Hours Keeper - Time Tracking, Timesheet & Billing Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Appxy
  • Updated: Sep, 26 2012
  • Version: 2.4.1
  • Size: 7.15 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appxy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

- Minor bug fixes.

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Hours Keeper is a well designed application that you can use to easily track your hours worked and calculate your earnings.

Hours Keeper allows to record your daily working hours for each client, including your overtime and break time. After earnings been calculated, your can generate PDF invoices to sent to your clients and track all the billings and the payments.

“Easy to use and simple. It’s very useful and is definitely worth every penny. Great customer service from developers!”

“Very well executed app, nice clean interface with tones of useful features.”

“A great app for those of us that do business on the go. It is packed full of great features that really help out. Great job.”

Our Hours Keeper is one of the best tools to track down all the hours you have worked. Once you use the app you will want nothing else to make your hours and earnings tracking easier.

- Well designed, easy to use, intuitive interface.
- Realtime hours/earning tracking for multiple clients.
- Weekly and monthly timesheet.
- PDF invoices to send to customers.
- Earnings reports.
- Calendar to map your daily earning for each month.
- Billing and payment tracking.
- Configurable overtime and break time for time tracking.
- Export data as CSV
- Passcode protection.

Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app.

If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to hourskeeper@bluetgs.com , and you will get the response with solutions in a short time.

Customer Reviews

  • Good but

    by Jeny Lane

    Is anyone else having problems with overtime?? It's not calculating my OT, please fix!!

  • So far so good !

    by Per what?

    Thanks . I hate paper work.

  • Great for ems

    by Emtjd

    So far so good. I can keep track of both my jobs easily and estimate what my pay will be.

  • Get paid

    by LLuuPP

    Easy to use / and very efficient.

  • Useful

    by TinasGraphics

    This app is very useful since I am an on-call nanny. My schedule is extremely sporadic, so I have no way to figure past paychecks by referring to a constant pattern. Hours Keeper allows me to keep track of both my clients (employers), so I always know which family owes me a given amount at any time. It is also handy to have the choice of clocking in and having it time you, or clocking in after the fact. Sometimes I forget to clock in before I start, so having the latter option is a must. Haven't found anything wrong with it thus far, so it is an easy five stars.

  • Freelancer

    by EddyPats

    I made the mistake of paying for another app when this one was right under my nose. That other app was a mess. This one is easy, intuitive, smart, and does exactly what I need it to do. If you're a contractor who needs to keep track of time and jobs, this is a great way to go.

  • Mail handler

    by Jaiye Zhilan

    Best App ever.! It's exactly what I needed.!!!

  • best app

    by Morenitodr

    best app

  • Really easy to use; it does what I need

    by Armando Cardenas

    It is the first app that I saw to keep track of my hours. Read reviews, downloaded and I'm very happy with it.

  • Awesome app

    by ninjapiraterobot

    Great for telecommuting.

  • Very helpful and easy

    by No crashes for me!

    I find this app extremely easy to understand and use...far better than others I tried. Also no annoying pop-ups so far!

  • Great app

    by GJKJR

    This app does exactly what I needed. It's easy to use and I'd recommend it to anyone who needs to track their time for billing.

  • Great! But still missing something

    by eddy487

    This is a great app for any freelancer to track their hours but I think it needs to have the ability to create different projects under the same client for easier management of multiple projects.

  • Good app help a lot

    by Abuelo588

    Buy this app is so helping track your hours

  • Nice app

    by itsthetruthreal

    Very functional Does exactly what it's supposed to do and has a nice user interface

  • Great App

    by KaayGeeSF

    I do a lot of freelance work and this app has helped me track my hours! I would definitely recommend this app. It's also really easy to use.

  • Must

    by Edgar Magallanes

    A must have for any hard worker.

  • Very Useful

    by aefle

    I run a web design firm and rely on this software for all my personal billable time management. It's excellent. Five stars and mentions at trade shows for iCloud integration instead of Dropbox.

  • Great

    by Rsc1977

    The only problem I have is that I am a salaried employee, I don't get paid by the hour. Would like to find a way to set up the app to calculate how much I am getting paid per hour at my current salaried rate. It would make it easier to see how often I dip below minimum wage.

