Planner Plus Productivity App Review (iOS, $8.99)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Sep, 15 2012
  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 6.5 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

- Adds new priority mode for tasks
- Supports task creation continuously
- Improves the layout of day view
- Minor bug fixes

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180 Ratings
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2496 Ratings


Designed for those people who’re looking for a full-featured app to manage daily life better. Planner Plus, which costs years for designing and coding is now coming out for everybody. We combine events, tasks and notes in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps.

Planner Plus provides kinds of settings for different requirements from kinds of people. You’ll find the best way to meet your requirements in our app. Also, if you have any other great ideas or suggestions to make this app better please contact us with an email, which will be very appreciate.

- Sync with iOS calendars and events
- Show or hide calendars as you want
- Add, edit or delete events easily
- Supports full recurring period
- Manually time slot
- Supports all-day & cross-day events

- Supports tasks and projects with sub-tasks
- Supports recurring tasks and projects
- 5 different status for tasks and projects
- 25 priorities for tasks and projects
- Supports app badge
- System reminder for each task

- Unlimited number of notes for each day
- Manage notes in day, week and month view
- Easily to add, edit and delete notes

Other Key Features
- Day, Week, Month and Tasks modules for better management
- Supports both landscape and portrait modes
- Very well designed user interface
- Full records searching including events, tasks and notes
- Set the first day of week manually
- Select the launch view as you want

Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use this app.

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to, you’ll get a response in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • Yes! I'm now digital!!!

    by Vanessagail76

    This app gave me the tools to leave my hard copy calendar and transition to digital. I am a school counselor and love the search feature for notes, tasks and events. I just type in a name and have an immediate list of all interactions with that student!

  • Does what I need it to

    by Lizibear12

    This app is basically the electronic replacement for the planner. It is basic, easy to navigate and integrates with all my calendars. I debated giving it 4 stars because it is relatively basic, but the format is easy to use and I can see my entire day on one page which a lot of apps lack. It makes it super easy to keep track of my day.

  • Wish it would sync to iPhone reminders

    by Fly Manistee

    Wish the tasks would sync to my iPhone reminders. I don't always have my iPad And I could still write tasks throughout the day. I really need a planner I can have on me at all times.

  • Good App to Replace FC Planner

    by Steetheking

    I tried to replace my FC planner for years but I couldn't find any solution until I tried this app. However, there are still room for improvements. I wish Tasks be synced with Reminder and It would be nicer to add tasks by clicking task screen area. In addition, it needs a better OSX app that works. Keep up with the good works!

  • Frustrated

    by Ocaoivorew

    It's a good app, but please, call the right side appointments,left top tasks and then notes. And let us type in notes directly! Now two days ago a note showed after I typed it, no more, now just the first line shows and you have to click on it to see the note. I hate this. So I tried put the note in a s a task, well, that got me "note" o, but not the note. This is driving me nuts. Every update things are getting worse not better. Making it : appts, errands,or tasks and letting us type in our own note would be awesome. Thanks

  • Frustrated

    by Ocaoivorew

    It's a good app, but please, call the right side appointments,left top tasks and then notes. And let us type in notes directly! Now two days ago a note showed after I typed it, no more, now just the first line shows and you have to click on it to see the note. I hate this. So I tried put the note in a s a task, well, that got me "note" o, but not the note. This is driving me nuts. Every update things are getting worse not better. Making it : appts, errands,or tasks and letting us type in our own note would be awesome. Thanks

  • Frustrated

    by Ocaoivorew

    It's a good app, but please, call the right side appointments,left top tasks and then notes. And let us type in notes directly! Now two days ago a note showed after I typed it, no more, now just the first line shows and you have to click on it to see the note. I hate this. So I tried put the note in a s a task, well, that got me "note" o, but not the note. This is driving me nuts. Every update things are getting worse not better. Making it : appts, errands,or tasks and letting us type in our own note would be awesome. Thanks

  • Perfect for the jugglers out there!

    by Bianca Alicia Langford

    Making events and tasks is very simple and quick. I was nervous about going to a paperless agenda but the crossover was painless with this app. I do wish you could balance more than 2 color-coded calendars but I'm still very happy with my purchase.


    by jsureke

    Finally! I have been searching for an app to do what my Franklin Planner does. I was just about to write one myself, and I found this one. Great job, guys!

  • Great App

    by PJRISKA

    This App has it all. Calendar, tasks, notes. They show in all screens. Highly recommend it! Best one out there!

