Planner Plus for iPhone Productivity App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Dec, 10 2013
  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 5.03 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

- Everything refined for better experience
- Adds new priority mode for tasks
- Minor bug fixes

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42 Ratings
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Designed for those people who’re looking for a full-featured app to manage daily life better. Planner Plus, which costs years for designing and coding is now coming out for everybody. We combine events, tasks and notes in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps.

Planner Plus provides kinds of settings for different requirements from kinds of people. You’ll find the best way to meet your requirements in our app. Also, if you have any other great ideas or suggestions to make this app better please contact us with an email, which will be very appreciate.

- Sync with iOS calendars and events
- Show or hide calendars as you want
- Add, edit or delete events easily
- Supports full recurring period
- Manually time slot
- Supports all-day & cross-day events

- Supports tasks and projects with sub-tasks
- Supports recurring tasks and projects
- 5 different status for tasks and projects
- 25 priorities for tasks and projects
- Supports app badge
- System reminder for each task

- Unlimited number of notes for each day
- Manage notes in day, week and month view
- Easily to add, edit and delete notes

Other Key Features
- Day, Week, Month and Tasks modules for better management
- Supports both landscape and portrait modes
- Very well designed user interface
- Full records searching including events, tasks and notes
- Set the first day of week manually
- Select the launch view as you want

Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use this app.

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to, you’ll get a response in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • Muy buena, buena presentación

    by Joe a w

    Me gusta la visualización de los eventos, eso me permite dimensionar mejor mis actividades

  • Love the syncing

    by qutrina

    I love the way the notes syncs seamlessly with my iPad! I always need to jot down notes quickly without getting my iPad out all the time and doing it on my iPhone works really well! Yes the iPhone version is confusing a bit so I just use the notes function on it but it's not too hard to figure out! I hate I had to pay $4.99 for the iPhone version and I already paid $8.99 for the iPad version. It seems like we would've at least gotten some kind of discount. But I guess you get what you pay for and I got two great apps for my iPad and iPhone. Thanks!

  • Excellent across devices!

    by NJAnderson

    What I like about this productivity tool as compared to others is that I gave it on my iPad and my iPhone. I can sync the calendar and tasks on both. I love the iPad version and give it 5 stars. I'm not so pressed with the iPhone version and give it 3 stars. The average if 4 stars is the overall rating. The calendar view on the iPhone us not as attractive.

  • Love the calendar tasks & notes under one roof, but

    by M Khayat

    Click on app support and you get advertising for calenmob? Whats up with that?

  • Very nice app

    by Ben5339

    I use it every day. I love the mix of notes and task, I just wish I could add pictures to the notes and maybe location.

  • Great App!!

    by Kim Propp

    This is a great daily planner. It really keeps me organized. It is easy to use and set up. I would recommend it. I love that you can set up reoccurring appointments and tasks. Thank you

  • Good ap

    by Deeann58

    Would suggest more options for repeating an event (second Tuesdays, etc...)

  • Just the best.

    by Ann Pham

    Seriously, what would I do without this app. I know there's hundreds of planner apps out there, I've already tried many, but I think this is the one. It has everything I need, without being too complicated! It works just like the regular built-in calendar app, so it's simple to use, yet it has some extra helpful features that the built-in app doesn't have! I personally don't find all the extra fancy calendar app features necessary, like in other leading calendar/planning apps. This app is just great for me. Just great.

  • Very good

    by Noogy80

    Very happy with the features and ease of using this app

  • Pretty good

    by targetmarket

    I've started using this for my daily calendar and note taker. A little slow to boot up.

  • Best combo calendar I've used

    by LAK0007

    Easy use, easy to view. I love it. I only wish I could have a diff alarm for events that require my immediate attention

  • Great App

    by Mg25755

    This is a great app.