  • Perfect

    by Ruizjpc

    Easy and simple (perfect for my needs)

  • Awesome!

    by ItsHAZED

    Such a great app, actually motivates me at work because I can see the $'s racking up! 5/5

  • every update is misleading

    by likasombodeeeee

    always says minor bug fixes, but once you update, ends up changing whole interface and most importantly how overtime works in the app. therefore when you update it, your previous entries that had overtime will no longer have the overtime pay unless you change it entry by entry.. really annoying.

  • Contractor

    by Pedro star

    I work as a contractor and Thai is simply the best app I found on the App Store to track my hours before I would put them in a composition book this is so much better

  • Easy to use

    by Christopher Lewis

    Great app. User friendly. Clean design. So awesome, that I wrote a review. And I never write reviews.

  • I like it

    by MzReborn

    I like this app so far. I love the fact it calculates my wages for me

  • Works great!

    by Mike03094

    I love it. Easy to use. I can track my extra hours. Keeps running total of minutes.

  • Great!!

    by Tfxcjo

    Pay the money, you will make it back by accurately paying your clients and not a cent more, clock in and out seamlessly! -Anything things touch reviews

  • Great app

    by Star Gate Fan2009

    I volunteer at the local food bank. This app keeps track of my volunteer hours that later can be used to receive a 250 dollar check that Wal*Mart provides

  • Best App Hands Down!

    by Linuxchick

    I rarely write reviews for apps, but this one is so good, I just had to. I am using this to log volunteer hours and this is simply the best app I have on my iPad. Entering data from last month was a tedious process, but going forward it will be a breeze. I simply can't say enough about the features of this app. If you are questioning whether or not you should pay $6.99 for this app, JUST DO IT! It is well worth the money and will pay for itself in time saved/tracked alone!

  • Happy Camper

    by Puddycatt

    Pretty happy with this app! No complaints here! Like the idea you can have more then one time card.

  • Sweet

    by Drewbe405

    Awesome app can't wait to purchase full version!

  • Luv it

    by manirooniam


  • I like it

    by The Johns 336

    Works great

  • Love it

    by Sarah Janie

    Working multiple jobs its hard to remember where you worked for how long! This is simple and fun.

  • Great job!

    by Memisha

    Love this app

  • Great app

    by Dgvrgs

    Nice and clean hours keeper

  • Great App

    by Boondoggler31

    Has all of the features I need! Helps me track my hours without any problems. Great user interface that isn't over cluttered or too complicated. I will likely upgrade to the pro version in the near future.

  • Brilliant update

    by Defeeter

    I had this app before it was good. I'm such a hipster. Seriously though this update is amazing and makes the app SO worth a download. IT BEATS WRITING DOWN YOUR HOURS

  • Wonderful!

    by Elmo_Evisu

    It does just what it promised to do..

  • I like it!

    by Gigi cake shoppe

    I am a self-employed cake decorator who often works long hours, so at least I can clock myself in and out in regards to how difficult the cake is and how much my labor is. Thanks!

  • Nice

    by Garrettlicious99

    I'd definitely recommend to use

  • So helpful

    by adotda

    A great way to see if you are being paid correctly!

  • Very fluid interface

    by Xeno's paradox

    I've already sent my first invoice. That was too easy, looked great. Sufficient, works as advertised, quick tracking. Thx. Adding project planning/scheduling (like ToodleDo) would be great, but that's at all order. For now I'm ok using 2 apps.

  • Great app

    by Zen owned ya

    Never again will I be undercharged again

  • Apparently no ads :)

    by Everyone!!

    So far so good

  • Great

    by Climett

    I love it. Keeps track of my time in case my job shorts my check

  • Works great.

    by Newb96

    Very easy to use. Love the ability to see amount earned at a glance.

  • Straight forward.

    by Randy Waters

    I like this app. It's straight forward and easy to use. I've used it to log hours for a client and I like that I can get an idea of how much I'm making each day.

  • Great app

    by Starfawn

    I tried a couple of similar apps before finding this one. Very user friendly and has nice features.

  • Great app

    by jonstieg

    Does it's job easily and makes me look good to my boss when I send him my hours

  • Simple

    by W-hat's T-his F-or

    I actually only wanted something to use for a simple time clock application. After seeing how easy it works, I now use it for each individual client. I like it. Tracking time on projects couldn't be easier.

