Timesheet Pro - Time Tracking, Invoicing and Billing Business App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Mar, 06 2012
  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 11.4 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

- iOS 6 compatibility fixes
- Adjusts all views for the iPhone 5
- Minor bug fixes.

- Add iPad version, two apps in one.
- Minor bug fixes

- Fix the bug that timer paused in background.
- Fix the crash issue on iOS4.0.
- Fix the currency issue on PDF.
- Improve the report section.
- Minor bug fixes.

- Newly designed user interface and layout.
- Provide a new way to track your hours.
- Add task and project for each client.
- Add calendar to manage your daily jobs.
- Add custom job for invoice.
- Improve the chart and PDF report.
- Minor bug fixes.

- Fix the date display error in PDF report.
- Fix the jobs overlap issue when create an invoice.
- Fix the display error of line chart.
- Improve client name inputting when create a new client.
- Minor bug fixes.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
64 Ratings
All Versions:
264 Ratings


Timesheet Pro is a professional tool to track and analyze your work hours and payments. No matter where you are, whether you’re a small business owner, lawyer, office staff or part of a team.

Timesheet Pro allows users to enter their daily work hours, and hourly rates. The application can split hours into projects and tasks, it also provides a professional timesheet to analyze hours and payments.

Timesheet Pro can help you to:

★ Track your work hours and payments and payments easily.
√ Create timer easily and quickly access running time entries.
√ Manually adjust start and end time.
√ Round time entries in 1, 5,15 and 30 minute.
√ Supports daily and weekly overtime work, and extra money earned from overtime.
√ Supports multiple clients, projects and tasks.
√ Calculates daily payment automatically.

★ Manage your work hours and payments.
√ Review your daily work hours and payments on calendar.
√ See your timesheet by weekly and monthly.
√ Split your work hours into project and task.
√ Customize work log.

★ Create your invoice and export.
√ Create invoice by both hours and items.
√ Generate PDF invoices to review or email as attachments.

★ Other features
√ Review your work hours and payments through powerful charts.
√ Passcode protection.
√ Supports multiple currency.
√ Supports backup and restore.

Download and start to use Timesheet Pro to track your hours and earnings easier.
Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app.

If you have any problem or suggestions please send a mail to invoice@bluetgs.com, and you will get the response and solution in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • Works for me

    by Horse logger

    I really like this app. I had been using the hours keeper and with the latest east update it is very good. What I like about this is the ability to brak jobs into tasks. I had large shipping charge I wanted to include in the weeks work and it allows for such an entry. As a former printer and forms designer I would like to see the ability to tantrum more text in the fields and smaller type faces. The. Fiv stars

  • Good app

    by Lremenyi

    Does everything I need it to do.

  • Why is there no Bi-weekly?

    by xIceFisher3x

    There should be a biweekly option to view total hours since that's how many companies do payroll nowadays, otherwise great for seeing how many hours I've worked a week, sometimes the arrows to scroll from week to week don't work though.

  • Would love it if...

    by Trish1978

    I love the app, but the invoice option is useless for me, cause it cuts everything off. 5 stars if that can be fixed

  • So far, so good

    by Ms_Fit

    The app has performed as promised so far but it's only been a week. I'm not anticipating any glitches for my needs. I would like the ability to include my whole business name (right now it cuts it off due to lack of space?). Otherwise, pretty darn handy to invoice on the fly being a consultant.

  • Great App

    by CourtCus

    Great App easy to use.

  • Awesome app

    by Johnnymac1028

    Let's me keep track of multiple jobs and the invoice ability is the best. I can invoice my clients weekly without fail. I love it!

  • Simple

    by Truckee

    Simple to use. Haven't figured out report or Jobs yet.

  • Great app for project time keeping

    by Cy-Burg

    I have started using this app for project time keeping. I am a consultant and find it very useful. I agree with the other comments that it is tough to work with at first but once you figure it out from playing with it in the beginning i think you will really like it.

  • Neat App

    by Jocto

    This is a nice tidy little app that makes it easy to track my employees hours

  • Good stuff!!!

    by ChezSmith6

    I have a number of clients as a CFO and my services for each vary from minutes to hours each day. This allows me to keep track of the the work I perform on the go. Very useful tool!

  • Awesome App!

    by Bamini23

    very easy to use! just what I need :)

  • Like it

    by 9Mario

    Still learning how to use it

  • Pretty cool so far!

    by AB90BK

    It's good not that simple to learn off the back but once you get it. It does help Organize your money and hours you work.

  • Great app

    by Srj26

    Does everything I need it to do. Would like to see an import feature to my iPad to phone or viceversa without backing up to my PC

  • Great app

    by Wahowaa

    Just.what I need.

  • Great app love it.

    by Faculty assasin

    Takes some getting use to it but if u play enough is great

  • Nice and simple

    by KFriendly

    I have tried a ton of project / time keeping apps and i have to say that for strictly time keeping this app could be the best however there are a few reasons why it's not today. 1: When I add time from multiple projects in the same day the time is updated in the app (if I select the date the pop up box shows all projects) but the calendar does not update the time from any of the projects except the first one unless I switch to week view and then it usually updates the hours on the calendar but not always. 2: When I go through all of the steps to add time to a project, if I select a project without a task I have to cancel all of the input I just entered and go to settings to add a task for that project. I should be able to add the task in the time entry mode. 3: If I try to add a picture to my profile when I select open my photo library the app crashes. Apart from these annoyances and time stealing issues, this app is the best time keeping app in the app store. Once these issues are fixed this is a five star app.