  • Best Calendar app out there

    by Eduardo Gonzalez


  • Fantastic app!

    by A_O'Toole

    Wonderful design and easy to use. I am able to easily add events to my calendars and combine notes and tasks for the day. As a teacher, this is a fantastic app for me!:)

  • Great! Needs one more thing

    by Hombrehombre

    I live this app. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because it doesn't have the ability to email events like other similar apps. Do this and it is a five star app.

  • Best calendar app I've used

    by Yayyyyyyyyyyj


  • Offer everything

    by Khangyyg

    It offer everything I need like calendar,notes,task in one. App itself run very smoothly

  • Wonderful

    by Crashed626

    Great planner app. To use it is to love it.

  • Close

    by Andrew 555

    I'm a Franklin Covey user and have been waiting years for FC to adopt a viable digital system. This is the closest product I've come across.

  • Good ToDo List App

    by 2bearbill

    Good for ToDo Lists, but not so much for a planner app. Limited ability to carry tasks forward. Syncs with other calendars nicely. Never got a response to my email to product support team?

  • I can't use it

    by Gkdhdgdhhcydgggyyuyz

    Why in heavens name does it not sync with my iPad planner plus?? This app is no use to me if I can't get to my notes or tasks that are on my planner plus on my iPad !!

  • It's otherwise a good app

    by JMShe

    The lack of weekly view and weekly list view for calendar makes the app much less user friendly! Plus, I sent a few emails for support and got no response at all, seems not professional.

  • Wish it was one price for iPhone & iPad

    by iamfearless

    Love this planner! It has a beautiful UI and feels very much like a real paper planner. But a couple things I wish it would have: 1) One price for both iPad and iPhone. I had to purchase them desperately. But they so sync up with a dropbox account. 2) Active links (i.e. Emails open up Mail, phone numbers can be tapped to call or message, addresses can be opened in Maps, website links open Safari) in the the events, tasks, and notes features.

  • Almost the best!

    by music is the way

    This is almost the best planner app out there. It's like definitely at the top! I guess, it IS the best. But it's not the best it could be. The iPhone UI is a BIT confusing because of it's lack of options. BUT simple is usually better than boggy (like the Facebook app, blegch). Also, iphone needs a week view. On iPad, can we have an option to see all notes? We have the option of seeing all todo items, but nowhere to view all notes, on iPad. These options both exist on iPhone, but like I said it's confusing to figure out where to find them.

  • Great App...

    by Zaguh-Z-Tuh

    Great application, but there is room for improvement. This app could use an "invite" tab like the iOS calendar, a "Goals" tab (as previously mentioned by other reviewers), and maybe a desktop application. It would be 100% perfect after those changes.

  • Great calendar/planner app

    by krs81

    This app is a nice alternative to the calendar "upgrades" that came with iOS 7, which I really dislike. This planner is simple to use and visually appealing.

  • I enjoy it but it needs a few things.

    by Benjii3

    This app would be best if you could create categories for your tasks. Even better if it synced with reminders.

  • Can't even try it out

    by Nusrat99

    The app crashes every time I try to open it! What a waste

  • Great adjunct to regular calendar

    by ThinksDeeply

    I like the ease of use and additional features available.

  • Make it work across ALL platforms

    by Jj7715

    I looked for a long time for an app like this. I bought the iPhone, iPad, and Mac app to find out notes does not sync from Mac to iOS and vice versa! This is SO important!! Please fix. It's a great app but lacking that. Change it and it'll have 5 stars!! Also add the ability to attach files, pics, or maps to the notes like Apples native calendar app

  • Love it!

    by Myself....

    Love love love having this app now in addition to the iPad version! The two apps sync flawlessly, for people who think that they don't color code, you just need to set up all your calendars on the phones native app and assign them colors. Dropbox syncs tasks and notes between devices. Basically I love it!

  • Looks good but where is search?

    by Sichuanbob1

    I can't find a search function for past appt.

