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Seller: AVer Information Inc.

1.New user interface
2.Support more ip cameras

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The Aver iViewer provides users remote access to monitor videos from AVer DVRs/NVRs or IP cameras (network cameras) via an iPhone or iPad. Users can remotely view live videos anytime and anywhere on an iPhone or iPad(Android phone or Pad), and their privacy is highly protected through an authorization mechanism. The account information and corresponding IP address will be saved automatically, too.

• 1.remote live monitoring anytime and anywhere
• 2.privacy is highly protected by authorization mechanism
• 3.live display mode: 1/4 split mode
• 4.connection up to 32 channels
• 5.record DVR/NVR or IP camera (network camera) information in your address book
• 6.remote PTZ control
• 7.remote Playback
• 8.supports both landscape mode and portrait mode
• 9.connection information is saved automatically
• 10.free download from App Store

Customer Reviews

  • Works great

    by Vczopper

    This app works great and is easy to use. Not happy with the new update because I can't swipe from camera to camera anymore. But I still love the app so I gave it 5 stars.

  • Please fix it

    by dfhjjuytc1244

    Please fix the app. I miss watching cameras so much:( the application freezes when you hit the camera icon to see your cameras. Thanks

  • HELP

    by ?!PLEASE!?

    I'm not sure exactly how to work this so all I want to know is if I can capture Xbox 360 and/or ps2 gameplay! A help bar or tutorial in the app would really help

  • Excellent apps

    by Jorge Correa

    This is the best app

  • Landscape

    by Twfl

    Great App but really need this to flip to landscape on IPad after wall mounting it.

  • Connect failed [1003]

    by r8ersazfan

    Worked perfectly on IOS 5. I tried to view cameras today and keep getting connect failed [1003]. Why? Fix please!

  • Great app

    by Eugene12345

    Works amazing all errors were fixed perfect app

  • Great upgrade with playback

    by DJ JWD

    Could really use a iPad app for a much better picture. I would pay money for a app that was in the Desktop store. That would really be helpful! I LOVE the new playback!!!! It's awesome! Still wish it had a mac app for my laptop

  • Great!

    by G-cat-mac

    I hope they make one for mac too.

  • Good app!

    by Kbpr

    This app works great on iPhone 4! Love the new playback feature! But I think this app still needs audio compatibility to be five stars!

  • Good, Almost Great

    by Explorer:)

    Thanks for providing this application. It Consistently works well for me. A wish-list for future updates: - ability to zoom in - button to capture picture - when in multi-view mode, it would be nice if you could tap an image to trigger that image to full view and then tap that full image to return back to multi-view, instead of the current method.

  • Me

    by Andy0825

    Works awesome!!!

  • Not always success

    by Mike Doyle

    When it works,it works great.for last seven days it says connect failed . I live in country and depend on sys

  • Nasser

    by azozrm

    Great app and so useful .. One thing is missing .. Fullscreen mode !

  • Mac OS

    by Ishars

    Great app. Could you make a app for the MacBook app store?

  • Finally

    by hakos3d

    I have installed dozens of AverMedia systems and have used all of the mobile platform. This is super advanced compared to the past ones. My clients would love to have the audio capablity that Windows Mobile has. Also, I personally am still waiting for the Windows Phone 7 client with the same capabilities that Windows Mobile has. Also playback function could be added to iPhone app, too.

  • Good improvement!

    by Ckshdop

    Design is good. Glad to see such great improvement

  • New feature!

    by Cherryhill47

    The app is pretty much the same but now has an address book and you can save multiple sites. Alot of people have requested this feature and now it's here! Now if we could get bigger screen shots I would be happy

  • Very useful !!! But ...

    by Mr. Bimer

    Finally I don´t have to rewrite all the info connection, but I would really appreciate if we could save several profiles so I can access several points without having to retype the info of each one. Everything else is excellent.

  • 3g support much needed

    by DeFlanko

    The ability of using wifi is good but if your outside on a ladder and you don't have wifi, having the ability to switch over to 3g would be perfect for camera alignments. I wonder if I can ssh in to the iPhone and change the plist. So after adding com.averinfo.iPhoneView to voipover3g.plist. It still dosent work. Anyone else figure a solution work around ?

  • 4 pitcures same thing

    by Axis 1

    Still 4 pitcures same thing I paid money for this

  • Does not work/connection fail

    by Username2222

    The new app does not work on an iPhone. Bring back the old one and fix this one!

  • Help!

    by hahope

    Since the new update yesterday, I can't see my camera's/video

  • What happened?

    by Stanley John

    It used to work fine but surprisingly 3 month after the update they haven´t fixed it!

