Pocket Schedule Productivity App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Jan, 05 2011
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Size: 9.71 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

== v2.2.1 ==
- Minor bug fixes

== v2.2 ==
- Add the feature to switch between completed & uncompleted assignments for iPad
- Fix the bug of untitled classes
- Fix some layout problems for both iPhone and iPad
- Minor bug fixes

== v2.1 ==
- New user interface.
- Supports tasks management. Provide the way to add, edit and delete a task, and you can complete a task just by one tap.
- Supports repeat tasks.
- Supports events management. Provide the way to add, edit and delete a event.
- Supports repeat events.
- Provides help document in app.
- Supports both 12h & 24h time format in Week View.
- Supports local notifications in every event, task, class, assignment and exam.
- Fix the bug that remove a class will not delete the class notification directly.

== v2.0 ==
- Supports both iPhone and iPad. Two apps in one!

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* Are you a student who often troubled with when and where the next class will be?
* Are you a teacher who often troubled with different courses of different grades & classes?
* Are you a parent who often troubled with that you would like to take care of kids while they are having exam but you do not even know when the exam is?

Then Pocket Schedule Pro is for you!

Our Pocket Schedule Pro is one of the best tools to track down all your courses, classes and assignments. Once you use the app you will want nothing else to make your school life easier.

You can easily input and manage your courses, classes and exams. All your classes will be displayed in a week-view within the schedule module.
You are supplied with a set of icons for your courses, and the icons will be continually updated in every upgrade version. By the way, you can cancel separate class in case of emergency events.

Kinds of sections are designed to track down all your assignments easily and intuitively. You can either organize your assignments by date, by course or by priority, or sort them by completed or uncompleted.

Powerful notification feature makes sure that you will never miss even one class or assignment. The app allows you set general notification of all classes and separate alarms of each assignment.

-Easily manage different semesters and holidays.
-Manage detailed information of all your instructors.
-Add a course, exam or assignment easily.
-Each course has a well-designed icon.
-Sort all assignments into different sections as you want.
-Done an assignment easily, just by one tap.
-Today’s classes are shown in specify module so that you can get them intuitively.
-Send notifications for classes, exams and assignments.
-Each assignment and class has their own notification.
-All classes are shown in a week view, you can scroll to get the information you want so that you will not forget even one class.

Download and start to use Pocket Schedule Pro to make your school life easier. Think of Pocket Schedule Pro as your classes, exams & assignments alarm clock.

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to schedule@bluetgs.com, and you will get the response in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • Great concept but no editing power

    by kujerseygirl

    I love the layout and format of this app but it won't let me delete courses. If I drop a class I want to be able to remove it and all of its exams and assignments without uninstalling the entire app and resetting everything!

  • Need improvement

    by T!t?

    I really like this app, its great for my classes in law school BUT it really needs to improve on a few items: - needs a backup system - needs to sync Iphone and Ipad Please make these arrangements!!!!

  • Great planner but glitches ruin it

    by Lorina Daiana

    It's a beautiful app, I love how de-cluttered it is. I love being able to set homeworks, classes, events, to-do lists, etc. My complain is with the alerts. I always get alerts from an old event and never get alerts on time. I already missed 2 important appointments because of this. Unless this gets fixed soon this app will lose fans fast...

  • Good but needs some kinks worked out

    by Briebs

    Overall a decent app but please make a fix so it stops reminding me of my classes on Sat and Sun when I don't have anything scheduled! It is reminding me 5 min before the time I have classes Mon-Fri all frickin day on the weekends and its getting annoying

  • Pretty good

    by Hulkkster

    Works great for me. I like the color coding as well as the weekly layout. The update took some getting used to but is very user friendly. The only issue that is some what annoying is the app does not update the date unless it is opened. So on the weekend when I am sleeping in I get an alert that I have class but it was for yesterday.

  • Love this app but...

    by Locanis

    I wish I could see the assignments on a calendar either in a separate tab than my class times or the same. Nevertheless, the assignment function is invaluable to keep them separate from my social calendar. Thanks for this app. Also iPhone 5 support. It looks funky cut off at both ends of my screen.

