Pocket Schedule Free Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Feb, 23 2011
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Size: 10.61 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

== v2.2.1 ==
- Minor bug fixes

== v2.2 ==
- Add the feature to switch between completed & uncompleted assignments for iPad
- Fix the bug of untitled classes
- Fix some layout problems for both iPhone and iPad
- Minor bug fixes

== v2.1 ==
- New user interface.
- Supports tasks management. Provide the way to add, edit and delete a task, and you can complete a task just by one tap.
- Supports repeat tasks.
- Supports events management. Provide the way to add, edit and delete a event.
- Supports repeat events.
- Provides help document in app.
- Supports both 12h & 24h time format in Week View.
- Supports local notifications in every event, task, class, assignment and exam.
- Fix the bug that remove a class will not delete the class notification directly.

== v2.0 ==
- Supports both iPhone and iPad. Two apps in one!

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*Are you a student who often troubled with when and where the next class will be?
*Are you a teacher who often troubled with different courses of different grades & classes?
*Are you a parent who often troubled with that you would like to take care of kids while they are having exam but you do not even know when the exam is?

Then Pocket Schedule is for you!

Our Pocket Schedule is one of the best tools to track down all your courses, classes and assignments. Once you use the app you will want nothing else to make your school life easier.

You can easily input and manage your courses, classes and exams. All your classes will be displayed in a week-view within the schedule module.
You are supplied with a set of icons for your courses, and the icons will be continually updated in every upgrade version. By the way, you can cancel separate class in case of emergency events.

Kinds of sections are designed to track down all your assignments easily and intuitively. You can either organize your assignments by date, by course or by priority, or sort them by completed or uncompleted.

Powerful notification feature makes sure that you will never miss even one class or assignment. The app allows you set general notification of all classes and separate alarms of each assignment.

-Easily manage different semesters and holidays.
-Manage detailed information of all your instructors.
-Add a course, exam or assignment easily.
-Each course has a well-designed icon.
-Sort all assignments into different sections as you want.
-Done an assignment easily, just by one tap.
-Today’s classes are shown in specify module so that you can get them intuitively.
-Each assignment and class has their own notification.
-All classes are shown in a week view, you can scroll to get the information you want so that you will not forget even one class.

Download and start to use Pocket Schedule to make your school life easier. Think of Pocket Schedule as your classes, exams & assignments alarm clock.

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to schedule@bluetgs.com, and you will get the response in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • I love it!!

    by carolynisawesome12

    I love this app! It's very organized and it's just amazing! I just downloaded this I have a feeling that this is a keeper. One thing I don't like is, there's a lot of ads. That's it! Maybe changing the app symbol but yea! Luv it

  • Love it

    by RANDbaby13

    One of the best study apps especially for emt school. Use it everyday love it!!


    by Carlea`

    Absolutely perfect for my college classes work load & daily life!

  • Iphone 5

    by LyleCasas

    Please optimize for iPhone 5 :)

  • Great & Awful

    by Precious Dunn

    The set up is perfect, but it goes off on days that I don't have the class. Please it

  • Not letting me add exams

    by Musicisme19.4

    This app was great at first but now it's not letting me add exams or change my courses :(....Please fix!!!!

  • Upcoming Breaks?

    by Fadeity

    How come I can't add any Holidays that aren't within the next week or the past? Please fix this. EDIT: why does it alert me of classes that I don't have that day? It will tell me about my Thursday classes on Friday, etc. It will also alert me about classes on weekends when I don't have any. I lowered the rating because of this.

  • E1

    by D4505

    Keep up the good job love it.

  • Awesome

    by MidnightCootie

    I've been using this app for the past couple of weeks of college. It's simple, clean, and has been extremely useful! My only problems are these: 1, it alerts me for classes that I don't have on that day. For example, it alerts me to go to my Tuesday Yoga class on Sunday. Just now it alerted me to go to PE, and that's not until tomorrow. These classes don't show up on the "Today" tab, yet it still gives me alerts. I have double-checked each of my classes for the days of the week I have them set for, and they're all correct. So I'm not sure if this is my own error or a glitch, but if it is a glitch it'd be nice to have that fixed. Second, when adding an assignment I wish when you're selecting the due date that there would be days of the week leveled on the days as well, like how the standard Reminders app on all iPhones does. My professors will just tell me what day of the week something is due, and either have to memorize what day is which date, or flip over to the calendar to double-check. Heaven forbid I misplace a due date! Other than these two little things, this app is perfect. Thank you!

  • Great app

    by Kw_

    So helpful!

