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Securely manage Active Directory from anywhere and anytime! Absolutely NO server component required. ADAssist is innovative, intuitive and beautifully designed with native iPhone and iPad support.

Now Supports iOS 7 !!!

NEW!!! Domain Profiles, automatically saves domain fqdn/ip and user name for quick switching. optionally save passwords (encrypted) in iOS login keychain.


The app is free to download. Certain features such as managing "Groups" or "Non Admin Users" require one time upgrade to unlimited version. Evaluate features within your network, with a fully functional FREE app that manages Contacts, Computers, and protected group users like Domain Administrators.

“Active Directory Management was never so fun, easy and intuitive. It is like holding AD in your hands and managing it from anywhere and anytime. Really cool and trendy, with management just a tap away.”

AD Assist turns your iOS device into an Active Directory Management tool, no matter where you are. ADAssist is the ultimate little app to search and manage your users, computers , groups and contacts. The built in reports provide real time data to gain deep insight on "Locked accounts", “Soon to expire passwords “ and “Soon to expire accounts”.

AD Assist provides an end to end, secure and encrypted access to your Active Directory over Wifi or Cellular networks, using direct connection or via VPN. This solution is completely agent less, with absolutely no software installation or SSL certificates required on your domain controllers or in your Infrastructure. It is compatible with Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 with full unicode and globalization support.

Imagine managing your co workers accounts right in front of them while chatting in the cafeteria or walking in the hallways. Or imagine, being far away from office, and needing access to Active Directory immediately, just download this app and immediately manage your Active Directory within minutes. Use the “Soon to Expire passwords” report to surprise your Senior Management with pro-active password reset before they leave on a business tour. Balance your work and life, Attend to help desk requests while on the Go. AD Assist is an ideal solution for IT professionals and IT enthusiasts.


User Management

* Intelligent and fast user search using ANR.
* View and Edit more than 30 user attributes grouped into 6 categories.
* Manage Password Reset, and options like “Password never expires” and “User must change password at next logon”, and Account Expiry.
* Reflect user status like “Account Expire”, User Disabled”, and Account Lockout.
* Add or remove group membership.
* Enable and Disable Accounts.
* Add and Move users to any OU in the Domain.
* Delete users.
* prompts to sms or email new password after password reset (either mobile or mail attribute should be set)

Group Management

* Move and Delete Groups.
* Search Group objects.
* View and edit group attributes
* Manage Group membership

Computer Management

* Search and View Computer Attributes.
* Move and delete computer accounts.
* Enable and Disable computer accounts.

Contact Management

* Search and View Contacts.
* Move and Delete Contacts.


* Find locked users.
* Find “Accounts expiring in 14 days”.
* Find “Passwords expiring in 7 days”

We have more exciting features on the roadmap. So stay tuned. We welcome any and all feature ideas or suggestions.

Questions or comments? Email us at

Active Directory is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. This application is developed by a third party developer with no input or advise by Microsoft Corporation.

Customer Reviews

  • Download this Now!

    by randomperspn11

    Awesome App!!! I use it for my school.

  • Best iOS Active Directory Tool

    by Jeffreyabr

    I worked in IT for four years, and this was the best app out there. Easy to navigate menus, effective, and quick. Going to miss how easy this made my life.

  • I am a helpdesk technician and use this everyday

    by ClayRon

    Great app to reset passwords, change account groups, and manage our internal active directory.

  • Keep up the good work!

    by OmarC

    Managing users and groups on the go is a breeze with this great app. Worst thing I can say about it is that the splash screen is a bit dated. But nitpicking aside, it's well worth the paid upgrade. Keep the updates coming, guys!

  • Handy App!

    by boarderboy24

    This app has been really handy for unlocking accounts and changing passwords on accounts when I'm not at a workstation. I use it almost everyday! It definitely has saved myself a great deal of time. I only gave it 4 stars because of the lack of updates over the past year I've had it. I would like to see some feature changes such as the ability to reset a password and force the user to change it when logging in.

  • Great app

    by nallstarcomp_1

    Connect in via VPN and you are good to go. Quick and easy to unlock accounts and reset passwords from anywhere.