  • No longer a FranklinCovey Planner User

    by GeekyGirlTraveler

    I didn't think I would ever be able to find an electronic planner to replace my Franklin Covey paper planner that I've used for many years. This planner is awesome. It allows for everything my paper planner did but it does one thing my paper planner couldn't do and that was give me a weeks view of open tasks. A critical requirement for my busy life. I love the mixed calendar view. Finally a calendar view that gives me all my calendars (iCalendar, gmail calendars, outlook calendars) in one place. I just love this app!

  • Perfect App

    by KaraWill81

    Perfect app to keep everything organized! love the new layout and look!

  • Great Help

    by Harls82

    Great way to keep track of all the days tasks.

  • Simple & Elegant, what Apple's calendar app should look like !

    by Beaumyister

    Enuf said, the title says it all. Try it out for yourself.

  • Very happy!

    by lasp1971

    Keeps me on tract with my daily and future activities!

  • I wish i could review before puchasing....

    by Alxvry

    ...but I guess playing with it helped me figure out what I needed or what I was misunderstanding. Another calendar (informant) was much easier for me to figure out. AND it uses icons which help shorten my titles, but I figured out how to do that with Planner Plus too. I think for the most part...I already paid for Planner Plus...but you know what makes a difference? The daily quotes.

  • Convinient.

    by Trumpcardnchrist

    It is laid out like an intuitive hard copy planner. I use it daily and appreciate its power with simplicity. I hope they find a way to export backup information. It's the best of the options for sure.

  • Organize!

    by shimoorek

    This application is very handy and goes a step beyond the standard calendar app. it is very great for keeping organized. Would be even more beneficial if it was more integrated with the other calendar features.

  • small details

    by roman fraden

    hi! great app but please- bring back the page flip animation. such a simple thing, but so pleasant. also- how about integrating weather? an icon for at least a week I'm advance. would blow people's minds

  • Why do I have to pay twice?

    by Ric Keefer

    Great application. It's a shame that after having to pay for the application once I am expected to pay for it a second time to use it on my iPhone.

  • Priority sort issues, developer does not respond

    by jmanes1971

    Bought this app for both iPhone and iPad in December. Worked great until Jan update. My detailed AlphaNumeric system with dozens of tasks and priorities was replaced with cheesy !,!!,!!. Later found out option how to set back to AlphaNumeric, but tasks no longer sort by priority for either. Contacted developer three times throughout these issues - absolutely no response! Thanks for ruining my (former) favorite planning app.

  • Disappointed in a good product that does not suit my needs re synching.

    by overwhelmed

    App: 2.2 iPhone OS: 7.0.4 Device: iPad4,1 Feedback here: I wrote to you but you did not respond. I like this app, but, apparently I was ignorant of the fact that it doesn't synch with my computer nor my iPhone. Also, extremely expensive if I purchase it thru the App Store on my computer. Thank goodness I didn't buy it for my iMac. Next, how does it synch with my iPhone? Do I need to buy it again? This is ridiculous, and unless you improve the product, I will have to delete it and cough up what I paid for it. Nancy F Sent from my iPad

  • Sync

    by nhLori

    How can I sync Planner Plus between my devices like it says it is capable of doing? I BOUGHT the app for my iPad AND my iPhone and they will not sync!!! I do not need two separate apps!

  • Love it

    by august-fan

    I am an old Franklin covey planner user and have now converted to using this app only. Great app!

  • Love Love This App!

    by Sissi1969

    The latest updates have been great! This app helps me stay organized, on task, and highly productive!

  • Really good app, almost perfect

    by byHisgracealone

    It functions very much like the old paper planners but better. It has a good look and is easy on the eyes, which actually is a major plus for me. It would be nice to have the notes allowed a bit more space, but that's not critical. The one thing that I REALLY wish it had is an option for repeating tasks to repeat on completion. If it had that, it would be 5 star, in my opinion.

  • Highly recommended

    by BjayP

    App integrates well with Calendar. I enjoy the priority setting options, the visual layout, and the overall ease of use.

  • Recommend to anyone who wants to be punctual

    by Djmekka

    The best app I used so far. The app was so good purchased it within the first hour of use. You can plan your whole year up to minutes. Set tasks, notes, and events. This app helped me to be much more productive. I recommend this app for anyone who would like to take control of his/ her own life than waiting for something to happen. Try the fee version first, so you can be the judge.

  • Best planner yet

    by MzA821

    I have no complaints. It does everything I want it to. The only bad part is that I can't put it on my iPhone.

