Pocket Expense Finance App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Feb, 03 2011
  • Version: 4.5.1
  • Size: 19.15 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

- Minor bug fixes

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Pocket Expense is a full-featured finance software that you can carry in your pocket. It is a powerful and easy to use program that will help you track and understand your personal finance.

Pocket Expense brings all your financial accounts together, categorizes your transactions, tracks all your bills, lets you set budgets and helps you achieve your savings goals. In just minutes, you’ll see where your money is going and where you could save money.

You can easily input and manage your accounts. All your accounts will be displayed in one place.

You are supplied with a set of icons for your accounts. All transactions related to the same account will be displayed in one page so that you can manage them easily.
√ Support multiple account and account type
√ Statistic for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly overall
√ Track balance of each account

Stay in control and monitor your spending with the help of this budget tracker feature. Set yourself a limit and debit all your payments. You can always see how much money is left until your budget is gone and whether you might better postpone a purchase. Over time this should help to save some money instead of going into dept.

√ Support multiple budgets
√ See your income and expenses of one budget through charts
√ Recurring and non-recurring budget
√ Move funds from one budget to another in a single operation
√ At the end of each cycle, all information for a budget is archived and can be easily viewed for comparative purpose

Pocket Expense will make sure that you’re never late for even one bill. By tracking each bill, which is customizable with different reminder alert periods.
√ Support multiple bills of different recurring
√ Set alerts to remind you of which bills are close to due dates or overdue
√ Allows for the payment of bills in full or in part
√ Support multiple payments of each bill
√ Support calendar view
√ Show total amount of all and overdue bills
√ Mark bills with icons according to their status

Other Key features:
- Password protection
- Simple, attractive interface
- Payers & payees management
- Category management
- Provide help document
- Powerful statistics and reports of all your transactions
- Quickly search for transactions and edit from the same screen
- Complete world currency list
- Backup and restore all your data over WiFi

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to expense@bluetgs.com, you’ll get the response in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • Well organized tool

    by Robin hood tacos

    Exactly what I need for keeping up with expenses. It's well designed and looks good too.

  • Almost perfect!

    by Dahlke8

    Great app for keeping track of my spending and staying within budget! It would be perfect if it would sync with iCloud so that we could track my spending from both my iPhone and iPad.

  • Like this App

    by Rammack

    Very good, very basic not complicated. If you want something simple & basic, this is it.

  • Great app

    by Ansamen

    Easy to use. Report is great, but would've liked to be able to generate report with customized date. A plus for the ability to create different accounts and work with within the app. Would've liked to be able to see my input both on the iPad and iPhone. I don't like the fact that you can't customize report dates on the iPad version. It would be great if you can fix these issues. Otherwise, love it. Great!!! I would've given it a 5 but for those. While this is a great and beautiful app, I just find it irritating that I can't use it on both my iPhone and iPad. Information entered in the iPad version cannot be accessed in the iPhone. The custom date on the iPad version needs to be fixed so one can set a date range for reports. That's all for now. I think!!

  • Awesome

    by mnabors9

    Almost perfect with many user friendly features including budgets for multiple accounts, a lot of subcategories, I just wish their was a gas can thumbnail picture for gas lol

  • Great App

    by Omar - a Husky Fan

    I simply love it. However, I do agree that one should be able to sync their data within a device between say the red and blue tag. Also, you should be able to access your information from other devices easier than the zip route! I give it a solid 4.5 at this time.

  • Great app

    by Tfmalta

    Great app

  • Lovely

    by dmnkntz

    I like it, I'd love it you guys gave it a iOS 7 face lift!!!!!

  • Great App with more room for Improvements!

    by IM addict!

    Very satisfied with this app, I've been on top of my expenses since I started using it last year. In the bills tab, please include the ability to track automatic transfers to savings account also in the next updates! Thank you!

  • App

    by Mr alaska dude

    Best I've seen yet

  • App works well...

    by PinkKitty1023

    ... For keeping track of my travel expenses while on the road, but like others before have said, would live for it to be able to sync with my iPad.

  • Great app

    by Miguelcontreras0129

    Love it

  • Nice!

    by Ernie Hall

    I needed this!

  • Very user friendly, yet advanced.


    It's smart!

  • Nice app

    by WolfLover1960

    Very useful. Would like to be able to delete payees and duplicate entries without having to enter a reversing transaction.

