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- Added support for uploading movie files which are captured by Canon Wi-Fi camera

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This application allows you to use your CANON iMAGE GATEWAY Online Photo Album from your mobile device.

· Manage your photos and movies with 10GB of personal online storage.
· Create albums with your photos and movies, and share them with your family and friends via Email, Facebook and Twitter.
· Allow family or friends to add their photos and movies on shared albums and view their comments.
· Store images in their original resolution or select a resize option.
· Upload photos from your mobile device directly to your Online Photo Album.
· Download photos and movies from your Online Photo Album directly to your mobile device.

[Compatible platforms]
- iOS 6.0/6.1/7.0

[Compatible device]
iPad2/iPad(3rd)/iPad(4th)/iPad Air/iPad mini/iPad mini with Retina display
iPhone 4/4S/5
iPod touch(4th)/(5th)

· CANON iMAGE GATEWAY is an online photo service for Canon digital camera and digital camcorder users. It is possible to use the service by registering with an eligible product.
· For more details, please access the site by selecting your country/region from

Customer Reviews

  • Correction

    by Misty0207

    The app works great once you login, I tried calling Canon about the login issue they said hat they would work on it but I got impatient. The easy fix to this is to log into your account from a desktop computer and change your user name to your email address. Once you do that you will be able to login just fine.

  • Email Direct from 6D No Problem

    by MNnm2

    Works just fine. Use email address as user name. You have to do setup with camera connected to computer with USB cable. Buggy with Mac OS Mavericks but no problem with Lion. Good online documentation but not totally intuitive. Too many steps.

  • IT WORKS!!!

    by Ferrarired

    Everyone, this app works. Take a breathe and read DarrinC comments. Canon could be more detailed in their instructions. After you set up your registration account, go to user profile and change your user name to your email address. You don't have to change your password. Save the user name you changed to your email address, then log into canon image with your email and password.

  • Log in with email address works

    by DarrinC

    Works as described.

  • App Sign in

    by 612john

    You need to change your Canon Log in, so it's your Email address. Then the App works fine. If your Canon CIG Log in is just a simple username… the app won't work.

  • Works great once ....

    by NJEmerald

    Works great once you sort out the User ID issue. After I logged into my Canon account and changed my User Name to my email address, the app works perfectly. I'm surprised that a company like Canon made such an error with this.

  • You must have your user name........

    by TnFlightMedic

    In order to use the apps you must have your user name in an email format. Otherwise you cannot sign in. You can change your user name information at the Canon website.

  • Sounds cool... If only I could log on...

    by Paigeymcpoofle

    I went crazy setting up my camera with this until I found out everyone else had the same problem.... Total waste of time and stress

  • Horrible!

    by eg1029

    Canon makes me use this app when trying to use the site on my iPad and iPhone. Disappointing that a big name such a Canon released something that clearly doesn't work.

  • Can't login whatever device waste of time!

    by Can't login.

    Not ready for prime time.

  • Does NOT work

    by Tracy Hall

    Total waste of time!!!!

  • Bad

    by Nicholas Kuramoto

    Simply put this application is horrible do not waste your time

  • Can't log in

    by Stupifyed

    Fix this POS app. Online login requires your canon username, but app requires your email. No wonder you can't log in on the app.

  • Can't log in

    by Geofracadi

    Getting "authentication error". Is there any extra step to authenticate the credentials? Developers should check what's wrong and fix this issue.

  • Can't log in. Bad app.

    by Apennyawish

    Self explanatory.

  • Can't log in

    by baybeegirlxoxoxo

    What's going on? Can you fix this please!!

  • Awful

    by Cc2425

    I thought I was going crazy until I found out I wasn't the only one. How hasn't this been resolved yet?



    Can't log into the mobile app. Like the previous person, I can log into the website but not app. PLEASE FIX!!!!!

  • Cannot log in

    by Quoiasheray

    I can't log in. Thought I'd forgotten my password so I changed. Still the same problem. App is a waste of space!!

  • Crap

    by horrores

    can't log in either.

  • Can't log in

    by Bhytrda

    Can't log into app. I have correct log in info because I can get to the web version. Why don't you fix it?

  • Follow these tips to get this to work

    by Dudleymon

    Product needs a ton of polish but here's how I got it to work: * Get an id on canons website. If your id isn't an email address change it * Register your camera! You need to do this. During the process you will be prompted to activate it for Image Gateway. * during the activation process go slow and read the screens carefully on the page and the camera. You have to walk them both forward together in lock-step. You will have to exchange and confirm codes they give you. * if afterwards you don't see the canon image gateway back out of the menus and go back in. It does let you then get a Facebook icon on your camera to connect directly but that means you have to add that with the website afterwards.

