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Clairvoyance and Occult Powers is a great introduction into the world of occultism.

It teaches extra sensory powers of man like telepathy and clairvoyance, and then going into more advanced topics like mind reading, psychometry and crystal-gazing.

It explores space and time, second-sight and astral-body traveling. There is full explanation of psychic laws & principles, how one exerts influence over another and magnetic healing.

It contains stunning revelations about the human body, spirit, and mind.

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Customer Reviews

  • Public domain book from pre-1923

    by JDZ-1

    This is the first bad review I've given on apps, and hate to do it, but this just isn't right, IMO... This is just a word-for-word copy of someone else's work - a book named "Clairvoyance and Occult Powers" written by Panchadasi, Swami, (in the early 1900s, I believe - sometime before 1923 anyway. You can get this book FREE as a Kindle book, and get the FREE Kindle reader for iPod app. That is where I got the book - and recognized it as soon as I read the first 2 or 3 sentences. (wish I had noticed when I read the TITLE instead, so I wouldn't have wasted my money!) I sure hope people don't actually pay $12 for this! It's bad enough for $1 wasted! The app description SHOULD HAVE SAID that this is merely a public domain book formatted for iPod. Very disappointed to have wasted my money on something I already have on my iPod, and have already read. :( Also, at the end of this "app" the creator has a list of other "apps" available - and I can see that many of them are also simply books that are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and you can get FREE! There is also another app (or 2, 3...) that is a free audiobook reader, that also has many of these public domain books available, completely free.


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