  • Best Planner App Out There

    by Katiana B.

    I absolutely love this app! I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to being organized and this satisfies a lot of my needs! I especially love all the inspirational quotes!

  • Love it.

    by pjpj200

    Thanks for listening to your customers. I love the look and the function. Great organization app!

  • Great

    by Appreciate the help

    This has helped me tremendously. I would like future updates to allow you to pick the sequence of repeating.

  • Simply Awesome!!!

    by kgeiger

    Please, please, please ... don't change back to the old look! It's so clean and pretty now, and makes so much better use of the screen realestate. The functionality is awesome, and data entry is so much easier than in Apple Calendar. It's like the best of both worlds!! Kudos for a great app worth paying for! I'm going to buy the desktop version too.

  • Super App!

    by MKDh

    This is an app that is used all the time. I was skeptical about the changes however they seem to fit in just fine. Nicely done!


    by Mack9799

    I had a friend introduce me to this app that also introduced me to a name brand manual planner years ago. This app is awesome and it follows that same format of the manual planner I used. I added a keyboard cover to my ipad and it cannot get much better. The search feature is great. I am able to use key words to keep up with my separate businesses. The search will locate the keywords in the notes, task, and events. I read some of the other reviews and would not care how the layout is in this app, as long as the features don't change much. I agree with a few that the day needs to be added in the tasks and the events should have a feature to generate a task. One feature that I would suggest would be a tab for goals. I am sure most that use this app have written goals. The list of goals should have a feature to generate tasks or events. Notes could be made in the goal itself. Example - workout 4/week and allow the function to set the day and time in events and set a task. Bottom line to anyone that reads this, it is well worth the price. I never write reviews, but I went into the App Store to write this review. Please consider the suggestions and thanks for the awesome app.

  • Make adding tasks faster

    by Rrzimmermans

    You should be able to tap on the task area of the page to bring up the dad task screen, instead of having to click the '+' in the corner and the. Selecting "task". When you have a lot of tasks to add, the current way is annoying and takes extra time. Also, unfinished tasks should show up on the next days task area.

  • Works Well, could be better

    by Dre4peace

    I like a lot of the features of this planner, and I use it every day. That being said there are some improvements I would love to see made. One is the ability to see notes on a task without clicking all the way in, when you ch age the date of a task there are too many steps involved, it needs to be tightened up so the functionality is more streamlined. I love the ability to view the day month tasks etc. it is what I love most since I came from using a paper planner and hated to have to rewrite things or move sticky notes around.

  • Best planner app!

    by iamfearless

    Simple. Beautiful. Easy to navigate. And continuous updates!

  • Cool app

    by Cqueen of Texas

    Love the colors, sync with iphone, and having task, notes, appointments all in one easy to use app. It also keeps all of my calendars current and up-to-date. I don't know what changed but when I saw the new update that included a new logo I tried it again and love it. Before the looks were not as good. I recommend this calendar over all others and believe me I have spent much to find the right calendar. I love this one because it works well with mac ical, iphone, google email calendars all. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

  • Niiice

    by bdubs504

    I'm one of those types who has tried nearly all reputable calendar and todo apps out there, and this combo is nearly flawless. Tons of great features, very easy on the eyes, and it has become my daily planner for everything. Very useful and glad I found it.

  • Best IOS Calender Planner app

    by Eroberts67

    This is the best calendar app I have found for the Ipad. I am a long time Daytimer Customer and this is the closest thing to it. with the ability to not only schedule events with reminders but the task and project parts are awesome! My only complaint was not being able to access this on my iPhone. Now they have added an iPhone app and I am really pleased. works great! totally worth the purchase.

  • Just What I Was Looking For

    by Bflo Dave at the Shore

    I had been really frustrated with the various calendar and planner apps that people kept suggesting to me. None seemed to work. In fact, I was almost considering going back to a paper planner. But then I discovered PLANNER PLUS. It really gives me what I want plus it merges nicely with the pre-installed calendar program on my I-Pad and I-Phone so they synch perfectly. The tasks and notes sections of each day's calendar are wonderful tools. This is easy to use and makes life easier. My only complaint was when switching from PLANNER PLUS light to the full program there were issues synching some information. Truth is ... skip the light and go to the full program; you'll be glad you did!

  • Planner Plus

    by Golf4dee

    Excellent calendar for keeping track of all appointments. Love the fact that you can name various calendars with color coding each calendar. Keep up the great upgrades.