  • Between account transfers?

    by Stompin09

    It would be nice if this app let's you transfer funds from one account to another without it recognizing as an income or an expense. It's a flaw. Otherwise it's a good app to keep track of your spendings.

  • Useful but...

    by Poptart13x

    This is very useful and helps me manage my money better but I have an issue with the transfers. I don't like that it treats transfers from one account to another as additional income on my budget when it's not, I'm just moving money around and it's a little annoying trying to get around this problem and makes it less efficient.

  • Useless without iCloud sync

    by labelexec

    Wifi backup is so outdated. With iCloud being available for over a year, this app should have implemented the feature to sync across iPad and iPhone.

  • Like it so far.

    by Dimples1186

    Really like the app so far. Just downloaded it and getting the hang of the app. Do wish it would give you a tutorial and walk you through the app and it's capabilities. Show me how to budget, that's why I need this kind of app. I am getting the hang of it though and it's really helpful budgeting each month. Can we please get a way to have the same data on multiple devices?!

  • very useful!

    by duromega-

    I save a lot of money with this app I see every night before bed how do I spend my money !

  • Pocket Expense

    by Gorgeous is California

    I WOULD like this app very much. Rather, I am beyond frustrated with it. I have never seen a budget app that does not automatically roll over money from each account from month to month. Not only does this app not do that automatically, but I cannot find anywhere to manually change settings so it does so. I have explore the app thoroughly several times. I have emailed the company TWICE and have received no response. I am sorry I wasted $5 on an app that is useless if it does not rollover accumulated cash from month to month!

  • Doubles bill reminders

    by Kodiak Christian

    It doubles my bill reminders & I am not able to delete the duplicate. I regret paying for the full version.

  • Stealthblue

    by Jaahmaay

    This is a good app! I like using it. However, I wish that the predictive txt would leave out the amount of each previous transaction. Even if I did want to utilize the category w/ previous transaction amount, I would have to re-enter that same amount for some peculiar reason. I hope this issue gets resolved.

  • Good review

    by Ardeshirebordbar

    Great app, easy to work, nice to handle

  • Great, simple budget management

    by BatLadyMia

    I really enjoy the functionality of this app, and is especially useful on the iPad. The biggest flaw for me is the lack of iCloud syncing between devices. The iPad version is good for getting an overall summary of your budget, and the iPhone version is great for on-the-spot transaction tracking. The method of syncing using a web browser is cumbersome and in intuitive.

  • Almost the Best!

    by m3ogle

    Works great to track and analyze spending habits. The only flaw is the inability to customize dates on the budget.

  • One flaw

    by chelseaaaw

    I LOVE this app! I love the categories and summaries. But I do not like that I can't just simply move the order of my transactions, I have to delete them and then re-add them! That is the only flaw!

  • so far so good

    by Jspkids

    just started using this app a couple of days ago. seems like it is going to be a great tool for our household. time will tell.

  • Decent

    by MusicMakesItFun

    Needs a few things such as bill recurring option of 'On the ___ of every month'. As of now I can only set my bills to recur every 4 weeks which makes the due dates wrong.


    by Tita0427

    and would be an added bonus if you can view it online. But the syncing between devices is definitely the most important!!

  • Love it!!


    Very easy system. I have been using it and so far so great!

  • Too good to believe it!!

    by Majdona90

    This app is an amazing app that is way more than what I expected! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Perfect

    by Francisco Feitosa

    Great software to bills management and personal finance control

  • Simple Money Tracker

    by tbuck38

    I needed an App that I could input my receipts and track my spending. I looked for something simple and not too involved. This App has met my expectation. The Only Recommendation: allow the user to add their own category.

  • Not good

    by Jndlbp

    Did not like this app. I am amazed how you can sell a ipad app that doesn't turn both ways. And the recurring part of the program does not work the way a checkbook should. Look into how the quicken works to see what I mean. Good luck.

  • What happened?

    by PRTee

    Tired of dealing with the numbers being incorrect. The app still sorts the transaction by time, but it doesn't give us the option to change it making my balances look negative when I enter transactions at a later time, still no way to reorder accounts, the auto-clear option still auto clears when switched to "off", I have to save and then go back in to edit a transaction to split it.. This used to be the app of choice, was worth the $5, not worth two cents now..

