TinyScan - PDF scanner to scan multipage documents Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Jan, 31 2013
  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 11.19 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

-New iOS 7 user interface
-Supports PDF merging
-Improves scanning process
-Minor bug fixes

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366 Ratings
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TinyScan turns your iPhone into a mini scanner for documents, photos, receipts and other texts. With TinyScan, you can scan your documents at anywhere and store or email them as PDF files.

TinyScan is well designed and extremely easy to use. The interface is user friendly. It uses fast algorithms and detects page frames automatically. It provides 3 modes for different files - color, grayscale, black & white. Each mode shows a perfect contrast.

TinyScan can help you with:
√Creates PDF documents with multiple scans.
√Detects the page frames automatically.
√Provides 3 modes for different files (color, grayscale, black & white).
√Enhanced the scans to make them readable by adjusting brightness and contrast.
√Easy to manage and order pages in one document.
√Provides different page sizes for PDF export (Letter, A4, B5…etc).
√Download and share document through WiFi.
√Thumbnail view for documents and order by date or title.
√Email the scans as PDF.
√Quick search documents by title.
√Protects documents with passwords.

Download and start to use TinyScan to make your life easier. Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app.

If you have any problem or suggestions please send a mail to tinyscan@appxy.com, and you will get the response and solution in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • Scan

    by BlkDiamond101

    Very useful

  • Cool app

    by Fx good times

    This is a cool little app. It amazes me what can be done with technology and this app is one of those little wonders

  • Excellent

    by Cathy1305

    Tiny scan performs very well, it's a useful app

  • A must for people on the go

    by Sirjlp

    I work as an active duty Air Force member in an office setting and this app has been incredibly useful for turning any signed documents into PDF files for my records.

  • Great App

    by Albhoch

    I am a new user. The app is extremely easy to use especially for multipage documents. Much easier and faster than my flatbed scanner.

  • Great tool

    by Anonymusladybug

    This is a very useful tool!

  • I love it!!!

    by HildaBear

    This is one of the most useful apps EVER!! It can be used to scan documents, books, articles, journals. I no longer purchase school books...I just check them out from the library and scan the pages I need to read. It is a money saver! My only complaint is that it takes a while to scan high volumes of pages but it is a minor downfall. The best part is the high quality images it produces. I love it.

  • Very good app

    by Wind challenged

    Works very well for getting printed documents to office when on the road.

  • Awesome... And by the way it is Awesome


    I use this for work at least 3-4 times a week; because I work from home sometimes; and I have to update co-workers with information; and I don't like wiring thing twice; this is a life saver.

  • Great app

    by Swanchivas

    Saves your like if you dont have a copy machine or scaner. Can do both jobs :)

  • Awesome!

    by SMFKLB

    Has made life so much easier and cost effective!!!

  • Excelente

    by Danielitacaballero

    Muy útil la aplicación.

  • Love it!

    by Dawson86

    It couldn't be easier to use. I take a picture, save it as a PDF, and email it or save it to my device. It's perfect.

  • Good app

    by Sqljay

    Used it couple of times , for scanning some pictures been very pressed. Thanks

  • Ok

    by Tracie9887

    Just wish it could be little bit better

  • Thumbs up

    by ppearl_007

    Just the thought of being able to convert my documents at deadlines into PDF without a scanner thrills me. And to think of the quality that this app gives you- no blurry images, even lighting etc this app is the real deal. Having tried out another app that works like TinyScan, I'll def rate this one five stars.

  • Great Lil App.

    by AkkaRado

    Great App. I have used it to get things done. Very economical. Radha

  • It converts your files to pfd

    by Iloveveggiesss

    It's awesome I barely use my laptop... I've got everything I need in my phone.

  • Love It

    by AtlasRoofGuy

    Works great on the run

  • Handy

    by News critic122

    Nice tool to have. It's right there whenever you need a scanner.

  • Loading image....

    by Mahvelous Mahvin

    Infinite loop. Please fix this app. Can't seem to load ANY document.

  • Have to buy pro to keep using

    by TiltedPerspective

    I got this and scanned two or three things and it worked great and I loved it but then I had to buy the pro version in order to do anything else. I wouldn't have bothered downloading it if it was only going to work for three documents. I downloaded it thinking it was just a limited features version (which it was) and I could upgrade to pro to get the extra features but it forces you to either delete the app because it is now useless or upgrade.