  • Needs an iPhone app

    by P7417

    This app is almost perfect! It looks good ,functions as advertised, but when I go into the store or an appt. I take my iPhone. No hype here guys, make a iPhone app and put a price on it for $19.95- I'll buy it in a heart beat.

  • Life saving app

    by Growland78

    I absolutely love this app! Although it is easier for me to add events quickly to with my iphone, it syncs to this app and I never miss a beat. Fantastic graphics and layout. Keep up the great work!!

  • Completely replaced Calendar app

    by jennifercat

    I use this every day and love the navigation, how easy it is to add new events, and search function.

  • Ok app but doesn't do much more than iCal

    by mbeaghley

    Save your money. Download Evernote and use iCal.

  • Great app

    by Crackerboxinbc

    It replaced my day runner

  • Like this app

    by lulu ryan

    Reviewed a lot of calendar/planner apps and purchased a few... So far this works but I won't update it until they still show the notes. Critical to the function, for me at least.

  • Excellent Planner App

    by Nike+FuelBand+Alan

    Perfect app for someone wanting to have the planner feel without the actual planner. Simple, easy, and helpful product! Highly recommend!

  • Superb

    by Raymart Flor

    I wanted something that can help me organize my lifestyle and this was a great help. great job

  • Best planner app I have

    by HyeonSeop

    Very simple, good design, useful.

  • Some better some worse

    by TY9866

    Some of the new features are better however the priority smaller and on the left is not as good. Also needing to open the task to mark it in progress is not as good.

  • Great tool!

    by roxysohia

    Is a great planner, very similar to franklin covey my alone wish or concern is not available for iPhone, if you could add this app to iPhone I will give 10 stars ! Love the color.

  • Nice

    by Seivanb

    Thanks for listening, I'm enjoying this app

  • Still "just ok"

    by Bricky bratt

    I like the task priority improvement and the ability to add more than one task at a time. I wish there was option to just show m-f since it only use this calendar for work. I also hate how when setting a date, it won't say what day of the week that particular day is on. I don't know why you guys just won't put the days of the week next to the calendar day. I also which there was another way to prioritize work. The letters and numbers aren't always the best way. Otherwise I like the simplicity of this calendar for work.

  • Excellent Planner!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Melrey0

    Functions very close to a paper planner without the negatives. Like the "Tasks" and "Notes" functions. Like the reminders. Syncs with other calendars. Makes me more efficient. Good value. Love it!

  • Great app

    by EmWolf410

    Surprised to find this is a unique app, much like using an old day planner. I wanted a day view, with tasks and notes next to my schedule. Who knew this is hard to find!! I am glad that the events sync with my iCal. Tasks are supposed to sync with Reminders but they do not. This could be a drawback. There are a few quirks with the program that are not intuitive, such as picking the correct dates for tasks and events. Watch closely that it dos not reset your task or event when entering information. However, once the date and time are set and the task or event complete, it holds the correct information. I wish there were more ways to customize it!

  • Getting closer to Franklin Planner

    by Doc valiant

    Still needs work but improving. However hands down the best iPad app for planning.

  • Love this app. Active updates!

    by Djay3000

    I love this application because it functions like a day planner.

  • Thanks for the update

    by Into grace

    Thanks for the update. It demonstrates your commitment to you app and your customers.

  • Stop spoiling a good thing

    by Mama Rory

    I've always loved this app. The last couple of upgrades were an improvement, generally. But the newest change, which hides NOTES so they cannot be seen in the daily view, is a PAIN!!! Placing reminders, important info, etc. was always a great use of this feature, and now it has been rendered useless. Way to go!

  • Finally the devs listened their costumers!


    Priority task was a very great new feature. The best planner indeed. It worths every cent. Now I really think the new design is awesome (despite the fact the old version was also incredible). _______ [update]: finally they listened their loyal costumers. The update bring back the older features that we are like. The old design is a master piece but this new one is not bad (in fact I really like it on 2.1). The icon is awesome. 5 stars again. _______ The new iOS7 design is very contradictory. Just see iBooks and Pages reviews (1 star wins). And now PlannerPlus copied that design. 'Day' view is noticeably worse. No month calendar on top, no quotes, strange design for tasks. Overall it is not good as before. Result: downgrade to old version (one more app on badge signaling to upgrade). In case if you do not know how to downgrade: after the upgrade open your 'Trash' folder (PC/OSX). The old version is there - Planner Plus 1.3.ipa. Then drag it to iTunes (applications), it will ask you if you want to overwrite the app. Say yes. Delete the PlannerPlus from your iDevice and install the old version again.