  • I love it!!

    by parkergiles

    This app is sooooo helpful!!!! I can't wait to get to use it for the rest of my freshman year! The only thing I would change is that some times in can be slow. However, most of the time it's fast and easy to use!

  • Week View

    by Meltyblend

    Good to know im not the ONLY one not getting Week View to work. I used this app last semester with no problem getting Week View to work and uninstalled the app when the semester ended. Installed it again today only to find that Week View wont show up no matter what I do (I even reset my phone.) I really hope the developers fix this problem soon because classes are fast approaching, if not already under way.

  • Awesome!

    by Everynameistaken!!!

    I needed an app to stay organized with my schedule for high school and this was exactly what I was looking for! It not only keeps track of your schedule but also your homework, projects, and exams!

  • Love it

    by Lil red111

    This app is simple and works well, i love being able to clearly see what my classes schedule looks like and when my breaks are plus alerts for assignments

  • Not sure

    by Megajumper777

    Well. I think this is a great app and i thought about buying the pro version. But it crashes and shuts down every single time i add a new course. If you guys could fix it, i'd buy the pro version.

  • Stops functioning after time

    by Mcondo1

    This app was fantastic! Helped me so much with all of my classes. It was exactly what I needed, but after some time of using it, the app told me I had classes on the wrong day and on the weekend. What gives? I'm deleting it for now with hopes that it will be fixed when school starts back up. Please please please fix these problems, as this app has great potential if it works properly!

  • Loveeeee BUT....

    by Michele(:

    Just like everyone else it seems... I love the idea of the app and this works well for the most part BUT the bug that causes the app to alert me every day for classes that I only have once a week is driving me bonkers. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has experienced this. Please fix soooooon!

  • Bugs

    by AD3578642

    This app used to be amazing when I first got it but now it has all types of bugs with the notification system. I either get notified entirely too early/late or not at all. It's horrible!

  • Great app but needs some work

    by Kimmy110421

    This could be a great app but there's a serious bug that needs to be fixed. I receive notifications at all hours of the day/night about classes that I don't even have that day. Even on the weekends I get notifications and sometimes multiple times of the day. I would love to be able to use this app but if it doesn't get fixed soon I'm just going to delete it and find one that works.

  • Great app but has bugs

    by KingBBJ

    It's a great app for college student like me but it does have a bug that needs to be fixed. Every day it alerts me of all my classes instead of just the classes I have that day.

  • Great! but...

    by LexPhiladelphia

    it looks awesome and it also categorizes everything well. only big flaw is that it tends to remind me to go to classes that I don't haaave that day. I hate it on weekends because it wakes me up abruptly.

  • What the heck is it doing?!

    by Mini9fingers

    I've been using this for about two months and have deleted the info multiple times thinking I did something wrong. This app has major flaws and needs an update/ overhaul. I have problems with it not giving me alerts on time - sometimes they're an entire day late. Also, it gives me alerts for multiple classes at the same time on different days suggesting that I'm in more than one place at the same time! I have emailed the company about the errors with no feedback. I will not pay for this app if the flaws in the freebee are any clue as to how this works on a full version. Get this fixed and usable, maybe I'll give it another shot. Till then DELETE!!

  • Only for school

    by LethalSunshine

    I wish they would make this more usable for other things that just school, I wanted to use it for work and my child's daycare places but I found it extremely difficult and pointless with this app, it's easier to write it all down on paper.

  • Geeze..

    by lys.makojr

    This app drives me nuts! It seems like a good app, but hard as heck to function. I can't delete or change a course to correct semester. I've messed with this app for an hour and I give up. Make this easier cuz it's killing the app.

  • good app, bad seizures

    by Shalom Finder 1.01

    its great for helping keep track of class and assignments but every morning when its time to remind me of a class it has a breakdown and reminds me of my entire class load about 3 times. annoying.

  • Great since recently

    by Applova

    This is still a great app but recently it has been alerting me of classes on days when I have no class or the wrong class on the wrong day. Can that be fixed? Thanks!

  • Great app

    by Rfs's

    I love it! Helps me organize classes when I am choosing them and helps me find my way when I am attending! Wish the teacher thing wasn't so separated from the classes. It would be more user friendly if u were able to edit teacher info the same place where you edit the course info!

  • I love this app but...

    by Anita Jackson

    for the past two days I have not been able to open the app it just shuts down fix this please because it is the best app for organizing my classes & assignments. I have used multiple apps & this one is easy and useful

  • Needs improvement

    by Mirs2978

    I love the look and the ease of use with this app, however, you need to fix the reminder functionality and fast! I get pop-ups for classes on the wrong days and sometimes reminders for two classes at once. What gives? Today is Saturday and I supposedly had marketing at 8:30. The app has a good look and feel but some kinks need to be worked out or I will move on to something better.