  • Love this a app!

    by RansomRose

    This has proven to be a very handy app for me! I have used it to scan and send documents, and scan old photos and post them on Facebook! It's very easy to use. I highly recommend it!

  • Saves me a ton of time!

    by Neeruam

    Love this app. Saves me a trip to the scanner! And also saves me from causing the scanner bodily harm when it eats my papers!

  • Quality

    by AnemicMe

    This is a solid scanner application. It's not the best one, but as a scanner-junkie I will tell you that you are more likely to download a bad apple if you don't download this scanner application, because most are pretty bad. The truth is that I take it too seriously. I'm only leaving this comment because another reviewer mentioned the scanner I rate as #1 and they said Tiny Scan was better. And everyone is entitled to their opinion but I didn't want people to use Tiny Scan only and missing out. And if you ask Apple they love Readdle's 'Scanner Pro' which also has 5 stars like CamScanner (CamScanner HD for iPad) and also is inferior. First of all CamScanner's feature list is way too robust for Tiny Scan to compete with. They've been around so long. They were my first. But here's what it comes down to for me personally - and it's why CamScanner always wins out: enhancement (auto) is by far and away superior to ANY other scanner I've witnessed (including the $15 one by the relatively-famous devs) and auto-crop is flawless for me. Iphone particularly as it has an even better camera. And I'm on 4S still! All these other scanner apps want you to enhance it yourself. And I appreciate the sliders CAmScanner offers too, but I REALLY appreciate the fact that ULTRA RARELY have I felt a desire to use them. I'm telling you the CamScanner enhancements are just better. And I don't umderstand why they do this but u could even get an even CLEARER enhancement than the one I just bragged about for them if u sign up for their premium service which includes 10GB storage. Text search is there. OCR. export as PDF or image etc etx. Fax. Can tiny scan fax yet? CamScanner started that I think. And the enhancement believe it or not is even better so for me as a scanner junkie I like it more. But... Not everyone is a scanner junkie. And just because I like CamScanner doesn't mean everyone should. I just wanted to be clear for the previous reviewer... All that said I really like Tiny Scan. I think it's heading in the right direction and I like what they've done with the enhancement screen except it's not automatic which I love. They make it feel automatic though at least by having it be enhanced at all. They just appear to start in the center. CamScanner has "Magic Color" which is what they enhance with and for my needs it works well on images as I am a photographer as well as PDFs without needing to push buttons for color or gray scale. When I tried other scanner apps for the first time I was amazed this feature was missing in all the other apps. You mean your scanner can't detect if my image is color or a black/white doc and then make adjustments? Then you aren't CamScanner it appears. But that feature is bomb to me I really like what TinyScan is doing with clean interface and export. Would like OCR of scans I think it already has text search. Direct to upload to Evernote / Dropbox The usual. Need to be able to export as images but I'm sure it's coming. Great application. I hate to leave this review with more good words about a competitor. And I wouldn't but I truly love CamScanner. And the devs are good and hard workers probably like the guys at Tiny Scan. I'm definitely going to pick up the full version of this application. It's quick and that's nice. Cropping seems mostly accurate (a LOT better than what Scanner Pro offers is for a couple bucks more. Makes me sick lol. I told u I take it too seriously. Lol. Be well! Scan on!! Haha

  • Awesome! Everyone needs this!

    by Thomas MacFarlane

    Love this little app. So easy, so effective-poof it's a signed PDF, and then poof it's sent. A real time saver.

  • What I needed.

    by Scott Michael Foster

    Easy to use and great quality.

  • Excellent

    by Brain for rent

    Excellent app.

  • Good but

    by Yoomer

    Improvement please.

  • Works Well

    by Abilene HP

    Easy to use and very convenient when quick scan is needed.

  • Awesome!

    by Gleith

    This app works wonders for me. I use it to scan math assignments and turn them in online for my college class. Super fast and handy to just snap a pic and have one PDF to turn in. Love it.

  • Excellent app!

    by Lexmac2005

    This is one of the coolest apps to use if you need to email someone a document.