  • Very useful

    by Remote PC

    It is very easy to use and helps me keep track of my work. Love the PDF modality.

  • Great app

    by glizdor

    I'm happy using this app.

  • Charged Twice

    by LD365

    I was charged twice for this app after purchasing an in-app upgrade to the full version. I'd love to give the app a great review but I cannot reach customer service for a refund of my money for the extra time I was charged. Frustrating. Anyone know how to reach customer service?

  • Awesome app, great design on iOS 7

    by emperatriz gama

    Is helpful..!

  • Great app !!

    by Marilynsmom

    It's great it does what it's suppose to and adds up what my check is going to like before taxes lol

  • Very Ideal

    by Dgs3223

    I spent about 2 hours searching through all of the various time keeper apps bc I needed something to track my hours for a part time job. Decided to go with this one and I'm very happy with my decision. It's a very simple, intuitive tool. Great app.

  • Great App!!

    by Pupkin333

    I really like this app. Very easy to use, has lots of diferent options including invoice & print.

  • I Love This App!

    by 412_meow

    I think it's a fantastic app for anyone who wants to keep track of their hours, to know exactly what they're making each day. For example, I checked my hours for the last 2 weeks of work yesterday and saw that they were off by 4 hours--- which would have been money not coming into my pocket in my next pay. Great app, I suggest it to everyone!! =]

  • It's awsome

    by Armanu19

    I like the app as it helps me to keep track of multiple jobs and estimate the monthly income

  • Awesome

    by Kenneth Scarlett

    Purely amazing. Best app out there.

  • Wish I had this app sooner

    by Dcwilliam

    Easily does what you tell it to! 4 stars bc it's a little steep at $7 however, I'm sure it will pay for itself quickly when I can charge clients accurately!

  • This app!!

    by Timmyxxx3


  • It's great

    by Luckybj95

    Really easy to use works like a charm

  • Great app

    by KathyTheGreat_2000

    I babysit part time and use this app to track how much I am charging and being paid by families. It's amazing! I didn't realize how much cash I was pocketing until I invested in this app. I purchased the premium version so that I could include all the families I work with, but it was well worth the $6.99. I would recommend this for anyone that works a cash-paying job in order to track what you're bringing in.

  • So far.... Good!

    by BeautifulFlower72

    So far it's keeping track of my hors and pay. Good app!

  • Thanks

    by LoyalB

    Great app. Works great for me. Thanks

  • LOVE IT!!!

    by Postaljob

    I love this app!!! I work for the Post Office & have to travel to different Post Offices & it keeps up with my individual time for each one I absolutely love it!! I plan on upgrading to Pro very soon!!

  • A+

    by Bakomack


  • Works well

    by Iwasonecatree

    Works well for what I got it for. Would be nice if there was an option to add an entry vs just clock in/out.

  • I dont like new design.

    by бектева лиля

    I dont like new design. It was better before. The application is good.

  • Great App!!

    by Siamcinderella

    Easy to use! Tracks hours & how much is grossed, if you choose. Has a password lock! And much more!! Perfect for what I need.

  • Great app!!

    by wan-da

    Love it love it! Just what I was looking for!

  • Time saver

    by Rach1760

    Calculates and formats your invoices with a few clicks. Highly recommended, has been a big help.

  • Thank you!!

    by Mikey Mike 216

    This is the best app, I've ever found!!...needed this years ago

  • Love it

    by motohead77

    Use it to keep track I f my hours so I can send it to my boss and make sure our hours match up. Sometimes he will miss a whole day.

  • Pretty simple to use

    by Derelict629

    It gets the job done. Simple as that

  • Freelancer

    by loba_salvaje

    I'm a freelancer and I use this app to track my hours and also to create invoices to send to my clients. I think it works pretty well. The only annoying thing is that, if you want to change your hourly rate, you have to go in to each individual entry and edit it there, which is a little ridiculous and time-consuming. Other than that one thing, though, it's a good app. It does what it says on the tin.

  • Great app !!

    by huzzicane

    The ease-of-use is incredible The setup is effortless. I have all my employees using it and I wouldn't do with that give it a try!

  • Perfect

    by RDude86

    Does exactly what it says and then some. Comes in handy keeping track of the hours I work and also my pay periods. :)

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