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If you are a Pharmacist, student, pharmacy tech or just need to be able to decode the gibberish written on your prescription, you need to get this App now!!

If you have ever read a prescription, then it is likely you have been stumped by the codes on them at some point or another. Here is a handy reference to help you make sense of those codes (referred to as Sig Code)

As a bonus, we have added a roman numerals table because prescriptions often include those in place of regular numbers.

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect if your a Tech

    by Nessav214

    I work as a tech and this is so useful. Saves me time and saves the pharmacist time. Thank you perfect sig code app.

  • A much needed study tool!!!

    by Jack Aude

    I am prepping for the PTCB and this sure beats making flashcards!

  • Just what I needed

    by Jeliseff

    I'm a pharmacy tech student and this was just what I needed for reference. The Latin origins is extremely helpful for understanding the sigs. It probably could be more extensive.

  • Mrs

    by Bono6666666

    Very bad useless even one star is too much.

  • Useless

    by Amparo88

    Very disappointed. I am a pharmacy tech and I find this app useless. It definitely wouldn't work if you were a patient trying to translate a perception because doctors do not put periods between the letters. I learned more from google.

  • Useless

    by Appthecary74

    One star is one too many! This app is useless! Searching is clumsy. You have to use punctuation to search. For example of you want to know what hs means, you have to search h.s. or you can't find it. No one writes scripts that way! With the "More" option on the main menu being a list of other apps you can buy, this is clearly just a junk app meant to link people to other apps they have for sale...probably more junk!

  • Useless app

    by kenneth ahubelem

    Pay me my money back. Very useless app.

  • Not the best, but not the worst.

    by fineexampl

    This is basic stuff. It's a soso study aide. Search is clumsy. Does not have every code and is provided as is. Should be a free app. Helps with some codes, but with so many missing it makes it hard to rate higher. Good as introductory sig coding only.

  • Pharmacist

    by TGDRPH

    1star is too many! If u r a pharmacist u should be ashamed of youself. I'd like to file a complaint with your Board for Unprofessional conduct. I can afford 99 cents to find out about an app for professional use. Some of my Techs can't. Raising the price above $0 is theft.

  • Rip off!!

    by BjB#5

    Not what I thought it was, not worth buying at all! Wish I could get refund!!

  • Not good.

    by Bea1030

    When i bought this app, i thought it would help me learn more about codes that i can type in the computer. Im a pharm tech. I know most of the codes from the book. I can even look up more sig codes online than what this app has. This is a waste of money and this is not what i expected. I wish i could get a refund.

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