  • Great APP

    by TFishab

    This has worked great for tracking my time

  • Great value

    by Mlb2003

    Great value

  • Can't figure it out

    by Cynthia Carroll

    I've tried many times. It's not intuitive. Sure, I've not tried real hard, but should I have to?

  • Great Potential....

    by Esg3

    I should have really paid attention to the other reviewers. I am trying to track my jobs and use multiple tasks. This app at first look seemed to do all I wanted. I have spent more TIME trying to figure it out and less time doing my work that I want to keep track of. Lots of room for improvement! This app certainly has the potential but it is definitely not there. As far as support... I have yet to receive any responses to my queries about use of the application. Best I can tell, they released this app and moved on to something else. Not worth the money until they make great improvements. Now I am back to searching for an app that will do what I want. Arrggh!

  • Horrible, app and support.

    by JRSK9510

    Took the chance, paid 1.99. Either it is a flawed design or me, but no way enter more than one customer? Email support, have yet to hear back. Negative stars please

  • Invoice and calculations

    by pyroboy024

    I bought and use both you products both have the same issue can't creat invoice and hour x rate sometimes does calculate crashing a lot but by far my fav time tracker app just can't use either one :(

  • Rough start

    by Randy Turnquist

    I'm having trouble figuring it out, it doesn't flow the way I need it to, I'm going to keep trying buy it doesn't look promising

  • Where's the support

    by Ov10fac

    No support seems to be available. A waste of money

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Fred Austin

    Just installed and app keeps crashing. If you select Support in Settings. Editing profile also crashes the app.

  • Difficult UI

    by Barry Andersen

    I still have been unable to figure out where to keep track of payments from a client. The Timesheet page should have a direct way of entering task categories and payments in the column with the timers.

  • Works for me

    by Hibobco

    Not real easy to figure out how to use, but eventually you will know which features work for you and where to find them.

  • An OK app

    by Fantasia1977

    Hard to find out where to place information and to set up.

  • Really nice

    by Mtsmitt

    App takes a little work setting up, but once you have information saved it works really well. Great time keeper.

  • Not a good enough app...had to manually deduct

    by Lewdog2007

    Doesn't calculate taxes well...or deduct any other deductions. Had to do it manually. Don't ask for another review.

  • Great app for independent contractors

    by LizzieOg

    Helps me be more efficient with time tracking for my various projects!

  • It tech

    by Nrys

    Great app, been using it since July and it has not let me down,

  • Wrkrbee

    by ETA Art

    Helpful, it has aided me in keeping track of various projects and invoicing accordingly!

  • Break time

    by U need a break

    Love the app. Needs to be able to add a break time so it takes away the time while u were away maybe lunch break

  • Klb

    by Wellzie1977

    I love this app, thanks so much for it.

  • Not worth it

    by Rivers001

    Always crashing.

  • Awkward to use, incomplete invoicing

    by Turnathought

    I needed to track hours and create an invoice for a project underway. Presented with a nice task calendar I tapped on a selected date, no go. To enter the time spent on a task with a client you must first go to settings and create a client entry, then create a project name, then anticipate all the tasks you want to record hours for and enter them. To create a new manual log entry, you select a date with the confounded spinning wheels, which always begin with todays date and time, then select a client, a project and a task - you cannot create a new project or task on this form, so if you have spun the date back a few months, entered all the data but need a new task - you have to start over. I created an invoice for my client, BUT the description of the task is truncated to about 10 characters so it is useless for your client. Although one may have good task descriptions and even notes attached to each entry THE ONLY OUTPUT is the crap invoice in PDF format. I wasted hours on this one.

  • Goo for tracking time

    by KatieK-the22

    But missing flexibility for invoicing.

  • Good App, Easy to use

    by Taustin22

    Fairly easy to use. Gets easier the more you use it. Initial setup is key to ease of use.

  • Great app

    by Eighty Ate

    Bought the app, had an issue, emailed the dev, 2 days later there was a fix with an update and I am good to go. Great response to customers... The app is exactly what I was looking for as an independent programming contractor.

  • From 4

    by knightsqwn

    This app is useless for me since you remove the ability to modify start/end times. Also, I prefer the older interface. Old review here:

  • Does a great job

    by Smm1234599999

    Highly recommend this app It does exactly what it says very effectively

  • Update

    by bejae

    Really annoyed that when I updated this app it deleted ALL of my entries. That was almost 5 months of daily worked hours gone. Not cool. Makes me not want to continue to use the app. I'm going to find another app for my hours tracking needs

  • Cool

    by FleaBittenVarmit

    All I have used this for is invoices. There is a lot I had to figure out on my own but I love the app. Def worth downloading. At a glance I can see what money is still owed to me.

  • Simple & effective

    by wilder_raven

    I don't write many reviews, this one is noteworthy. I do some consulting work & this app makes my life just a little easier. Thank you to the Developer. Could use some more features, though its effective at what it does. Four stars now, capable of 5, I'll update the review as needed by the Dev's updates.

  • Works

    by kharb87

    Good nothing fancy

  • Good but needs some work...

    by Charlie Winesap

    I like the general look and feel of the app. It works great for a FREE app but still needs some work in a few areas. Some functions require a little too much "hunting" or just don't exist. However, I'm sure those will get resolved with time.

  • This used to be a great app...

    by Thefaderjockey

    ...but the update really hampered its usefulness. It is now very job and task-oriented. Useful if you are billing multiple clients on multiple projects. However if you are looking for a simple time clock app, this is not the one for you. Editing punch-ins and punch outs after the fact is unintuitive, and the fact that timesheet entries do not shown up until a task is marked "finished" makes it clunky to track your progress over multiple days. I am looking for a new time clock app.

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