PDF Master Pro - Fill Forms, Annotate PDF with Professional Reader Productivity App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Feb, 12 2013
  • Version: 2.0.2
  • Size: 24.11 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

- Improves speed and stability
- Improves annotation tools

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PDF Master is a professional app to annotate, read, manage and share your PDFs. With PDF Master, you can easily annotate PDFs, add bookmarks, highlight texts, add notes, sign on PDFs, add stamps or draw with your own finger.

PDF Master offers powerful file management. It’s easy to get PDF documents into PDF Master and send them out. You can transfer PDFs with computers, emails or cloud storages such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Annotate PDF
*Highlight, underline and strike-through texts.
*Fill forms.
*Create notes.
*Free-style drawing on PDF.
*Add texts.
*Add signature.
*Add professional stamps.

File Sharing and Management
*Email PDF directly with all annotations.
*Open PDF in other applications.
*Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.
*Print via AirPrint
*Create folders to manage documents.
*Sort documents by name, date or size.
*Delete, move, copy and rename documents.
*Create password to protect your documents.

PDF Reader
*Tabbed reading.
*Customize page display and scroll direction.
*Full text search.
*Manage bookmarks, outlines and comments.

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to pdfmaster@appxy.com. You will get the response with solutions in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • Pdf master 3

    by H.R. Farhat

    This is a great app which gives U awesome experience in reading pdf books,and it has so many usefull tools which makes the reading experience even more delightful. But the only question I have is that what's the difference with this edition and pdf master 3?

  • Amazing app!

    by T0ny111

    The simple function n all unique annotation feature is great. Must have app to read PDF file n make notes

  • Well worth it. Use it many ways. My main college app. F

    by Iphone4awesome

    I'll keep it short and sweet...this app is a must have. I've played around with it for a while and come up with so many things I can use it for. Besides all the features it already offers, I've found a way to make it my one-stop for college classes. If professors send out notes as PDFs, then that's great! But if not, and it's a more traditional note-taking class, then it suits me fine as well. I went on my computer and created a blank Word document with page breaks to make it around 50 pages just blank with a header denoting the class name. Then I generated that blank, 50 page document into a PDF and sent it through email (or you could use any of the online storages) to my ipad and made one of those for each class. Now I can be standing during labs and taking notes by typing or hand writing and it's great because I can change the hand writing sizes easily and typing font and sizes easily also. It's much better than the other note taking apps which often have too small of a writing area to take notes anyway. Then when I'm done I just email it or upload it to an online storage account. I also use this to complete all of my worksheets and assignments now. My only recommendation is to also work with Skydrive but regardless it's truly great.

  • Like it so far

    by Msjdbman

    I just started using this app. I consider myself electronically challenged, but this app appears to be quite useful and easy to use.

  • Annotation & Markup

    by SeekerJones

    If your looking to do any annotation to your PDF files, PDF Master is clearly THE choice. Highlighter is a red/orange color only. App needs to add color choices for the Highlighter tool, just like the pen tool.

  • Worth the money

    by Studio33713

    Used the trial. Hooked. Made purchase. 2014jan15. Using on wifi-only iPad2. Not sure why other reviewers have problem. I'm reading for class. Using hi-lite, underline, strike through, arrows, and saved, and no crashes.

  • Slow to focus

    by tonjr24

    I'll rate it 3 stars because it takes too slow to focus and to load the PDF. Everything else is good. If the discrepancies will be updated to fix the problem. I'll rate it again.

  • Great app

    by Would give it 5 stars...

    I love this app for proofreading long projects. The original version was not nearly as good as the current one. The only real issue is when I tap the annotations toolbar in just the wrong spot it throws me back to page one, which is incredibly annoying when I'm proofreading a 300 page novel. Otherwise I'd give this app five stars.

  • Great for dental school

    by Dick smuggler

    Great program!

  • Excellent for my uses...iPod 5 user

    by Mario Piper

    This app allows me to organize my downloaded PDF's, and highlight and annotate them to my hearts content. Very useable. I am happy with it.

  • great

    by PacedJJ

    it's a great app.

  • Gets the job done

    by Gettingitdone21

    Best pdf viewer I have found. For only $1.99 the functionality is superb. Highlighting and annotating are easy and the user interface is easy to use.

  • Great App

    by Wmpete

    Works great no problems a++ rating

  • Five Stars for my Needs

    by Sahar Shahin

    Everyone is looking for different functions from their mobile device and therefor the apps they use. For me, this device serves my business needs (read, write, annotate) documents. Moreover, it allows me to import documents from my scanner app, as well as add my signature, then email MULTIPLE docs in the same email. So far I've worked with documents ranging from one page to about 45 or 50 pages and have experienced no issues with speed.

  • Awesome for grading essays but keeps crashing

    by eringobragh30

    I have been using this app for the past few weeks to edit and review rough drafts for my English classes. This has been the most useful app I have found for providing digital feedback on drafts. I love the way you can color coordinate things, highlight, underline, strike through, and comment. Super helpful! But with the new update it keeps crashing. While I am reading. Could you guys fix that please. I hate reading an essay, make comments, and then lose everything because the app crashed....

  • Cass A.

    by CassWorld

    A broker friend sent me an NDA in a PDF file so I told him I had an App that would let me sign a PDF file using my phone. He laughed and thought I was joking. I used this app to sign the NDA and sent it to him within seconds. He was shocked:-) This is a great business App!

  • Love it......

    by Philliep

    So convenient for updating files...

  • Hag

    by HagMaster

    Love it. Use it extensively for notations and highlighting documents.

  • Great PDF reader

    by Gogab0ga

    I like this reader a lot. Very convenient to use.