  • Year view

    by Planner geek

    GREAT GREAT job folks! Closest ANYONE has come to the classic paper-based planner. Can't for the life of me figure out why it took so long for someone to figure this out - including the planner pioneers. I still have to jump to my native calendar to get a year-at-glance view. Would be a nice add here! Thanks!

  • Worth the $!

    by Bfors

    I never write reviews. But this app was worth taking the time. I am a busy working mom of 4 kids and this planner has everything I need to keep it all straight. Easy to navigate and use. Love the notes section too and the ease of referencing! Love it

  • Best planner out there!

    by Molly71300

    I have tried other planner apps and this is by far the best. Has day, tasks and notes on one screen. One can easily and quickly go to fill week and full month screens. So much better than the calendar with iO7, but will sync with this calendar. Ultimate in function.

  • Great app with 2.1 update

    by Apple522

    Like many users I love having the convenience of an electronic planner with the old look of my physical day planners of past. Would like to see on the task and notes entry form the same date input of the event form. It is VERY helpful to know what day a particular date falls on. I always end up having to cancel the entry and double check the day. Thanks for a great app!

  • Replaced my Franklin paper planner

    by Plotdoc

    I love how Planner Plus keeps track of my schedule AND all the tasks and reminders that I need to keep up with. I'd rate it 5 stars, but there are a few minor tweaks that would make this system perfect: 1. Add a year-at-a-glance view. 2. Allow users to set repeating tasks/events for a specific day of the week, such as "Monday." 3. Allow unfinished tasks to automatically roll over to the next day. All in all, an excellent system.

  • Doc

    by Vet Doc 11741

    opened app and all my appointments are GONE!! Not Good! emailed support, have not heard back as of yet!

  • Works Great For Me!

    by Turbo444

    Everything works as stated by developers. I am more than satisfied! This app syncs flawlessly with my Google calendar and ios calendar. All three are the same, including colors. I'm backing up to Dropbox and syncing through iCloud, so not worried about losing data. My eyesight is not great, and this app is very easy to read. I LOVE the simple look. No clutter that detracts from the words I need to see. If I find any glitches or problems, AND if I don't get help from devs, I will add to this review. Bu,t so far, this app is EXCELLENT.

  • Wonderful app!

    by TahoeChic

    Love this app! Didn't think I would ever go paperless with my planner because I couldn't find an app that worked like a planner book. This app has allowed me to do just that! Would love to see maybe some custom color options but other than that I wouldn't change a thing!

  • Great Planner

    by Sizewise

    I have always been a fan of the Franklin/Covey planners and this is the closest one I have found to it. I would love the option for the tasks to carry over to the next day, but I also know that is not the true style of the paper planner. All in all a good purchase.

  • DrRIS

    by RIS in Texas

    Planner Plus is the only app I've found that even resembles the Franklin Planner. I've used Franklin Planner since 1990 and it's been a chore to use the Planner when everything else is on iPad. I am very pleased with the transition to Planner Plus and it's usability keeps improving with monthly newsletters and the updates. I give it 5 stars because for me developers earned it.

  • Great app

    by Adrianbough

    This is a very useful app. I have been using it on a daily basis since I got it. I use it more for work and it actually helped increase my productivity. Would highly recommend it.

  • Terrible support!

    by B. Rocket

    BE WARNED!! You will get no help or support! I am having the worst time with this app. It will not work for me and can't seem to get a response from the creators. I've tried multiple times to contact them but to no avail. What terrible customer service. For some reason they seem to think they can just take your money and run and have no regard for the problems you're having with their shoddy work!

  • Sync and Bluetooth Issues

    by ...bbb...

    Installed the app. It looked great and seemed easy to use. Synced it with my Outlook server. Went to use my bluetooth keyboard and it found the keyboard but would not sync. Synced the key board just fine with my iPhone. Then reopened the app and it locked up on sync 4x in a row. Removed the app and bluetooth works fine.

  • Great app for paper to electronic planner converts!

    by Paper Planner Convert

    I was a diehard day planner user and bought new planner pages every year but this year decided to go electronic. This app has made the transition very easy, everything I had with a written day planner I have here and more. Tasks that I didn't complete are still in the task tab and can be picked up the next day and larger tasks can be classified as projects with tasks within them. Great app for paper to electronic planner converts!