  • Good app

    by Livi321

    But it alerts me on days when I don't have a specific class saying I do Pls fix!!

  • Password

    by Megan Moore

    Fix the passcode keyboard now or else I'm going to delete this. I just spent an hour putting all of my assignments on this thing and I put a 4 digit passcode on it and the keyboard doesnt even open so i can type it in. I am frustrated so please fix this immediately

  • Really Needs:

    by Melanie Pickens

    An A and B schedule.

  • Convenient

    by TenorSaxy

    I think this app is great and easy to use. But I would like to suggest an additional feature. **I would find very helpful if you could add in work hours. My schedule is complicated as it is, so I would really like it if I could have the times I work integrated with my schedule so I have definite knowledge of my free time.**

  • Love it!

    by firstandlast

    I am a college student and this app meets all my needs. Classes, little things I need to do, events, you name it, it's on this. I love the simple but cute design because it feels modern and chic. It's not girly nor masculine so anyone can use it really. Perfect.

  • Good app but...

    by Lifes22short

    I love this app a lot but it alerts me on days I don't have class saying I have class. Please fix. Will rate 5 stars when it's fixed.

  • Perfect schedule app for college students!

    by coolieee

    I downloaded a number of different schedule apps, and most were hard to use or just not what I was looking for. This was the only app I found both easy to use, and actually helpful! It has a cute, simple design and everything a college student needs to stay on top of their work. I never write reviews for apps, but this one is great so I had to!I love it!

  • Good overall

    by Maniacii

    A decent app with a few changes it could be perfect. The display is a bit blurry even on my retina screen, I recommend more colors for the classes, as they start to look all the same, and also an option to have one class on different days and different time. I teach dance classes twice a week, at different times, it would be cleaner to keep them in one ballroom category. Last I notice it has some lag, and will sometimes close and what I was typing will not have saved. The ideas are all there, and it is the best I've found for my needs, could just use a little blush and mascara.

  • Great app, one issue though.

    by Darksider99

    I love this app! I have all my classes, assignments, tasks, meetings etc all in one place. Easy to use and I love the layout. I am very happy with this app. I like having alerts for my classes and assignments. I do have some minor glitches with time, sometimes the class alert pops up the wrong day. However in future update, it'd be nice if the iPhone and iPad versions could sync up. It would be so much easier if they synced with each other, that way I wouldn't have to input everything twice and check off tasks and assignments as well. Also since I can't always have my iPad with me having my schedule synced on my phone would be handy, especially for scheduling work and planning with friends.

  • Amazing

    by :ffkvhvvsgjn

    Great app for school and home work. Easy to use and works wonderfully.

  • I love the app but.

    by Bethemockingjay

    I wish it would sync with google

  • Most amazing homework app

    by Rock On ❤

    I searched everywhere for a homework planner app. I play on my iPod touch so much that I decided a homework helper would help me. I got so many apps and they were all just...bad. But then I found this app, and realized it was 1) Really easy to use 2) Just like Calender for Apple products 3) Free 4) No need to sign up and I said OK. Today I had an assignment due. And I actually got an alert. Thank you.

  • It keeps crashing :(

    by VincesGirl

    I loved how it stays with my work and keeps up but after 2 times I open it. IT CRASHES every time I open it after that.

  • Just feeling it out

    by Ladybugash

    I think this is a great app. Does what its supposed to and notifies me at the right time. My only problem with this app is it's tedious to input my information and it seems to have a slight delay once buttons are pressed.

  • Decent app

    by Bug fix needed!!

    Great at first but for some reason I receive random clusters of notifications from the app telling me about classes I won't have for another few hours when I have it set to notify my 30 mins prior to a class or exam. Update bugs please!!!

  • Love the look

    by Ashley Hall

    App looks great! Wish something's were a bit more stream lined. Having to go to settings to add a teacher, that's extra and unnecessary. If its changed I'll buy the app because I truly thinks it looks wonderful.

  • No option to pay to remove adds.

    by Charlie 75

    Looked at it for 5 seconds, (looked ok) saw the adds and deleted. Will revisit if there is an option to remove adds. As it is, worthless to me.

  • Good App

    by MaYple Syrup

    This app is pretty good and helpful but the notifications on assignments and class days can get messed up :( please fix.

  • Brie

    by Beller101

    How do you make a course in settings??? But I ❤ the app

  • Horrible

    by Poofterts

    This is literally the worst app I've ever used. Stay away!

  • Its been long enough

    by Wow147853

    Update the app already, there are so many fixes this app is in need of.

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