PostEver Business App Review (iOS, $5.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Atech inc.
  • Updated: Mar, 10 2011
  • Version: 2.6.0
  • Size: 1.45 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Atech inc.

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PostEver is the best tool to post your text and images to Evernote quickly.

Fully functional 14 days free trial PostEver Lite is also available!

PostEver has all the following features, like other Evernote posting apps.
- Post with any tags to specified notebook and title.
- Attaching pictures (1 picture per post).
- Add location information and date and time automatically.
- No need to care about communication state (Post automatically in the background after connection is recovered).

Only the PostEver has the following feature (PostEver engine).
- "Postscript" feature is able to add note to same notebook and same title.

If you omit the posting title, today's date will be the default title when PostEver engine is ON.
Just send more and more without thinking, all posts by day can organize into a single notebook!

LifeLog, privacy tweets, fragments of ideas, journal, shopping memo, reading notes and plot of the novels.
Use PostEver for all uses and any purpose.

[Function details]
- Can save and recall title history.
- Autofill title can be selected from "The first line of text/ Date and time/ Date/ Time/ Do not fill".
- History management of multiple combinations of tags.
- Bookmarklet cooperation (dedicated bookmarklet can enter the URL and title of the page being viewed in Safari).
- Supports both portrait and landscape orientation.
- Bluetooth keyboard support.
- Cooperation with TextExpander.(not iOS7)
- Cooperation with ATOK Pad.(not iOS7)
- Location information can be added in the Exif information of attached picture.
- Can replace the carriage return and the submit button.

* PostEver Lite works fully functional for 14 days after start up.
Following features will be disabled after the 14 days trial period expires.
- More than 5 posts per day.
- Attaching pictures.
You can purchase to remove functional limitations anytime from menu.

Customer Reviews

  • good app

    by grin carrot

    great app !!

  • Great app for Evernote

    by Rick Goodman

    I use this everyday for both work and personal things. Great plugin for Evernote.

  • Overpriced but does the job

    by MontyPython'sFlyingCircus

    Would have happily chosen a cheaper app that writes to the same note for a day and retains notebook and tag setup. App also nags to review.

  • Smart Solution for Integrated Journaling

    by erospoli

    This is a great app, it is purpose built and very intuitive for quickly jotting down thoughts whenever you want I am very focused on getting my digital life organized in one place - Evernote and this app is an excellent addition to my strategy. The one note per day logic is very elegant

  • Fantastic addition to Evernote

    by Pwwroa

    I love this app. I came to Evernote in 2008 because I wanted one place for everything. I was using TheJournal on my pc. Problem was I could only access it from the one pc where TheJournal was installed. Started using Evernote as my journal, had to make a new note each time I wanted to make an entry for my journal or look for the original note for that day. Other option was to tag the note each day with a special tag that would allow me to easily find it, then at the end of day remove the tag. Now problem solved! I discovered Post Ever! I can easily add notes during the day from my ipod or ipad and they are all stored in one note and time stamped each time I send the note. Eureka!!! I have only had it installed one day, I will update if I have any problems. If no additional comments then everything is good. Thanks Post Ever. I will spread the word on Evernote forums.

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