  • Update doesn't work.

    by Bob N. Frapples

    Worked great before the last update. Crashes whenever I try to use it now. Use the DSS iviewer instead of this POS app.

  • Crashes far too often

    by farmerd79

    It will work at times but its been a while since an update and it seems to crash pretty regularly now.

  • Garbage.

    by Siena9086032

    Garbage. Crashes immediately and cameras 17-32 buttons cover top half of the screen. Go use the DSS iViewer instead. For some reason they put up a version that actually works with a totally different name. Same garbage usability, but at least it works.

  • Crash and Black Screen

    by Piccolono

    I had few crashed with pref version. New one is very problematic. Loads the 4 cam feed just fine but click on a single camera feed or try to select the next group of 4 and it either crashes or gives you a black screen. As posted before….this thing is going the wrong direction.

  • why did they do this?!

    by Tiaxiaomao

    what a POS this update is? I wish I had read the review before I accepted the update! now it simply doesn't work - whole thing freezes and there is absolutely nothing you can do. as as all business owner, I depend on my this ability to watch my staff remotely. this is just great! why would you launch an update that is so lousy that makes the bad worse? (from occasional crashing to simply not working!)

  • Horrible

    by Levon Kaputikyan

    Quality is not great, just ok. Sound function is not working

  • New version does not work

    by Soccerdragon6

    Up to now the previous versions worked great.....but the new version freezes the page and then go black...Please check this bug in this app!

  • Bad update

    by Robmtsd

    After latest update the app doesn't function on iPad or iPhone. Prior to update, function was poor on iPad - each single screen was splint to four of the same camera shot. Very annoying. If properly functioning, this app would be brilliant. If there were a properly functioning version for Mac, I would pay for it. However, after this latest update, it's utterly useless.

  • User

    by Frequent User 007

    Most recent update simply does not work at all! Do not install until they fix it!

  • Horrible Update

    by Jimreview26

    It used to crash all the time. So I've been patiently waiting for an update. Today I got one. Now it just makes the screen go black. Can't access my cameras anymore. Nice Job.

  • New upgrade will destroy software !!!!

    by Legarik


  • [1003] Network is disconnected

    by Tirf Alexius

    My Averviewer was working beautifully until this latest update! No, the IP address hasn't changed and there's been no port forwarding. This version is horrible! Please let me know if you have plans to address this issue so I can plan accordingly. I have many locations I monitor and have come to depend on this app. Let me know if I should look elsewhere.

  • Don't do the update the latest update march 11,2013

    by xxxMonkeytacoxxx

    After updating the latest version. I still cannot access my cameras anymore I get [1004] failed to get video stream!

  • Don't do this upgrade.

    by KC n KC

    After upgrading to this latest version all off my cameras are zoomed in, don't see any option to change it.

  • Stability issues!

    by Bones117

    Having the capability to remotely view cameras on my phone is great, but stability of the app is pretty bad. It has been crashing an awful lot lately. Some updates need to be made to increase the reliability of the app. Hopefully aver will keep working on this to make it better.


    by Jay Mash

    Fantastic app but it really needs the update done for the bigger iPhone 5 screen! Also zoom capabilities would be fantastic. I can zoom with my other camera app for my other store location.

  • Buggy

    by Rzmartin1

    Still giving can not connect message, eventually connects . Buggy ?

  • Does not work on new ios

    by pjk808

    Worked well before. Now it is useless

  • Connect failed

    by solarisftw

    This app was good while it worked. Now it fails to connect after updating iOS. Please update to work with iOS 5!

  • Error 1003

    by Dmusava

    Always giving error 1003 connection failed , is there a upgrade ?

  • Eh...

    by Ogegfos63

    Awesome. I have it on my iPad. Works great on there. It keeps crashing on my iPod though!!!!!!!!!

  • Good and useful app. It would be really good if we can hear audio too.

    by Priyamjm

    Really good application. Missing audio. Hopefully in next version of iPhone app will have that too. I am not in hurry anyway. :)

  • Works just fine

    by Earthish

    Simple to use and works nicely.

  • Need more features

    by pascualj

    It would be nice if you could go to past recordings, and make bigger for the iPad... Besides that works great

  • Not Impressed

    by T'ed off

    I find the video really unclear and I get a strange yellowish line through the video on the lower half. Anyone else? I also would like to be able to save several profiles.

  • Very primitive

    by Muns01

    App needs some serious work! Not bring able to save the last connection is so basic that it makes you wonder who wrote this app. Additionally, no way to see full screen or quad. The geovision gview app is far more superior.

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