  • Great product

    by T2b office interiors

    I use this for simple scans at my office instead of asking someone else to scan and email me Great app

  • Great App

    by Apple.Palm

    Highly recommended!

  • Great App

    by Apple.Palm

    Highly recommended!

  • Works great!

    by GrandpaNC

    A must for my work...

  • Very helpful app

    by Christy Cor R

    Worth paying extra for the full version. It's like having a scanner on you at all times.

  • A++

    by Manroo890

    I love my mini scanner

  • Awesome product

    by EvenStepps

    Very easy to use and one of the most useful apps I have!

  • Great App!

    by Doc.suess.1

    Easy to use, especially if you don't have a scanner or fax machine at home. Love this app!

  • Awesome app

    by Johnny Will do

    I love this app. It is one of the BEST ones I have.

  • 2 scan limit then PAY

    by Lectrons

    Pay$$$$$ to use

  • A Lifesaver

    by Megc26

    I was recently faced with an important deadline late at night and needed an important signed document scanned and emailed immediately. I found this app thinking it was too good to be true and in seconds the pic I snapped of my document was converted to PDF and emailed. Lifesaver App. Which I had this app much sooner.

  • A Real Nifty Idiea

    by Ibuywise

    Get this app it comes in real handy I love it.

  • Pro no longer works!

    by Cary_911

    After 1/10/14 update, the Pro version no long advances past "image loading". I want a refund!!

  • Fantastic App

    by Sad NPR listener

    I love this App!

  • Awesome!!!

    by MSMSquared

    This app is awesome for a person on the go!!

  • Solution to iOS 10.7

    by High Desert Girl

    Scanning is a breeze. Ever since upgrading to Mountain lion 10.7, scanning has become a chore because I could no longer save scans through my wireless network. With this app, I've by-passed the problem. I can scan or fax something as soon as I get it and deal with it. It's great for receipts. I always forget to save them. Now I just take a picture of it.

  • Totally useless -- don't waste your money!

    by Lokgh

    Just like the review from January 24 -- same exact problem! Once I take the picture, the iPad freezes on "Loading Document". None of the buttons work and I have to shut down the iPad to clear the image. Nothing but a pain!

  • Spectacular

    by Sweaty ball sack

    Pay full price if you have lots of documents. Worth it though. At least I think.

  • Fabulous App!

    by BlLeza

    Love the ease of use, the speed and the clarity of the scanned documents. Such a time saver!

  • Great app

    by Ritu00

    Easy to use on the go. Used it recently at a trade show to send orders in. Very useful..

  • Does exactly what it is supposed to do

    by Wish I were French

    Which means it is an usually good app

  • Tiny scan works!

    by Meeeeeeeeee4849459593

    Awesome little app has helped me and my friends out if several jams.

  • Tiny scan

    by Refgtech

    Great app I use it all the time when out of the office and need a copy or to send information back to office. I recommend this app to all Thanks for job well done. old man

  • What happened

    by PMS Chick

    I used this program for months to scan things for my classmates when they were unable to come to class. After the update all it does us take a picture of the document and spin....nothing.....else. I'm pretty sad about this bc I used this program on a daily basis.

  • Love it

    by Skeptical Mothering

    Fantastically simple way to keep track of receipts on the road and keep them all together.

  • Takes forever for image to load

    by JacksonTr

    I have tried this four times now and The one page letter/document never loads.

  • Great!

    by Very@54

    I've used this app a couple of time and it works great. The best part is, if you can't take a straight picture of a document (like myself) the app crops it for you.

  • It is useful

    by Construction man

    I have found this app to be very easy to use and it can be used in a lot of ways to help me with my mobile business. I use it a lot when I travel.

  • Gary L

    by mocks101

    Great app, I use it every day for all the paperwork I do on the road.

  • Great app!

    by Upstreaming

    I've been using my camera for all kinds of documents since my scanner broke but this makes great PDFs.

  • You need this app!

    by azukiBEAN!

    This is definitely in the Top Ten Apps to DL; with all the red tape and due processes needed nowadays, it behooves all professionals alike to have this one handy.

