly, you can download this free application available from the Apple App Store or Blackberry App World. Then from there, the process for getting started is simple and easy to use.

  • MEAP Application Required

    by CGrayKC

    This mobile app is meant to be used with a MEAP application you can purchase and install on your copier through an Authorized Canon dealer. This will add a new function/button on your copier to use this feature. This app is useless without the MEAP Application installed your copier, sorry to disappoint. -Canon Authorized Tech

  • Works great!

    by Rick Archer

    This app works great once it was installed. Just put a call to my service rep at Canon and it's been working like a charm. Much better than some of the other mobile printing apps because it allows you to change the printer and finishing options. Scanning features work great as well.

  • You have to contact you Canon dealer to make this work

    by Mysto680

    I work for a Canon dealer and support this app. There is a license that you have to buy to enable the QR code. The Canon also needs to have Post Script or Direct Print installed. Contact your local Canon dealer and they can get you set up.

  • Works great for my office

    by Frqflier

    This app works really good with our canon Ira 2020 printer.

  • Works as advertised

    by NewuF- user

    Works as advertised to my iradv5035 After reading the instructions provided , simply registered the device using the QR code and I was printing in no time

  • Excellent ease of use

    by Monzurul Ehsan

    This app's user interface is very intuitive. Great app.

  • Does not recognize mx452 printer

    by mx452user

    This app does not recognize the mx452 printer, and there is absolutely nothing on the box or quick guide that explains this QR code/connection code . I cannot find anything on the web about it.

  • Obviously no support for MP560

    by TheFoochies

    And I thought I liked canon

  • No QR code!

    by GKennedy50

    Looks great and simple. All u have to do is scan something called a QR code to discover your printer. Could not find such a code on any surface. i even downloaded a .pdf manual...need a degree in IT to understand it. Canon is huge on acronyms. Canon also doesn't understand their market unless they only intended to sell their printer to IT pros. I deleted APP out of pure frustration. Going back to HP printers i guess.

  • Canon Print and Scan dissapointing

    by SJB Graphics

    There is NO documentation or help for this app. Cannot connect to MP560 without connection code. Cannot find connection code on printer, on line etc.

  • Waste of time

    by Bllmail2000

    Will not work with my Pixma MG3222

  • Useless

    by Kasomo

    Does not work with canon MG8200

  • Did not work

    by Jkinp

    I have a canon 5200 wireless pixima printer and this app was USELESS. Don't waste you're time.


    by Azfred

    Possibly the worst app ever, the whole QR/connection code for a mf5950dw would be joke if I did not spend so much time unsuccessfully trying to find it!

  • no wonder hardware mfgs. go under

    by Theyshouldtellus

    you would think that after all the complaints about being asked for a QR code but not being able to find it anywhere, someone at Canon would wake the F up and deal with it. HP next time.

  • Really useless

    by Sebassnake

    Takes less time to return it and buy an HP.

  • Confusing!

    by Peaser2

    Bought canon printer and AirPrint works beautifully....Now, I want to scan to my ipad but this ap doesn't seem to work as there is no good instruction and can't find code to scan into the ipad. Even more frustrating is that the app is stuck in the scan mode. Looks like ill have to delete it.

  • Useless......

    by Really don't bother

    Code? Scan? Had to guidance or instruction

  • terrible app

    by matt_l_wilson

    The only way to connect this app to a printer is with a QR code and a "connection code." I cannot find either of these on my printer (Canon MG3122).

  • Does not work except for ImageRunner

    by Jon Brenner

    App name and description needs work. It is unclear until you dive deep down into the docs. That this REQUIRES ImageRunner technology and does not work for all Canon MFP such as MX800 series. wasted lots of time to figure this out.

  • Horrible!

    by Dannysal

    Where do I find the connection code on my printer? My printer doesn't have a QR code.

  • really

    by joshdempsey82

    You cannot connect your printer then it asks for some stuff that isnt on the printer.

  • No imageCLASS support

    by willzone1

    No imageCLASS support. Seems like these high end printers should have been a priority for support!

  • Junk

    by James Holcomb

    No PIXMA support

  • Non-functional app

    by ljrmine2012

    This app requires information that's unavailable on the printer and the support site has no information either. Can't complete install.

  • Will not scan barcode to add device...JUNK

    by DanoTunes

    Will not scan barcode to add device...JUNK

  • Adam

    by Kiiiiopoogu

    Junk.....It will not scan the barcode.

  • Will not scan

    by BRH01

    This app asked me to scan barcode but will not scan...

  • Crap

    by Akdeniz78

    This app does not work. You need the bar code scanner when it should just work with Bluetooth. Can't even find what I'm supposed to scan. TRY AGAIN CANNON!

  • Unstable and unusable

    by walterbkeen

    As soon as you try to add a device the app crashes. Once fixed it has a lot of potential. But until then a print app with no printer is useless.

  • Stupid barcode needed

    by SSSS-NJ

    Waste of time

  • Waste of time

    by Nurse8398

    Barcode scanner doesn't work tried few different times. Even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it still nothing.

  • No meap program on9 ka

    by Cindy Wong

    On9 no meap program for download to install on copier

  • Poor

    by T...Mc

    Dam at first this looked like the perfect app... It was exactly whay i been waiting for... But i was so disappointed when i tried to add my device!!!! I dont understand why cany we just sync it like bluetooth...i dont even see a barcode...

  • OfficeUser

    by User5551

    Can't add imageRunner. Ours c5035 does not have Print&Scan icon in the main menu, so cannot display barcode.

  • App will first require your IT person and/or Canon service tech

    by patrickhenrypdx

    The description of the app in the iTunes App Store is misleading. Even if you have one of the supported printers, you will need your IT person and or Canon service technician to configure the printer first, before you can do anything with the iPhone app. Before you download the app, make sure you click through to the Canon website and read all the faqs, because what is written in the iTunes App Store description is only a tiny piece of what you need to know.

  • Fail

    by achinn

    The only way to add a Canon copier to this app is to scan a QR code. Even though our copier is a supported model it doesn't display a QR and the app doesn't provide me with any other means to configure a printer. Fail. I'll change my review if Canon adds an "add copier manually" option.

  • cant add

    by crwoo222

    if i try to add device a dumb barcode reader pops up. get rid of it.

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