  • Love buttttt

    by bam bbam

    I love this app. Took a bit to get used to but I fell in love with it. If the developers used either drop box or iCloud to transfer between devices it would be great. I use other apps that use Dropbox to do so.

  • It's ok...

    by neko3343

    I really love the interface of it; it's simple, clean, and effective, making it an app I enjoy using. However, it lacks quite a few features, which I really think would benefit the user (or at least me anyways). For example, it would be nice to be able to add things like office locations and hours for each instructor, so I don't have to search elsewhere for that information. It'd be nice to see settings about what types of things I will and won't receive an alert for. I know when my classes are, it's just the assignments that I often forget. I'd love to be able to turn off certain notifications and only get the ones I need. I use InClass as well (I hate its interface, but it has crucial features that Pocket Schedule doesn't), and if the two things I mentioned above were to become a reality in the future of Pocket Schedule, it'd be able to be my go-to app for all of my school schedule managing needs.

  • Please please let this app sync between my iPhone and iPad

    by Swag171717117

    Otherwise the app is great and add more colors to the classes

  • Love it but...

    by QueenSpitter

    I love this app. I'm a college student and it keeps me organized but I'd love it would sync between me iPhone and iPad.

  • Not fully developed

    by Glenn Luhrs

    I really want to like this app but not yet. The class schedule does not tell you of conflicts if you input two classes in at the same time. Also, there's no connector to the iPhone or option to back-up leaving your data on one device. That's a big risk considering the amount of time it takes to set up semesters and instructors. I wrote to the developers and got one of those lovely, "we will consider this for future update notes." Please review the input of all of these consumers and upgrade, Thanks, Glenn

  • SYNC, please!

    by I <3 ER & CSI!

    My only complaint is that you can't sync between iPhone and iPad. I want to be able to put something in my iPad and be able to have it on my iPhone without having to input it. Other than that, this is by far the best student organizer app! It'll definitely be a 5 star with the ability to sync to other devices.

  • Not bad

    by Lord Blackthorn

    I have the same issue as others. I get class notifications everyday. You may want to check the script to ensure its checking what day it is and not just returning a positive true value. Would be 4-5 stars if that is fixed

  • Great App, however...

    by broseidan

    Great app, keeps me organized and on time, but there is a bug where it alerts to class on days when you do not have class

  • Great app, but...

    by JF19001

    Overall a great app, but they need to fix the bug where it alerts you for a class when there is nothing on the schedule that day.

  • I really like the app but....

    by t reviewer

    It just takes to long for me to input assignments. If there was recurring assignments option, that would make the app a lot easier to use. Also the ability to the assignment description without have open the edit area would also be very helpful. Maybe something like what is in the monthly view. Also it would be nice if the week view when you tapped on a class the assignments for the day would show at the bottom of the window.The white design is great because it's not distracting at all and all I see is my assignments.

  • Freakin Amazing!!!!

    by Captain Roger the great

    I love this app!!!! I am soo disorganized and to be on top of all my studies and know what's coming up next is a very big deal!!!! This app has so many awesome features, plus it helps you stay clear headed and alerts you for certain labs and classes that I always tend to forget about. I'm sooooo thankful I bought this app! Thank you!! Just keep getting better!! :)

  • Won't sync

    by Gubsfingdsbjydd

    The whole point of making something available on the iPad and iPhone is that it will sync. Why would I update each separately?

  • Using on two devices

    by Roxannah

    I've been using this in my iPhone and it's amazing but I wish there was a way to sync between devices since I just got an iPad. Currently I have to input everything twice and that takes WAY too long! Please help!

  • Good but needs to be able to synch

    by noob44

    I have both an iPod Touch and an iPad that I carry with me. I planned on using this app on both so that I don't have to carry my iPad around everywhere but still be notified about assignments. The problem is that I can't synch the app, causing me to have to enter assignments, events, meetings, and tasks twice. This is pretty inconvenient. I also would like the ability to delete classes and semesters manually, so that in case I make a mistake, I will be able to correct it. Other than the issues listed above, the app has a lot of other wonderful features and a great look.