  • Whats the point?

    by XshortyyyX

    Of buying a camera with capabilities of sending ur pictures to your phone if it doesn't even do that?

  • Corporate mess

    by Metodi Filipov

    Registration link inside the leads to creating an account that is not for this service. Genius. At least include the right account creation process if you want people to use the service.

  • Awful

    by Sgamble12

    Come on now. Let's get this app fixed. I would like to post my pictures. This is irritating!!!!!!!!!

  • :((((

    by dancer9408

    been trying to log in all day. glad its not just me. please fix!!!

  • Crap!

    by Mike Noble

    1 star is too many!

  • Can't log in!

    by Samanthajeanxnj

    This app is useless! Please fix!!!!

  • Need to register the camera twice to get it to work

    by Keith1712

    You need to register the camera twice in order to get the gateway to accept the registration. It's confusing but I finally logged in

  • Can't sign in on ipad.

    by Rogny63

    Don't bother to install. This app is useless. Would love to give it no stars.

  • Waste of time

    by Jfwagner1954

    As an owner of 4 Canon cameras, I am extremely dissapointed that this app simply does not work. I would suggest that if you are looking for a camera that has wi-fi, you may want to consider a different product. After a web search, it appears that you simply cannont use the app due to login problems. Do not waste your time and energy trying to get it to work. Canon is obviously not interested in fixing the problem as the login problems go back quite a while.

  • Is this a joke? Can't log in.

    by Tashchen

    For real? This has to be a joke. How can an app be unable to log in? And why no fix after all this time? in shock.

  • Can't Login

    by @davidsd94

    No use when you can't even sign in!

  • Please fix this problem. It's impossible to log in

    by Hello CANON

    A company as big as canon going with a problem for over 10 months. Can someone show them the reviews ????

  • Stay away

    by shotinthenads

    Like the Canon itself you should just not bother to download it. It does not work.

  • Can't log in

    by Cobirish

    I registered my camera, created an account, downloaded the app, but the app won't let me log in. My error message is: "log in authentication error." I've tried going back to the regular website to test my user name and password...that works just fine. What a terrible app! Hoping to get answers from customer service tomorrow.

  • Can't login

    by Mimi-8888

    Can't believe people starts to complain about the login since early this year and the problem still exists after 10 months.

  • Does not work!!!

    by Sjfca

    Really really bad!! No way to report problem. Can't log in. Going to return camera which may be quite good, but will not. Know because this app doesn't work!

  • Doesn't work.

    by KatrinaDoe

    This app (as others have noted) literally does not work. I created a Canon account (as required) which I then realized was simply 'registering' my camera. I then went through the process to create an account with a password. I did as another reviewer suggested & used my email address as my login name. No dice. This app simply gives a login error with no way to report a problem. I chose 'forgot password' in an attempt to work around the problem. No luck. It wouldn't take the temporary password, either. I now have no idea HOW my camera is WiFi compatible considering THIS app is the linking factor to said WiFi. If anyone has a solution, I'd love to hear it. If you don't believe me, get this app & see if it works for you. If it does, please share your findings.

  • Authentication error

    by taro patch

    Unable to log in and can't access web site with iPhone or iPad. Please fix.

  • by $P-Money&

    Can't login! Fix it!!!!!!!

  • Terrible

    by Murphy512

    What a waste of my time. Can't even log in. Awful.

  • Doesn't work

    by Dwaohio

    Can't log in.

  • Can't login

    by rhkennerly

    Demands an email address but won't accept my canon login name.

  • Not good

    by Dress33

    Can't log in... What's the use?

  • can't log in??

    by AlAmily

    in web version there are user ID, but in my iPad , i get email address and such the other i can't log in.Shame on you can't solve such a tiny problem!!!

  • Won't login

    by DCM32

    It keeps giving me a login authentication error???

  • Hopeless

    by Zackamus

    All the other reviews are correct - this app is hopeless on iPhone and iPad. Can't sign in and there seems to be no fix planned...

  • Can't log in. 0 stars


    Thy app sucketh.

  • Can't log in

    by AmyLaroach

    Not working. I keep getting login authentication errors! Please make an update. I was so excited to get my new Canon camera with wifi. May return and get a different brand! If you want to be successful in this market, make sure your supportive technology works!!!!!!

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