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Wherever you go, there's your Mac.

**** IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of Air Login is policy managed by Aruba WorkSpace. PLEASE PURCHASE IT ONLY IF YOU USE ARUBA WORKSPACE. ****

New from Avatron, the folks who brought you Air Sharing, Air Display, Air Dictate, and Print Sharing … Air Login keeps you connected to your home and office Macs while you're on the go.

Air Login connects over the Internet to present your Mac OS X screen on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. A virtual trackpad lets you move a mouse cursor around on the screen and interact with the Mac user interface.

There are other remote-access clients in the App Store. But none can compare with Air Login's ease of use. With Air Login you spend less time panning around a big screen and more time working with your Mac apps and documents.

• Air Login keeps the Mac menu bar pinned at the top of your iOS screen, even while you zoom and pan the rest of the screen to focus on small UI elements. The menu works instantly because it's cached locally, and doesn't need to communicate back to the computer until you select a menu item.
• A Mission Control-like feature called App Grid lets you quickly focus on a particular Mac window or app.
• A custom keyboard gives you all of the special Mac keys that you need.
• Avatron's advanced Air Connect server connects your devices even if they're behind firewalls, on a cell connection, or on a very restrictive network. If your Mac can surf the Web, Air Login can operate it remotely.

Your free Air Connect account lets you use Air Login to connect to any number of computers on your local network. If you want to connect to a remote computer, you can subscribe to the "Air Login Anywhere" service from within in the app.

This version of Air Login can only access Mac computers running OS X 10.7 or later. You will need to install the free Air Connect app on your Mac. (Looking for Air Connect for Windows? We are working on it and will release it soon. Stay tuned!)

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