  • Problem With Recurring Tasks

    by lvgps27

    Love the ap, but with the recurring tasks, it is not working. I have classes with the same type of assignments due weekly, but I have to enter them all in manually. Extremely frustrating that the recurring function is faulty.

  • Broken

    by Zed00001

    Loved it until the alerts stopped working. It never fails to alert me at the right time, but it alerts me of every class from the whole week every day.

  • Irritating badge notifications!

    by RaquelJ

    I was stoked when I bought this. It seemed to work great. Then it started notifying me for classes I didn't have that day. Also, the badge won't go away. I've deleted EVERYTHING and even re-installed it and it still says I have 30 notifications. Fix please!!

  • Needs to sync

    by bciss

    I like the way this app looks, the color coding is very helpful. But the functions are not very intuitive, the instructions are poor and it doesn't sync across devices. As a parent, I want to be able to add tasks for my daughter and have them show up on her phone. If this app could sync it would be a pretty good student schedule app.

  • Waste of money

    by THAT Hipster

    This was great at first but it began notifying me of classes on weekends which I do not have. Then it began giving me batch notifications. Like 6 at once. What the hell happened. It worked fine on my iPhone4 but I think when I upgraded to my 5 was when the issues began.

  • Great in theory, but has major flaw

    by abisue

    I love the app and all of its abilities. But it is constantly notifying me of classes that I do not have on that day. Just now (a Saturday) I got 6 notifications at once of classes I have Mon-Fri. It's obnoxious and that flaw really needs to be fixed.

  • Needs to be fixed

    by MattG09:)

    Alerts me on the weekend when I don't have class. Alerts me for the wrong class on the wrong day

  • No support; no backups

    by JoeGuru

    Pretty much sums it up. There isn't really a support page for it on the developer's website, and there is no way to back up your data. So if your iPad dies, you're out of luck.

  • It's a mess

    by Lbk9

    The reminder is off and reminds me of classes at night on weekends. I wrote the developer and they said they are working on it for the next version. If it was free that would be fine, but since I paid for it that's unacceptable!!! My recommendation FIND SOMETHING ELSE!

  • Alerts Bugged

    by DeathShiva

    I'm having an alerts problem too except mine doesn't alert me AT ALL. Of course it's still nice to go in & look @ but it would be really helpful if the alerts actually worked considering I'm a very forgetful person. Honestly I liked the old layout where we could pick icons instead of these dumb little colored dots that we get now. I definitely miss the old layout but like that they fixed their misspelt words.

  • Could use SOME improvments

    by Sheena_th

    I like the new orientation of the app, its much easier to use. But i still get the problem that it alerts me of classes everyday, even on the weekends. Plz plz plz fix it Other than that, could you make the overall look changeable / customizable? Make it look like a black board or have something to do with school / college / university, instead of plain white?

  • I really like it but...

    by Jekempton

    It crashes every time I change the time of an event. Please fix.

  • Horrible !

    by Funkymiss187

    Can't have classes alternating weeks , click to add on a date and it adds on TODAYS date , you have to manually input what date the class/event is for . It's complicated and if you make a change it WIPES that class from your calendar and you have to re-do every day for that class instead of it just reflecting the change . Wish I could get a refund .

  • New favorite app!

    by DevPeter

    I have been using iStudiez Pro for at least a year now and find it intuitive but slow. I hesitated on buying this by trying out the free version. After playing around a bit, I decided to get the Pro version and fell in love with the app. This thing combines the usefulness of a to-do app, with a schedule organizer for classes. I was able to add every detail of my classes within a couple minutes with ease. Over the past couple years, I spent about $25+ of GTD apps, but found it convoluted or not as efficient. I just wish I didn't she'll out $20 for Omnifocus now. But great app!