  • Love the app

    by Shianne Lee

    Love this app. I use this to email paperwork that I need to fill out for school

  • Tiny Scan apt.

    by gracy100m

    This apt., works well, simply and the scans are clear with good colours. What more could we want.

  • Awesome

    by lsgator7

    Works great. I have to scan documents for my promo jobs and my scanner on printer is working. Love it. So glad to have it.

  • I use it for homework

    by Brownmamma3

    I wouldn't be able to submit my assignments without it!

  • Super Handy

    by Jg9090

    I have found this app to be very handy and very useful. I have scanned numerous documents and sent them as email attachments. Really good!

  • Amazing App

    by AtxQuintero

    This app has come in handy while in class, when all of the other students are waiting in line for the scanners, I have this amazing app. I highly recommend it!

  • Latest Version Crashes: has to be deleted and reinstalled

    by NotInKY

    My department uses this app for work (iPad Airs), but the latest version Always freezes on a "Loading Document" screen upon scanning the first page. The doc never loads, and the app has to be deleted and reinstalled to work again. We ordinarily really like this app, but this problem has been forcing us to utilize more complicated substitutes. Once the issue disappears, I'll leave a more positive rating.

  • Nice

    by Kiet Luong

    Nice app for scanning papers and documents

  • Bueno

    by cvintimilla

    Excelente programa gracias

  • Awesome app

    by bgarv001

    Def worth $5, this app makes life even more convenient

  • Used to love it

    by ADFan

    I used to really like this app. But now it's really difficult to use. Every time I try to hit the camera key to add another document, it asks if I wasn't to upgrade and I have to get out if the app and close it down completely before I can scan another document. It's very frustrating. I know they want me to pay an extra $5 but I don't need it. They need to separate the upgrade button from the camera button.

  • Awesome App

    by Iniyavan

    Tiny but does a giant work. It is like carrying a scanning machine in your pocket. I just love it. It is very user friendly and makes office work of scanning very simple and quick. Very very useful.

  • The best!

    by TheCatbus

    So easy to scan something ANYWHERE!!!! Why hadn't anyone thought of this sooner!?

  • Awesome!!!

    by Ryrybk1

    Great app!!

  • Great little app!!!


    Don't let the title mislead you. This tiny little scanner is amazing does the job quite well and packs a punch!!! Had to scan some formal hr retirement document requirements to a work colleague recently. This tiny scanner performed this function in spades - did not disappoint!!! I highly recommend it. Very well done indeed!

  • This app rocks!

    by Kitty81877

    My job requires me to make copies of documents from books that aren't supposed to leave their current locations. This app allows me to scan copies with my phone and email them to myself or whoever needs the copy to print at a later time. I love it!

  • Worth the $

    by Timothy Cummings

    Dependable and does a great job of it.

  • Awesome

    by Salazaar

    It's very good

  • So very helpful

    by Master+JAM

    This so useful and it make scanning my draws in easier but it crash a lot when ever I adjust anything I scan so it would if could fix that but other than that I have no problem with it

  • Great for documents!

    by KHP 25

    Tiny scan is much better than another app (Cam scanner) I had been using for the past couple of years. The black and white feature is not blurry like the other app & documents are produced quickly and easily. Like an earlier post mentioned, I also wish the edges were a little easier to clean up - maybe in the next version! Love it. Thanks for the technology!

  • Excellent app

    by Jmpower11

    This app is great!

  • Terrific! Love it!

    by parrottlover

    This app has come in handy for everything from sales receipts to correspondence to legal papers! I use it almost every day.

  • Is okkkkkkk

    by Yori yori29

    Not bad at all I like ittt❤️

  • Works

    by Siakzar

    Great for scanning biz cards Also scans documents and convert to PDF

  • Great but saving process is awkward

    by Rockinron2011

    Seems the process for saving a doc with a unique name is awkward. I am not a fan of having to experiment to see how this app works.

  • Great app!!!

    by Rinhthuv

    Very useful

  • #1

    by Scan artist


  • Simple and fast

    by Trucker1024

    Quick, intuitive, simple. Has saved me countless hours creating documents on the go

  • Very Useful

    by State man

    It is easy to yes and understand. Create a folder and point and click. Emailing is a snap also. Keep up the good work.

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