  • Ease of use

    by 200617th

    Good so far. I checked out several apps and this is the best one so far. It lets me track all my accounts on one page. Not sure about the payee line but everything else is good. I will rate again after I use it a bit. Kinda pricey compared to others, but if it gets the job done, it will be worth it :-)

  • Almost Perfect

    by Soularius

    I have tried a lot of apps in this category and am almost completely happy. The few changes to make it a five star are: 1) Syncing without a web browser (my work around is to back up my phone then restore my ipad app with the backup zip file, it's a bit tedious) 2) On the phone app, option allowing to see only transactions that haven't cleared. Sometimes a check won't clear for a month and I have to scroll and scroll to find it. This is easy to do on the ipad, but I use the phone app more. 3) When setting bills, majority of the time it doesn't save that it's a monthly recurring bill. I had to set the same bill 5 times as monthly before it remembered. 4) And what about when a bill amount varies from month to month. I was left with $1.82 unpaid because my bill was less. 5) A more thorough users guide would be super helpful!!! Overall, I really like the app! It's almost perfect. I'm not complaining, just constructive criticism in hopes these things will be fixed soon.

  • Great app

    by Mother for a second time

    Very useful! I wish it synchronizes with other devices

  • Expense

    by Chicka chicka wat wat

    This is a great app that I can follow and keep up with ease! I recommend you giving it a try!

  • Great

    by Rajubd

    Simple and very useful but i want to sync among devices

  • No syncing, no iCloud

    by wenjun Liang

    First all, like everybody else said, there is no syncing function for this app. I have to manfully put everything in twice on my iPhone and the iPad. When I upgrade it to the full version because it saids I can manage categories - in fact, I can not. No matter what icon you choose for your category, it only shows as a question mark. The most unhappy $4.99 that I've spend.

  • Functional if you adapt

    by M502016

    Easy to use, but does not automatically update across multiple devices. Biggest problem is not comparable with Bluetooth keyboard. Need to be able to tab to different fields.

  • Best finance app

    by l1ll1ll1ll1l111ll1

    Will change the way you manage and spend money!

  • Cannot delete new added categories

    by Satluri

    This looks like a good app, but the budgeting should spread across the whole year instead of just three months... also there is no option to delete a new category that us added manually...

  • Am I Crazy?

    by spartanfan78

    This swear this app changes things... I swear I'll add transactions to a category & it will change other payers in that category. Or my balance will be all jacked up. Does anyone else experience this?

  • ♦️Great App-- Much needed!

    by Czentothefirst

    This app is user friendly and addictive. I love it. I only gave it 4 stars because there was not a user's guide

  • Clean and Intuitive

    by Baruchsolomon

    Excellent interface.. Everything I need is made easily accessible. Definitely recommended

  • Just about perfect

    by Rouviere Media

    I really like this app both functionally and aesthetically. It is attractive and intuitive. I have gladly resigned all other financial apps. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to sync between my iPhone and iPad without the backup dance. Do that and this app gets five stars!

  • Thanks for the fix! Have a question?

    by 242ok242

    The upgrade fixed the problems thank you. Is there a way to have different budgets each month? Currently the budget for Jan is just rolling over to Feb.

  • Good app

    by Richard Holland

    I really like this app. I've used many others as well as Quicken. This app does everything I need except SYNC between devices. When that happens it will be near perfect.

  • Very useful!

    by Christennf

    I use this app daily! It helps me keep up with account balances and stay on track with a realistic budget! Absolutely worth paying for.

  • Best Finance App for Me

    by Nickykens

    I went through five or so finance apps and none had what I wanted. I wanted to use somewhat of an envelope system but not have to deal with the actual envelopes. This app with all the Accounts you can create is perfect! While I just have Checking and Savings Accounts in my bank, I have all the money divided up in this app. I know how much of my savings is meant for school, emergencies, trips and so on. I know how much of my checking is for food, clothes, rent, etc. and I know when I run out of money for one category. I've been using it for about six months now and it's great to look at the pie chart and see where my money has been going. Definitely recommend this app.

  • Great app!

    by Night Raven 86

    This app is really useful to me. Thumbs up!

  • So far, so good!

    by LPT143

    So far, so good. However, cannot delete entries for income and expenses once created. If anyone has the fix please post! Thanks!

  • Great

    by Uphan

    Way better and easier than Mint

  • So far

    by :) :) :-0

    I like the options so far-not sure if I can import data directly from bank to reconcile yet.