  • Second Saturday! Yes!

    by yoakumtech

    Finally -- a calendar app that allows me to repeat items on the first Tuesday or second Saturday of every month. Now if we could just schedule something every six weeks ...

  • Great app with one thing to improve

    by BTLittleRabbit

    My favorite planner! Useful and the team always try new things and updates with the app to make it more user friendly. With iPad sync, it is never better! Love the latest update. The latest appearance, structure of the planner is the best! One thing to improve: the incomplete tasks cannot shift to the next day automatically, and need to be set manually, which is a little inconvenience for me.

  • Almost perfect!

    by Cordial Savage

    Keep the updates coming. So close to being the only planner/calendar/to-do app I use. With reminders and some more features (theme colors, alerts) it's 5 stars for sure!

  • Promising

    by Will-2002

    Really like this app. Overall, much better feel to it than the ios 7 calendar. Wish that it showed the date on the app icon. This way I could dump the apple calendar into that unused folder of apple apps. Notes is lacking some. Could have a smoother design. Would also be handier if you could swipe a note then delete. As of right now you have to go into the note to delete it. Same for tasks. Calendar is much better design than apple's.

  • Good planner app

    by Museike

    The app is great for planning tasks. I gave 4 stars because the icon looks too similar to procreate's previous app icon. Not sure if this was accidental, but a more fitting icon would be better.

  • Good app that has its own character, but lacking features

    by wadjj

    Overall solid and well designed, but no week view even when turned sideways, and that it doesn't support reminders are two pretty big turnoffs.

  • Great

    by RobertTree

    With ipad and sync with Dropbox it works amazingly.

  • Nice easy app, room for improvement

    by 360icloud

    Great app switching from franklin planner to this I found this app to be the closest. Love the sync and colors and quote. I wish it had a GOALS tab and I wish you could hold your finger on the task box to create a new task, it seems a bit slow because everything is drop downs and tasks don't automatically move to next day if you don't complete them you have to manually go in and change the date on each one. I wish it just moved to current day if it wasn't completed. Great little app though. Keep workin on it and make it even more seemless. Get peoples feed back and listen to it. Doin great so far. I'll give 5 stars if it gets easier with less steps to do stuff. Also, an option to not have notification to delete something that's just another tap. Seems like I have to tap a lot. Ha

  • Awesome update

    by EnvisionAndBe

    Almost gave up on this app until the recent update. It has always been useful, but with some limitations. Now it is great. I can see my tasks and notes on my iPhone and iPad. Uses Dropbox to sync. Very handy.

  • Great App

    by CitiGyrl

    Finally said goodbye to my former binder/planner. The only flaw is no true sync between my devices (Mac, iPad and iPhone). Otherwise, it's great! A solid foundation to what may be the standard in personal planners. #paperless

  • Could be better

    by Robby's Account

    Would love to give 5 stars but don't like that you have to pay for each version - iPhone, iPad, & Mac. Expected once & done.

  • Best Calendar App

    by judy4life

    I love Planner Plus. Over the last 3 years I have tried them all. This is the only calendar that syncs all the time, has wonderful options and acts like a real planner. The task and notes are very impressive as well. I use Nozebe for my project planning but the two together as side by side in my IPAD are awesome.

  • Planner Plus is an A+

    by JB147

    I tried several electronic methods to keeps a calendar, notes, and my long to do list. Planner Plus offers the best combination of these for my needs. It's a quick sync when opened and I can add items with ease. Suggestion? Give me a way to add an item (calendar, task, or note) verbally! That would be the perfect assistant!

  • Easy switch to electronic planner

    by AxMan2010

    I've used a Franklin Covey planner for over 2 decades. I've looked at other planner apps, but none came close to what I've used to until now. The transition to this app was close to seemless. The planning concepts i'm used to are all right here!

  • BJL

    by Barney L.

    I like having a calendar with notes and tasks all in one app, but I can't get notes and tasks to sync between my iPhone and iPad. Emails to the company to ask for help are returned as undeliverable, and I cannot find instructions anywhere I've looked. I have installed Dropbox, but still no luck.