  • Great App

    by AkilAmin

    Very cool app, wish it can disable accounts on the go.. Other than that its a great tool to have.

  • Awesome!

    by AskDavis

    Absolutely love this app. Comes in so hand when I am out if the office. I VPN in, and reset passwords as need. Super awesome!!!

  • Can't turn off emails

    by Chris Peace

    Honestly, I love this app. But the new version makes it mandatory that an email is generated with the user's password in plain text! Huge security risk. Can't find a toggle to turn it off!

  • A+

    by Esdynamite

    Very efficient app.

  • Great app

    by Cb8829

    Love this app

  • Wonderful tool

    by MnSearcher

    This tool is great for easy access to AD.

  • Does what it says, quickly

    by LuvDemSquirrelz

    Trim, non-nonsense design. Speedy queries. Little need for scrolling. Nice stuff!

  • Spectacular App

    by Mr. Cautious

    First app of hundreds that worked like I expected the first time. Time saving and flexibility abound with the use of this app.

  • Money!

    by Cosmo1103

    Cool app, thank you!

  • Cool

    by Barph633

    This is a very cool app. I'd like to be able to add new reports other than the stock 3, but other than that I love it.

  • Absolutely Amazing

    by Brandocommando1

    So thrilled there is a app like this for iPad to help me with my everyday admin activities. Very handy. Tried it at work and home and works flawless.

  • Perfect!!!

    by SShuster221

    Simply Fantastic... Plus no server side component. What every administrator needs.

  • Does Everything You Need!

    by Codevyper

    Can manipulate, add, remove AD objects. If this app can't do it, you probably wouldn't want to do it from an iPhone anyway. Just buy it! You won't regret it.

  • System admin best friend

    by pathans

    It's simple and it works. As long as I am connected I can deal with basic issues right when they bug me in the middle of my lunch :)

  • Can you add a wildcard feature to list all items in a category?

    by elite192

    Can you add a wildcard feature to list all items in a category? Clicking on Users or Groups doesn't load the whole list you have to search for your entry. That's fine but can you make it so if you put a period or asterisk symbol it pulls up the whole list of entries. Thanks.

  • Doesn't work for me anymore

    by drmessano

    My need for this app is infrequent, but I discovered almost a year ago that I could no longer change passwords on our network, likely after an app update at some point. I worked with the developers but no resolution was found. We have a 100,000+ object AD environment, of which I have access to a handful of OU's. I have all the rights I need to admin accounts via ADU&C on the desktop, and I am fairly certain our entire enterprise isn't some way 'broken'. The developers insist the app is fine, but I would definitely be cautious when considering the purchase. The app obviously does NOT work under some condition(s).

  • Makes you pay for it in app

    by Abhay Dalal

    If you want simple abilities to unlock accounts or resetting passwords then this is not for you because it is $4.99 to do that. AD Helpdesk Lite is free and let's you do that while you are in your corporate network or on VPN. Do not waste your time with AD assist.

  • Great app!

    by Fazism

    I must say it is one of the best apps for AD .User friendly . Compared to some other apps the hitch cost a lot this is far better and gets the job done .

  • System Admin

    by F M Khan

    Awesome: I used first app to manage AD. The features are very simple worked. After using couple of days I can say that this look to be solid tools. I see the ability to add/ delete users.

  • An Awesome App.

    by FMA Jr.

    I am helpdesk admin and works 24/7. Today I was in a doctor's waiting room ,when I received a call from user to unlock her account. As always it was super urgent. Fortunately I had read about an AD app just a few days ago. Found this app on the app store, and in minutes I got access to my AD. Unlocking the account was a breeze. Typed in her partial name and I was right there. It showed that Account was locked. Tapped on the Action menu - Unlock Account. Done. Made my Day!!!!! Speed was awesome. I am impressed, but mind you, the user was more impressed, and a bit shocked and confused too. Then I started looking onto other features, and just loved the report, real icing on the cake. Unlocked account report showed couple of more accounts locked out. Unlocked them immediately. A great tool and a must for IT ToolBox. Now I can relax in the doctor's office due to this absolute Godsend app. Well made and recommended.

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