  • Just started using for 2014

    by Medex

    So far, it's great!

  • Great app

    by SCfreak3

    Great app.

  • So far it is perfect

    by LeoKirk

    Downloaded it right after Christmas and set everything up to start on January 1st. So far I've paid all my bills and have input all my debit card purchases and it has given me reports, pie charts and reconciled my checking account right to the penny. It has also forwarded all my monthly bills in future months so I don't have to do redundant tasks. If it continues like this, I will give it 5 Stars.

  • Great app

    by Ansamen

    Easy to use. Report is great, but would've liked to be able to generate report with customized date. A plus for the ability to create different accounts and work with within the app. Would've liked to be able to transfer funds between the accounts. Otherwise, love it. Great!!! I would've given it a 5 but for those.

  • not good for checkbooks

    by Antonia Matheny

    I have tried about 5 apps over the last couple of weeks. I thought this one was it until I paid for the full version. It didn't transfer the accounts I set up. I contacted customer support and it took 2 days for them to reply. Also, doesn't support tracking of check numbers well. Also have to use their ctgories. You can add sub categories but can't change the news of the min one.

  • Good checkbook

    by Pizza ChrisW

    Was looking for a simple app to keep checking account reconciled. Works great and going to try to incorporate my budget too.

  • Easy To Use

    by YaroBlastXXXL

    Wow, this app is awesome. I use it every single day to see were and how I spend each and every penny. Give it a try if u wanna keep track of you expenses with ease.

  • Confusing

    by I'm number 28

    If you're looking for an easy setup and go expense tracker look elsewhere.

  • Needs more functionality

    by fulltune

    I just bought it thinking that it would be a solution to my needs. The description says support for different currencies, but excuse me, if you're working with different currencies you have to be able to work with more then one currency... This app doesn't allow you to have more then one currency at a time. I may be missing something, then it is well hidden. Please, fix this issue or get my money back! Thank you!

  • Solid app, could use refinements

    by Froederick

    Just started using this app after researching a number of others. It's powerful, and fairly easy to use after getting use to the navigation. It does what I need, such as splitting transactions between categories and handling multiple accounts. Well worth the cost. That said, there are some small inconsistencies that are frustrating and keep it from being a truly great app. 1. Navigating the UI a bit cumbersome. Not exactly intuitive and no main home screen. 2. Would like more options with graphs, and to include them in reports. 3. Different screens enter dollar amounts differently. Sometimes you need to enter the decimal, some times not. 4. Selecting account is strange - it's in a dark grey screen. 5. Can't figure out how to turn off reminders for future bills (paychecks).

  • Probably thebest of its kind

    by Johnttt

    It's what I needed. Lets me keep track of all my finances in a simple way. Only please please please make syncing between devices simpler! (iCloud) Great!

  • Really helps

    by Oscar122

    Very helpful

  • Losing track of monthly bills

    by TType

    I need Pocket expense to remind me to pay monthly bills. It was working fine (although it will not let me change the payment for a reoccurring bill payment - like a credit card - without creating a new bill. I just edited a bill - spent 30 min trying to get it to repeat - it will not. I'm done. I need this to remind me of bills - it is not consistent.

  • It's ok

    by GustavoHMarshall

    Average performance. Has some bugs...could be better.

  • My dream program

    by Thrilled at last

    After three days and half a dozen apps that were rated highly by the experts, I stumbled on this one and fell in love. It's well organized, has useful instructions (a rarity!), and is simple to use. The lack of access to online accounts may actually turn out to be a plus, and in any case I have Quicken E at home base for that. Try it. You'll like it!

  • Great app for money management

    by Sr. Feijao

    Got this app earlier this year, but have really got into using it on my iPad, a lot better than on my iPod. We'll worth the money. I really like the ability of taking pictures of the receipts, which helps a lot, and I never have to worry about losing receipts again.

  • Please offer ability to sync with other devices

    by nisa27

    After some research into budget apps I decided on this one because I didn't have to put my personal bank information in. I like it so far-- only been using it for a week-- but I wish it would sync with my iPad so I can get a better look at things at the end of the day. I like having it on my phone so I can input info on the go.

  • Back-up Issues

    by iCloud Sync

    The back-up they have you do on the computer doesn't work and is to much trouble. If the developer can figure out how to sync between devices through iCloud, I would give this app 5 stars. Please figure this out.

  • Awesome

    by Mslov566


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