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Discover Over 100 Rare And Beautiful Colored Butterfly Tattoos!

Butterfly Tattoos are extremely popular and can add a distinct personality to a person's character.

The real beauty of butterfly tattoos is that they don't have to be loud and obnoxious useless you want them to be, but rather subtle and stylish.

Butterfly tattoos, when done by a skilled artist can be a dynamic piece of art. They symbolize the female's charisma, beauty and diversity and they are also highly symbolic creatures in many cultures.

Beginning in the east though, in Japan, one butterfly stands for young womanhood while two symbolize marital bliss.

In Christianity it likewise stands for the soul which has escaped the confines of the flesh.

In the west, as elsewhere, the symbolism of the butterfly centers upon its unique transformation. From one existence as the slow and crawling caterpillar, then to the dormant and captive chrysalis or cocoon, and finally the rebirth into a light and airy winged creature, the metamorphosis of the butterfly is one of its most powerful and uplifting meanings.

Accordingly, over time, the butterfly has also come to represent not only beauty itself but also the transitory nature of that beauty and indeed of all life.

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Customer Reviews

  • Had No Idea!

    by _HazelEyes

    That this app was not worth my time! it was just butterflies but no way of downloading them to use as a wallpaper. All the pictures above show them but some are so small that you cant really do nothing with them. Id rather play a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus app then to figure out how to use.


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