  • Under test

    by Adhamhossam

    Under test

  • Shuts off, nothing saved

    by C,sum

    I have issues with this. Either it's a bad download...(have done it twice) or something is wrong with it. It shuts off For no reason, and nothing is saved. Have to go back and start again..... I'd like my money back.....

  • lost homework

    by mama bear mad

    app crashed after 9 year old spent 40 mins on homework. I'm mad now... Please fix this.

  • Garbage

    by doolbfossola

    This program is utter garbage, I purchased this program twice, after and update that lost me the program "SOMEHOW", I had to repurchase the program, and still it didn't work. It doesn't have the ability to acquire anything from my dropbox, every-time I have tried its not there. I have tried contacting the company various amounts of times, for help or a refund. NO answer ever. I have finally had to contact the BBB to see if I can get my money back, which was sent off yesterday. I'm hoping that sleazy companies like this wont make off with more peoples money!!

  • Old version was better...

    by ThrownClear

    As other reviewers have stated, pages take a long time to load. Another very annoying trait - when you return to a document it starts on page one. It used to open on whatever page you left off on. I use this program for textbooks, so that's kind of annoying. None of these problems existed three versions ago. I have begun looking for an alternative program.

  • Crashes

    by ACT2012

    Layout is good and tools are good but it keeps crashing making it unusable!!

  • Don't use, it crashes often

    by Notslpfriendly

    I agree with #39 and #40. This app crashes too often. I have to redo my work 80% of the time because it crashes when I'm almost finished with the page I'm filling in and erases all the data!!! I am now looking for a new app!!!

  • Why does the app keep crashing

    by Only Yodi

    I just spent 4.99 and this app is already crashing when I attempt to open a document. Either fix the issue or I want my money back NOW!

  • Worthless and waste of time

    by estavidanuestra

    No annotations appear after you export the document. I tried Dropbox, cloudon, google disk... I even tried itunes. The document always appears blank, after all your hard work filling it in.

  • Best app, but...

    by inspector cruso

    I love this app, it has awesome tools, but... IT DOESN'T SAVE ON iPHONE(iPad is great) Hence the 1 star

  • No highlighter

    by Dmendezmsw

    Just downloaded this and the one feature that I really need; the ability to highlight text, is not working. Otherwise, I'd give it a higher rating because it quickly downloaded from my google drive. If someone can HELP with the highlighting issue that would be great. I'm doing what the user guide says and everything but this feature is working.

  • Used to work

    by Post to post

    Used to work well. Now cannot open app. Lost all data. Not reliable.

  • Very Productive App

    by ChargersFan43

    I find myself using this app more than any other PDF app that I have. It is user friendly and gets the job done. A+++

  • One of the best, almost

    by GirlPorter

    This has got to be one of the best PDF apps that I have used and I have a few. I needed to get a document signed and dated urgently so I used PDF Master on my iPhone. This app got the job done. I only give it 4 stars because there is no way to sync via iCloud to my other devices.

  • Awesome

    by Simple Apps 1

    Easy to use

  • Great !

    by Crashing racing

    Great app !

  • Wonderful!!

    by chsvball2010

    My only complaint is I don't think you can change the pages from horizontal to vertical view and vice versa.

  • PDF Master Pro

    by vern56

    Great way to keep what you want handy and organized!

  • Excelente!!!

    by Jen3790

    Muy buena applicacion , muy facil de descargar lo necesitado, subrayar y poner notas.

  • As Advertised

    by Belden Member

    Would recommend this to a friend

  • Wonderful app

    by Lilgirl259

    I love this app.its just what I need and easy to use as well

  • I like it

    by streakin667

    This is great. Easy to use. Can we get some iCloud action with it?

  • Very good app

    by Lee'112

    It's very good app, but new update makes it run slower than old version. If it has function to disable device auto-lock, it will be more perfect.

  • Best PDF app!

    by Maui Kid

    This has got to be the best .pdf app available. With so many similar programs you have choices, however I have found this one to be the best. Easy to use and backs up to several cloud services. 5 Stars!!

  • Beautiful

    by BowwowLove

    Very Great!

  • Mr.

    by Imu_oni

    Very good app!

  • Keeps business moving

    by TW from Sfld

    This app is packed with features to keep the business owner moving. The ability to not only fill out documents but sign and send saves so much time and fosters professionalism

  • Overall good

    by hy3301

    Sometimes crash on iPad 2

  • Good app

    by Patyvcunha

    This is a great app but I can't open files from Dropbox anymore in the app

  • Was a 5 ⭐ app.

    by Kreefreaza

    This new update is terrible. The pages load extremely slowly. Before the update pages would load as fast as you could swipe your finger. And the "fit to page" option doesn't work. Now it's in some "forced zoom" type of thing no matter what you do. Will re-rate the app once these problems are fixed.

  • Best PDF in the iPhone

    by Gothicsmurf


  • Best PDF in the iPhone

    by Gothicsmurf


  • PDF Master

    by Paramount Pen

    Perfect in every way except it needs to sync with ipad automatically and vice a versa with iphone. Very frustrating to build folders and update files every time you use a different device. I would still use this app over the rest!

  • Works great for me

    by Jojo 318

    Could have a better layout hope things work

  • Leaves lots to be desired.

    by Liam A.C.

    Needs more color options for highlighting. It takes forever to load the outline of large pdf files. Please fix!

  • Useful!

    by DoomBunny319

    Love the app, incredible helpful and perfect for my editing needs! And you can copy an already edited file to rename and edit more so you have two versions! The only thing it either won't do or I can't figure out is keep edited files on multiple devices. I want to edit something on my iPad and see it on my iPhone.

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