  • The best app! (no kidding)

    by Doev M

    I deleted all my other organizational apps after I got this. Now there is no homework or work that I don't enter in this app. It helps me organize and prioritize what I have to do. It makes my life easier.

  • Solid

    by James Couch

    Those app is amazing, I put all my classes and assignments in here and I remember things a lot more. I never use a regular agenda, but I open up this app and add stuff to it every few hours! So worth it!

  • Nice app

    by Truestar1

    I really like the app. There are a few bugs but I was told it would b resolved with the next update. Wish u cld track grades too. Also would be nice if you could sync info between iPhone and iPad.

  • Notification alerts!!

    by Student Bill

    Ok, let me begin with the fact that I absolutely LOVE this app for helping me finally organize myself. However, the alerts do not function properly on my iPad 1: regardless of the event or class' scheduled day, the alerts go off EVERYDAY!!! Please fix this problem so that the alerts function ONLY on the day of the class or event. THANK YOU!!!

  • Extremely useful

    by Dallas Marsh

    I love this app an use it probably 30 times a day. Keeps me organized and on time to all my classes, meetings, and everything in between. The new UI is cleaner, but it's a little full for me. I liked the old blackboard-esque UI.

  • Improvements.

    by Landifam5

    If you could record your scores on certain assignments and exams, along with your overall grade for a class and GPA that would make this app much better, but because they don't right now, I would recommend Istudiez Pro. Could be better!

  • New versions ok, has some annoying bugs

    by erhu_gurl

    the new version is ok looks very modern, but I wish when the alerts for classes would pop up on the lock screen it would say where the class is located like the old version did. i go to a large college and while walking to class i like having little pop up telling me which building im going to. also theres a small bug where the app will tell me i have a class on the wrong day or it will tell me i have classes on the weekend, thank god i know which days i have classes or it would cause a panic when my phone wakes me up saying i have class in 15 minutes.

  • Helps a bunch!

    by pandalover4138

    This app has helped me keep assignments. For some reason I can't keep a book but an app works great for me. It's very organized, you can look up assignments by course, date, or on the specific assignment page. It allows for tests which is nice, but it calls them exams which is weird if it's just a quiz. I like the calendar and the today function. It tells me how much longer a class is. Overall, I love it!

  • Class Alerts aren't workin properly!!!

    by Rohan ponnakanti

    Alerts are coming even on weekends and also the days when I don't have any classes. For example monday evening class schedule repeats again on tuesday evening even though I don't have any class.. I double checked my schedule to see if I put my schedule wrong or something but it looks fine.. Fix this bug and get 5 stars..!!!

  • Great app!

    by IDontBuyManyApps!

    Loved the app before, I don't mind the update but I did like the old interface better. If the app could give an option between which UI to use it would be nice!

  • Version 2.1 is rocking my world.

    by ~lollipop~

    I was a little panicked when I opened this app after the update and saw that the whole thing looked completely different. But after playing around with it for a few minutes, I'M IN LOVE WITH THE NEW VERSION OF THIS APP!!! I downloaded this app a few weeks ago so I could keep track of my life, and was slightly disappointed about the lack of a task or event feature. BUT, Three weeks later, voila! Task AND event functions, just like I wanted...dream come true. I love IT!!! If you're a student looking for an app to help keep your life in order, this is the perfect app and it's totally worth purchasing! It helps organize classes, assignments, events, and everyday tasks, and it's easy to use!

  • New version

    by Nuntapong Yamsang

    I love new interface.

  • New version stinks!!!!

    by Nieasquidward

    I loved this app before I updated it to the current version but now it's just slow and the overall design is ugly. Change it backk!!!!!

  • Awesome but-

    by Rmoran

    It needs a field for "Course #" and reoccurring assignments would be cool.

  • Rob

    by rjhall90

    Bought it today, loved it. It updated, and honestly not a fan of the new interface.

  • Great Update!

    by Austin Jacobson

    Update makes the interface easy to manage and great to look at! Awesome job!

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