  • Generally pretty cool but

    by Puerto2014

    This is a great appt, but still has gliches. Going between dates, either back or forwards is often a problem. It requires having to hit the date icon you want several times before it finally shows up. And today, it simply is picking and choosing what it wants to allow me to put on my task list. I have done one several times and it still hasn't posted. Please work these out.

  • Waste of 9 bucks

    by Sonsinger

    Cannot do something as simple as schedule a meeting for the second Tuesday of every month. The vendor claims that it does project planning. It has a primitive 2-level project-task relationship that does not really serve any useful purpose.

  • Great App!


    I really love this app. It keeps everything I need all together in one searchable place. The only improvement suggestion I have is possibly the application of different color themes or the ability to change calendar colors. Otherwise perfect!


    by Crazyshopaholic1969

    Very upset with this app....I have my life planned out in this app..I literally have everything in it...I quit using a paper planner because I loved this app so much.i went to the app little bit ago to put something in it...ummmmm ALL MY STUFF IS what do I do?its all what do I do?????

  • Thanks for the update

    by Robhunt

    I loved my paper planner, but don't like to carry it around. In this I have the best of both worlds, digital and paper!

  • Best Day planner app

    by Jrlondon14

    What a great, easy to use app. Thanks.

  • If only...

    by TKD&GraphixGirl

    Love the interactivity between this app and the iOS calendar, but wish it would also interact with my Notes and Reminders. Disappointed and hope this will get fixed in future versions. Otherwise, this app shows a lot of promise. Love the daily quotes!

  • You cannot trust this app developer.

    by 4bot

    We liked and bought an app with the realistic binder look and performance. Now, it is suddenly gone. If you buy this app, know the developer will completely change it in the future from what you paid for. Now this app has a 1960s boring look. You HAD a perfect app before with the binder...high tech, elegant it is boring looking. We paid for the prior version with the binder. Where is the app we paid for??

  • Really liking the new update!

    by C&E FAN

    Thank you for the update. Works much better than before!

  • Good but somewhat problematic

    by Scripted reality

    I like the look of this app and it's general functionality. However a few of the interesting gliches I found were: a) I set up my schedule for next year (I'm a teacher) while visiting a friend in England. When I went home my classes had shifted from the times I'd scheduled to being in the late evening - early night - because of the time zone shift = weird. b) tasks don't carry forward from one day to the next if they're not checked off. This would be a nice feature.

  • Waste of money.. No color coding

    by Add mozlover

    This app does not have any color coding function. All color-coded events in my google calendar show up as the same color and I'm unable to create new events with color with this app. Almost felt like I'm duped after those pictures in the details page. Also UX is terrible compared to other calendar apps. Now I'm using calendars by Readdle.

  • Good Job

    by Davidking316

    I really love the app layout but it misses 3 feature to make it my choice calendar. 1st I would like it to sync up with Reminders, 2nd I would like to be able to add events from any view and last but not lease, I want an iPhone version, and best 1 app for both devices. I count on you guys, don't let me down. I invest in this app thinking you guys would push some updates to improve it, unfortunately you don't. I'm still waiting for my tasks to sync with Reminders and the ability to enter events and task from any view. I'm OK with the new look, still waiting for my task to sync up iOS reminder, plz.

  • Not a fan of the new update

    by K2shark

    Miss the old version

  • Awesome!!

    by Aftermathpr

    Something I was looking for a long long time!!!!!

  • Excellent app

    by itunes has no available nickna

    The updated visual interface made this already excellent app even better and more usable.

  • Review

    by Metfghkyffhjjkkhfdr

    This is the updates I have been in hopes you would make. It makes it much nicer to use.

  • Love it

    by Romy2405

    Love the new look and that the quotes are back... Missing the old fashioned brown leather cover :)

  • New update ruins it

    by StevenJones

    Thanks for taking my cash and then making this app look like everything else in iOS 7. Now this app will go to the recycle bin, you must have had your heads there when you tried to make this an Apple clone product.

  • Much better look than 2.0

    by decibel1

    This appearance is much better. Although I loved the original old look of a leather planner, this one is much better than the weird 2.0. Still waiting for the iPhone App!!!

  • Great app

    by Jim the gimp

    I use this app as a reminder which helps me with my many appointments. Great job!!

  • Great Improvements

    by mdavidf

    This application was great before and the latest updates make it even better!

  • Great App

    by DJ HENROC

    Does everything I need it to do and is really easy to use. Great job!

  • UGOY

    by Kseryk


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