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Discover How to Throw the Perfect Baby Shower!

Do you need to plan a baby shower – that all-important event that allows us to strengthen and renew friendships, forge new ones, give meaningful and heartfelt gifts, and honor the creation of new life?

Before panic sets in, relax, help is at hand.

This book, entitled “Complete Baby Shower Planning Guide” is full of practical and fun ideas for creating a truly magical event that will be remembered and cherished by everyone who attends – especially the mom-to-be!

A baby shower done right will create beautiful memories that will be treasured and cherished forever.

A baby shower done wrong may also be remembered forever – for all the wrong reasons!

But luckily for you, everything you need to know to throw a perfect baby shower is now contained in one convenient, inexpensive ebook.

“Complete Baby Shower Planning Guide” contains all the tips, techniques and secrets you need to know to create a truly unforgettable event.

Here is just SOME of what you will learn from this amazing ebook:

★ How to throw a memorable baby shower step by easy step – followthese tips and the mom-to-be is sure to have a fun and relaxing time!

★ 3 types of baby showers – and how to choose the right one for your mom-to-be!

★ Complete timelines for a shower held before the birth of a baby and for a shower held after the birth – you’ll know exactly what you need to have done and by when with these handy schedules!

★ How to select the best day and time for the shower

★ How to choose the best location for the shower

★ How to plan the guest list

★ How to create wonderful invitations

★ How to decorate in a way that will enhance the mood of your shower attendees

★ Fun games you can play

★ Entertainment and party favor tips that will ensure everyone has fun

★ How to create a truly memorable menu that still manages to fit your budget

★ and much, Much More!

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Customer Reviews

  • Save your 99 cents.

    by Robnmcd

    Totally worthless. I would have picked negative one star if that had been an option.

  • Read between the lines!!!!

    by joshsloshed

    This app has so many typos that you literally have to read between the lines. All the typos made it very difficult to get the ideas the author was conveying. Once deciphered, all that is left are generalities that anybody would think. The most valuable thing is the timeline for organization, but hardly a "complete baby shower planning guide"


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