  • notes and task needs to sync with the iphone/ipad

    by Maya23282

    great app! almost perfect :) notes and task should sync with the iphone and the ipad!

  • Reminders sync

    by hopeck93

    I love the UI and the ability to combine events, tasks, and notes all into one app. But for future updates, please consider having tasks sync with the iOS reminders app. Since you already can sync your calendar events, this seems like a simple feature request that would make sense to implement into this app.

  • Great!

    by Bill Brassler

    Fabulous to have my tasks, events, and notes in one place. After I set up Dropbox info everything synced flawlessly with my iPad. Not quite as pretty as the iPad version due to screen real estate issues, but a well designed app that works well.

  • Good, but a lot of room for improvement

    by M.RT.

    Very good product. Much more stable than bug-ridden Opus Domini. The Sync between my iPhone and iPad is bullet-proof. The glaring weakness is that the Mac version does not sync. Other improvements would be drag-and-drop prioritization as the current method is somewhat cumbersome. I would also suggest user/ defined binder tabs as in a Fil- o-Fax or Franklin Planner.

  • Good, but a lot of room for improvement

    by M.RT.

    Very good product. Much more stable than bug-ridden Opus Domini. The Sync between my iPhone and iPad is bullet-proof. The glaring weakness is that the Mac version does not sync. Other improvements would be drag-and-drop prioritization as the current method is somewhat cumbersome. I would also suggest user/ defined binder tabs as in a Fil- o-Fax or Franklin Planner.

  • Good, but a lot of room for improvement

    by M.RT.

    Very good product. Much more stable than bug-ridden Opus Domini. The Sync between my iPhone and iPad is bullet-proof. The glaring weakness is that the Mac version does not sync. Other improvements would be drag-and-drop prioritization as the current method is somewhat cumbersome. I would also suggest user/ defined binder tabs as in a Fil- o-Fax or Franklin Planner.

  • Best planner app I have seen!

    by hgrantwilliams

    Great app. Best yet.


    by Baileybearr !

    This app. is not letting me do anything when I get on even after I enable it in the privacy settings. Don't get it. WASTE OF MONEY.


    by ASL Terp in NC

    After spending another FIVE dollars just to have this app on my iPhone in addition to my iPad, the iPad version of my planner plus is now stuck in sync mode. Now I don't have access to all of my tasks and pages!! The only reason I have my events is because they synced through icalendar.

  • pickup

    by japkri

    used if for a few days and it works fine. I like the ability to scroll to a date and enter information, especially since the ios7 on the iphone took away that ability on the reminders app. i have been waiting for an app like this one. notes, reminders, events, all in one place. thanks

  • A Disaster So Far...

    by Leephut

    Maybe the update will fix things, but so far I have had nothing but problems. The App transferred all my swchedules from my iPhone calendar, then wipede out everything - from the app, and also the calendar. I had dates scheduled up through May, 2014. Now I have to research and re-do everything. That's not very productive, in my view

  • Almost there

    by New user none

    Great app, the project function is awesome. Would be five stars if you could assign tasks & projects to different people.

  • My favorite app so far..

    by Dimplesx2

    love it

  • Great App!

    by Transplanted Buckeye

    Love this app! Use it daily!

  • Won't sync!

    by ShowtuneSally

    I LOVE this app on my iPad, but even with Dropbox on both devices, I can't get my tasks and notes to sync between my phone and my iPad. If they would sync, this app would absolutely be worth the money (although I'm not sure why re-buying the app is necessary), but for now, I am a bit frustrated with it.

  • Why do we have to buy the App twice

    by Aheaberlin

    Why did I have to re-buy the app for my iPhone after I already purchased it for my iPad. I enjoy the app very much for work with my iPad, but wish I would have never gotten it for the iPhone. That is $5 I will never see again :-(

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